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TDOT CAMERAS, TDOT Going to install the more cams on roads, Accident arose in the mid-state as rain fell for several hours during the night and all day Tuesday. TDOT said the steady stream of rain can cause puddling, which is puddles on the highway. The reasons for the rising waters can vary from drainage problems to the problems of the road. TDOT and said they are making sure they identify and address trouble spots.

Jim Lott with AAA said driving too fast and too close to the beginning of most accidents in the water, even causing hydroplaning.

“Your driving ability will be affected, your braking ability will be affected and more things can happen,” said Lott.

To monitor traffic and identify problems affecting traffic, TDOT has 83 cameras. After the first year, they plan to have nearly 150.


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Tdot, Lisa Yount and her husband are storing some of their “essential elements” for the forecast winter weather.

“We all today. Bread, oreos, beer and Coca-Cola diet is all we need,” she said.

If you were in last winter, you may remember we had no snow until early January. And that memory is still in the minds of many.

“I do not think I’ll go anywhere,” said Jenny Watson, who is planning to stay in, watch some football and make Christmas cookies.

While others are not as concerned.

“It really does not seem too worried,” said John Deschenes.

TDOT maintenance crews have already taken the necessary precautions. They spent all of Friday to brine on the roads in advance, and will continue to do Sunday afternoon, 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

According to TDOT, they have many resources available for use in East Tennessee at the battle of ice and snow this season, including:

– 214 salt trucks

– 54,920 tons of salt

– 211 snowplow

– 103 trucks brine

But some, like Yount, said they tend to avoid risk.

“I’m not leaving,” she said. “I get everything done before because I do not want to risk any damage to my vehicle and myself.”


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Wkyc, Do not be fooled by Mark Nolan, the morning anchor at WKYC Channel 3. He really loves the holidays and celebrates their old way of Geauga County. He claims not to care much for them.
“I go” Grinch “on the air to fight against uber-Christmas vibe Hollie Strano, but I live in a house of 163 years which lends itself to a colonial Christmas feeling,” said Nolan, 41. “The day after Thanksgiving, the giant wreath mounted on the front of the barn, and it is on! At some point, I will bake cookies my mother’s chocolate chip and smell the place up. Then it’s on Sunrise Farms [Ohio] 87 (Burton) to get my Christmas tree. ”

What do you do in your spare time these days? “Free Time” – ha, that’s funny! I’m trying to finish a kitchen and bath remodeling to my house with the help of some friends who happen to be subcontractors, too. Practice! Where did you grow up? Tell us a story about the girl. Born in Cleveland, I grew up in a small town in southeastern Ohio called Calcutta near other major cities like Salem, Lisbon, East Palestine and East Liverpool. We lived in a development just a few hundred meters from an agricultural country.

It was a great place to grow, with lots of open spaces, so I got my first dirt bike when I was 7 years. On my birthday, my father told me to go to the van and get something out of it. When I slid the door open, there sat a brand new Honda XR-75. Laughter and tears!
Meeting of the funniest fans? About eight years ago, I had a cardiac procedure done at the Cleveland Clinic. I went into the operating room (already a little sedated) and lay on the table in the hands of a couple of cute nurses. Both said they watch Channel 3 all the time. We made a nice, long conversation about the station and how much they love our show. At this moment I realized I was almost nkd* and being prepared for surgery. Wait – you said funny or embarrassing?

Tell us about your cars. The whole car thing is quite an escape for me. I’ve always been into anything with pistons and why they work. I got back into drag racing. I run a 1938 Chevy Coupe, which made the quarter mile in 10 seconds. I also run a dragster engine Nostalgia at the front. This is called “Turn Blue” and a picture of Ghoulardi on the forehead. What will the quarter by approximately 8.5 seconds? My title is the Thompson Raceway Park home because it is so close and it’s a great way nostalgic. But you can not forget Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk. The Bader family held a beautiful installation of high level for years. Simply beautiful.

What is like to live in Burton? Mayberry – and I like it that way. It’s just quiet enough and still about 40 minutes from downtown Cleveland. What are your favorite restaurants, and what do you order there? I’m a guy steak and potatoes. Fleming, ChopHouse, Bass Lake Inn. A Fleming is the bone in ribeye, macaroni and cheese and creamed corn. ChopHouse – two words: Oscar net. At Bass Lake Taverne & Inn: New York Strip with a side of asparagus Oscar.

