Privacy Policy

The information stored in the profile of each member at USSPOST ( ) is very basic which includes name/ email . A member is fully registered once he confirms his email address, members data is safe with USSPOST ( ) and we do not sell list of our subscribers to any advertisers or email campaigners.

If any members wish to stay logged on USSPOST ( ), a cookie which stores information on your PC is sent from our server.

We use Google adsense and other network’s for advertisement.

No other information is recorded or stored on our servers except your IP address and source of traffic. For checking traffic stats on USSPOST ( ), we are using Google Analytics which records some additional information.

USSPOST ( ) provides links to other websites which have more information relevant to our content. We do not take any responsibility of content posted on third-party websites.

In case, you need any information regarding any news item and article posted on USSPOST ( ), please contact us.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
The contents of this statement may be altered at any time, at our discretion.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of USSPOST.COM then you may contact us.