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KWTX, KWTX-TV’s “News 10” is a television station to full power in Waco, Texas, serving Central Texas, a subsidiary of CBS. Property of Gray Television, it broadcasts a digital signal on channel 10. It is broadcast on two cable channels in the immediate market.

KWTX CW also offers programming on its digital stream, under the brand “CW Texas.” Before September 2006, offered a programming KWTX UPN (UPN Waco) on digital. The first station signed on the air April 3, 1955.

Just before the raid on Mount Caramel February 28, 1993, Davidians learned they were facing not a money order service, but a shootout. KWTX-TV cameraman James Peeler asked directions Davidian David Jones, who was driving his mail truck. David Koresh attorney Dick DeGuerin told reporters that Jones Peeler said, “Well, you better get out of here because there is a U.S. National Guard helicopter over at TSTC (Texas State Technical College) and they will have a big shootout with the religious nuts. “Peeler was shocked to see Jones immediately drive to Mount Caramel Center and left the area to call his superiors.

According to the Treasury report said Jones DeGuerin that “Peeler warned not to go near the base, because it would be” 60 to 70 TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) guys in helicopters and a shoot-out would occur. “” And Peeler admitted himself to the Treasury review team that he told Jones there would be “some type of enforcement action” and that ” action is likely to be a raid of some type and that there might be shooting. ”

KWTX-TV cameraman Dan Mulloney testified that the initial information KWTX-TV has come from police officers, he declined to name, something the Treasury report did not reveal-and a private ambulance workers with BATF. (Similarly, Ballesteros BATF agent conceded that he was not applying the law BATF that tipped off the Waco Tribune-Herald.) Therefore, the ATF agents ‘expectations’ of a shooting were directly transmitted to the Branch Davidians.

Mulloney, peeler, and reporter John McLemore, with journalists from the Waco Tribune-Herald, were the only non-combatants at Mount Caramel that day. Mulloney produced the television film used in the world of agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms stormed the Branch Davidians’ home. Mulloney and McLemore later used their vehicle to transport wounded ATF agents away from the shooting. McLemore received a congratulatory letter from ATF Director for his bravery that day. However, journalists have become easy targets of blame at KWTX subsequent tests after the raid failed, especially because Koresh learned about the raid approach of Jones, the postman from which Peeler asked directions. Although never charged with any crime, impact tests and accusations ruined career McLemore, Mulloney and Peeler.

Weather updares a very strong cold Arctic front moved through central Texas this morning. Temperatures are down this morning, with winds that were gusting over 40 mph.

Some bridges and overpasses may have patches of ice on them, and many roads in our counties in north-west (Hill, Bosque, Hamilton, Mills and San Saba) have significant icing problems this morning.

Added with the freezing weather, we will have very strong winds, which could give us some wind chills from the figures below zero sometimes simple! A wind advisory is in effect for the entire Central Texas by 18 hours. On Friday, another disturbance will pass by and could produce a few flurries.

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WGAL WEATS-EX-R, Weather reports earlier this week predicted much of the falling snow or rain now would be a “winter blend,” an update on the conditions of lists can now six to nine inches of snow in our area.
Students all over Susquehanna Valley a pleasant surprise when they peaked out the window Tuesday morning to find roads lined with snow already at seven o’clock in the morning. Expects a jump, but when WGAL Penn Manor has not shown with a delay or closing, those hopes turned into fear.

The drivers were tested as they went on snowy roads of Lancaster for students who come to school.

“The roads were really dangerous,” said senior Katie Maisel. “We certainly should have been off.”

After several students came in just before the normal 7:40 am, teachers have received an email informing students and teachers than elementary schools in the district have been closed and an early dismissal for school students was in the works. The school has followed the licensing program at the beginning.

With snow expected in the forecast, Penn Manor could get a postponement of the school on Friday. According to meteorologist Eric Horst Millersville, snow should start during the night and end in the early morning hours, accumulating 2-5 inches on the ground.

During the day Friday, it will be active with teenagers raised in the twenties, and wind gusts of 15 to 25 mph, “more or less,” said Horst.

According WGAL, there will be a winter weather advisory from 19 pm tonight, continuing through Friday 9 am, it can cause travel difficulties and limited visibility.

“This will be the coldest air of winter,” expressed Horst. Saturday will be a high around 20 degrees and wind chill will be felt as zero.


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WFMZ, Lehigh Valley
Today: Snow at rates up to 3 inches. High: 34

Tonight: snow, sometimes heavy, slippery trip! Low: 25

Thursday: Brisk with times of clouds and sun. High: 34 Low: 14

*** Winter storm warning for most of the area until 4am Thursday ***

*** Winter Weather Advisory for the Poconos, New Jersey Sussex County until 4 am Thursday ***

Snow continues at rates up to 3 inches in some places. Some places have seen only one or two inches, but there are spots on the roads slippery area. Another batch of heavy snow on tap is later today (between 3-17 hours) which will make travel difficult around until about midnight when the storm begins to relax. The average snowfall at 9.6 inches with the largest amounts in the southern and eastern parts of the region. Please stay tuned to 69 News and Channel AccuWeather updates.

Snow continues to fall at varying rates, bringing to three inches in some places.

Some places have only seen one or two inches, but there are spots on the slippery area.

Another batch of heavy snow is on tap for Wednesday afternoon, 3:00-5:00, making travel difficult throughout until the storm begins to slow down around midnight.

Snowfall will average six to nine inches, with the largest amounts in the southern and eastern parts of the region.

Please stay tuned to 69 News,, and the 69 News AccuWeather Channel over the next 24 hours to get the latest information.