What is the best Christmas gift you ever received? Wow! It’s a tough question. I think that would be one of the years of cycling. Probably my first BMX bike. What it was like to be an instructor of broadcasting Kent State University right after getting it from there? It was a bit strange, to say the least. You spend four years working as hard as you can to get the grade, and now you have to distribute them. They were great to me back right after graduation, and it was a great experience. The hardest part was less than some of the students. Very strange.

Favorite Cleveland history? I trained for two marathons while living in downtown Cleveland, just above Flannery’s Pub, so I could see many of the city on the 10-Miler. I must say that my favorite is the landmark [Lorain-Carnegie] Hope Memorial Bridge. There’s nothing like a night race, coming back on deck. This beautiful Art Deco building stone in the foreground with our city all lit up in the back. Very cool — know-how in the 1930s against a city that is in a new century.

Tell us something we do not know WKYC. No, we do not have a makeup person. Yes, Romona is that tall. Eric Mansfield played on a piano average. Monica Robins is not a doctor but plays one on TV. She also has a fantastic voice! Maureen Kyle is the daughter of Coach Kyle. [St… Ignatius coach Chuck Kyle High School] Our entire morning show producing staff – executive producer Erin Longville, producer Meg Brutoczky 5:00 and 6 am the producer Brooke Whitney – are all graduates of Kent State University.

Who is the Cleveland broadcaster you admire? I think I’m born 30 years too late to be I want to be the presenter. My favorite is Ernie Anderson [Ghoulardi], Del Donahoo, Tom Haley, Big Jack Armstrong and perhaps even Alan Freed. All set to work the loom to be communicator’s actual height of the broadcasting industry – voice, diction, expression and gesture – all extremely important and well done by each.

It’s Saturday night. What is the plan? Take a girl and some friends. Have a good meal. Go see a little downtown. Back home at a decent hour. Enjoy the fact that I will not be on TV at 5 am the next day!

What’s really Hollie? What makes it so watchable Hollie is that it is true. You get the same thing on and off camera. I do not care what I call “The Hollie.” It is a smile and a head tilt. The good news is, I can call on her on the air and she laughs.

We’ve really been able to bring out the best (real) in the other personality. If I’m having a bad day, you know. If Hollie is a bad day, she’ll let you know too.

New York Post

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New York Post, For all the controversy the New York Jets were involved in this season, they would tell you to stop sweating the small stuff.

According to the New York Post, however, the Jets have commissioned a local restaurant to fly some jets on the theme menu items are not allowed by the team.

KO Japanese Prime Steakhouse on the Upper West Side of Manhattan has been serving green salad on a bed of Jets “and” dragon roll Jets “until the team spokesman called the restaurant Jessica Ciccone and requested the items be removed from the menu. Despite the fact that the chef Makoto Kameyama is a big fan, the Jets apparently care very heart of protecting their brand.

Meanwhile, Kameyama, from Japan, continues to support his favorite team, and has even added a latke Jets-theme menu for Hanukkah – a potato pancake sprinkled with basil, to be precise.

Tennessee Election Results

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Tennessee Election ResultsTennessee Election Results, The Republican primary for the nomination for governor had his share of land to be hung up by candidates. At one point, Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and the U.S. Representative Zack Wamp made accusations at each other’s participation links with the interests of gambling.

On Thursday, the two men went to war in the polls and Haslam came out the winner when the election results were final Tennessee. Haslam will be the Republican nominee to become the next governor of Tennessee.

As the election approached and the calendar turned to June, Wamp took the first shot. Wamp Camp sent a press release in which the candidate questioned the Haslam family had an interest in the game. The family owns the Haslam Pilot Travel Centers in several states where casino gambling is legal. Wamp suggested that an association may have formed between commercial interests and gambling.

Haslam immediately denied the charge and proceeded to accuse some of their own. The campaign claimed that Wamp Haslam took the contributions of the business of the Cherokee Nation Political Action Committee. The Committee openly represents the interests in Indian casinos.

If the allegations were true or not playing does not matter to voters on Thursday. Haslam won the fifty percent of the Republican primary vote.Wamp finished second, twenty percentage points behind Haslam. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey finished third with twenty-two percent of the vote. Ramsey was affected by the perception of the legislators currently in office.

Tennessee is one of the many states that hold primaries prior to the midterm elections in November. In most states, the issue of play will be the key to which candidate comes out on top.

In recent years a casino boom has occurred in the U.S., and the importance of the issue may be more on the race of governor of Alabama. The candidates have drawn the lines in the sand along party lines on the question of play, with Republicans seeking to maintain the status quo, and the favorite Democrat Ron Sparks hoping to regulate gambling in the state.