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WFMZ, Lehigh Valley
Today: Snow at rates up to 3 inches. High: 34

Tonight: snow, sometimes heavy, slippery trip! Low: 25

Thursday: Brisk with times of clouds and sun. High: 34 Low: 14

*** Winter storm warning for most of the area until 4am Thursday ***

*** Winter Weather Advisory for the Poconos, New Jersey Sussex County until 4 am Thursday ***

Snow continues at rates up to 3 inches in some places. Some places have seen only one or two inches, but there are spots on the roads slippery area. Another batch of heavy snow on tap is later today (between 3-17 hours) which will make travel difficult around until about midnight when the storm begins to relax. The average snowfall at 9.6 inches with the largest amounts in the southern and eastern parts of the region. Please stay tuned to 69 News and Channel AccuWeather updates.

Snow continues to fall at varying rates, bringing to three inches in some places.

Some places have only seen one or two inches, but there are spots on the slippery area.

Another batch of heavy snow is on tap for Wednesday afternoon, 3:00-5:00, making travel difficult throughout until the storm begins to slow down around midnight.

Snowfall will average six to nine inches, with the largest amounts in the southern and eastern parts of the region.

Please stay tuned to 69 News,, and the 69 News AccuWeather Channel over the next 24 hours to get the latest information.

Here are the latest snowfall totals, as provided by the National Weather Service:

Berks County
Fleetwood – 2.0 “from 08:30
Blue Marsh Dam – 0.8 “from 08:00
Hamburg – 0.5 “from 08:00

Bucks County
Sellersville – 2.5 “from 08:00
Perkasie – 1.0 “from 07:00

Chester County
West Chester – 4.3 “from 8:15
Glenmoore – 1.5 “from 07:00
Honey Brook – 1.0 “from 07:00

Lehigh County
Allentown – 0.1 “from 07:00

Monroe County
Tobyhanna – 1.7 “from 09:30

Montgomery County
Wynnewood – 3.8 “from 08:30
Bryn Mawr – 3.5 “from 8:25
Norristown – 3.0 “from 8:20
Ardmore – 2.0 “from 7:10

Philadelphia County
Philadelphia – 0.9 “from 07:00


Gaston County Schools

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Gaston County Schools, During a typical evening on Sunday, Bi-Lo in Belmont has two to three lanes will be open for customers.

This is hardly the case last night as the threat of a heavy snowstorm threatened in the minds of people.

“We’ve got 10 lanes open at the moment,” said Jason Morrison, deputy director of the grocery store, at about 19 pm Sunday.

Morrison said all the store’s sales have increased by more than 30,000 and on average about every day since Friday, when forecasters began to say the snow on Monday was a certainty.

“It has been well all weekend,” he said. “We have a lot of bread, milk and eggs and things like that. But we are getting low on some other points in time.”

As the sun rises this morning, the flakes begin to fall in Gaston County, “said Andrew Kimball, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Greer, SC

“We seek to develop the snow probably right around dawn or right then, around 7:30 am,” he said.

About three to five inches of snow expected to fall through the afternoon, when the precipitation will change in a mixture of sleet and freezing rain. This “light glaze” will continue to come until some time Tuesday morning, Kimball said.

“Monday and Monday night, we are not expected to be above zero,” he said. “So the roads are very slippery. And the temperature will struggle to get the freezing point Tuesday. ”

Gaston County Schools announced no changes to his schedule Monday as Sunday night. Schools spokeswoman Bonnie Reidy said officials would watch the weather and control of roads on Monday morning to determine what to do.

“We are waiting and watching the weather,” said Reidy.

Officials from the NC Department of Transportation pushed area residents to consider staying home Monday rather than risk havoc on icy roads.

The Department of Transport did not intend to brine to Gaston, Lincoln and Cleveland counties Saturday and Sunday. If snow falls, the salt workers plow snow and spread as needed, and engineers continue to watch the forecasts to decide what strategies to use, according to the website of the State.

The notice at the end of last week allowed the city of Gastonia to get a head start on preparations. Gastonia does not use salt water, which is designed to help prevent formation of ice on roads where snow or ice begins. Instead, the city uses slag, a mixture of sand and salt, “said Superintendent of Public Works Dale Denton.

The city has 15 large trucks equipped with plows and spreaders have 10 slag and two graders who are ready to go to work, “he said.

“Early morning is what we hear in so far as it will start snowing,” said Denton. “We’ll all be ready to go at 7 o’clock”

The town starts to slag on the hills and bridges. Once an inch of snow has fallen, the plows begin to roll.

Major thoroughfares such as Franklin Boulevard U.S. 321, Garrison Boulevard and Redbud, Union and New Hope roads receive priority treatment.

“Sometimes we make several passes over them,” said Denton. “Whatever we get those cleared and nature under control, we travel on secondary roads.”

The city also gives priority to the inputs of the fire department and police station, lots of parking, and along Court Drive at the entrance to Gaston Memorial Hospital.

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TDOT CAMERAS, TDOT Going to install the more cams on roads, Accident arose in the mid-state as rain fell for several hours during the night and all day Tuesday. TDOT said the steady stream of rain can cause puddling, which is puddles on the highway. The reasons for the rising waters can vary from drainage problems to the problems of the road. TDOT and said they are making sure they identify and address trouble spots.

Jim Lott with AAA said driving too fast and too close to the beginning of most accidents in the water, even causing hydroplaning.

“Your driving ability will be affected, your braking ability will be affected and more things can happen,” said Lott.

To monitor traffic and identify problems affecting traffic, TDOT has 83 cameras. After the first year, they plan to have nearly 150.