Here are the latest snowfall totals, as provided by the National Weather Service:

Berks County
Fleetwood – 2.0 “from 08:30
Blue Marsh Dam – 0.8 “from 08:00
Hamburg – 0.5 “from 08:00

Bucks County
Sellersville – 2.5 “from 08:00
Perkasie – 1.0 “from 07:00

Chester County
West Chester – 4.3 “from 8:15
Glenmoore – 1.5 “from 07:00
Honey Brook – 1.0 “from 07:00

Lehigh County
Allentown – 0.1 “from 07:00

Monroe County
Tobyhanna – 1.7 “from 09:30

Montgomery County
Wynnewood – 3.8 “from 08:30
Bryn Mawr – 3.5 “from 8:25
Norristown – 3.0 “from 8:20
Ardmore – 2.0 “from 7:10

Philadelphia County
Philadelphia – 0.9 “from 07:00


Snow In Hawaii

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Snow In Hawaii, While the U.S. Northeast excavations in a snowstorm, summits on the Big Island of Hawaii should be about a foot of snow, the National Weather Service reported.

The snow was on the ground today in all U.S. states except Florida, covering 71 percent of the earth at an average depth of 6.9 inches (18 centimeters), according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

A winter storm warning was issued for the mountains of Hawaii, rising nearly 14,000 feet, well above the freezing point, said John Bravender, a weather service meteorologist in Honolulu.

“There is a potential for up to 12 inches through Thursday,” said Bravender.

Bravender said a cold front reached the moisture-laden islands yesterday, and a front of about 400 miles west is causing more storms to develop. Severe thunderstorms and jets of water are possible, depending on the weather service.

In addition to the threat of snow in the mountains, heavy rains caused a flash flood watch for all islands until tomorrow, the weather service.

During La Nina years, when the Pacific cools, the potential for severe snowstorms that leads to increases of Hawaii Mountains, Bravender said. On average, about three winter storm warnings are issued each year.

La Ni? A typically occurs every three to five years and lasts nine to 12 months, with some persisting as long as two years.

Snow in most states of the United States is an unusual event, “said Andy Mussolini, a meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc. in State College, Pennsylvania.


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Wnep, Such were the words of “The Office” star Steve Carell as he has made official what had long been speculated: he was leaving the successful program of NBC, after this season.

The departure of Mr. Carell was one of the most talked about news stories in 2010. But this was not the only national history that people found interesting.

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been sent to prison, then at the Betty Ford Clinic, after repeatedly violating his probation. So, after much infighting at NBC, a revolt by members of the network, viewers and advertisers, the network Peacock finally pulled the plug on the experience of Jay Leno am 10.

However, the victim was Conan O’Brien, who was stripped of his duties as host of “Tonight Show,” which the network gave Mr. Leno. Team Coco is now entertaining audiences in the late evening on TBS.

At CNN, Larry King announced he was leaving his show to the iconic late, leaving room for Piers Morgan, which begins in January. Fox News has hired a number of Republican politicians to work at the network and MSNBC Keith Olbermann suspended for making campaign contributions to three Democratic candidates in the elections of 2010.

Sarah Palin has a reality show, while her daughter, Bristol, was dancing with the stars.

Oprah Winfrey announced the end of his syndicated chatfest, but the talk show queen has started a new network to be launched in January.

Howard Stern re-signed with Sirius / XM radio for five years for about half a billion dollars.

On the Web, Facebook has thrived as its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has been named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Yahoo laid off a small army of workers in what the company called an attempt to help its bottom line, while better and 590 a share, Google stock has continued to be one of the highest prices.

Of course, the biggest scandal Internet was Wikileaks and imprisonment of its founder, Julian Assange on rape charges shortly after dozens of sensitive information of military government and others have been posted on the site.

The year was a setback for the athletes as a free agent LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee, who have all signed agreements with several million dollars of new teams.

Speaking of comings and goings, it was important at the local level as long Jock Rock 107 morning John Gasper, who has left the station and his partner, Jay Daniels, after more than 25 years to join morning talk WILK -AM show.

On Independence Day, the station hired Tommy Griffiths, a disc jockey of Virginia, at the head of a team’s morning news, but by Labor Day, Mr. Griffiths has disappeared. A new morning team anchored by veterans Rock 107 The Prospector and Dave Dirienzo replaced him. Meanwhile, Daniels settled in the south of the station slot.

The station has also hired a new CEO, Sandy Gamblin, early spring, only to see him leave before the fall of autumn leaves.

Shamrock Communications were other items on its agenda, including the kickoff of a new era of local radio on September 16 with the launch of FM 92.1, an alternative music station heavy on hits from the 1990s, and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the lighting tower The Scranton Times Building, which drew thousands of people in downtown Scranton on Thanksgiving.

In the new local TV WNEP-TV continued to dominate the Nielsen ratings, and ABC affiliate showed no signs of slowing.

WBRE-TV launched news 22 hours a Wolf-TV and has also taken a long time station manager Randy Williams, who later took a job outside the industry.

Despite a disastrous economy, newspapers yet proved king of all media, at least in northern Pennsylvania.

According to a report from Scarborough Research multimarket Co., Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area had the highest penetration of adults (63.4 percent) who read a daily newspaper in any market. Honolulu (58.5), Pittsburgh (56.8), Toledo (56.4), and New York (56.2) rounded out the top five.

ABC “World News” anchors Diane Sawyer an exclusive interview with The Times-Tribune in which she showed an affinity for the electric town. And “60 Minutes” anchor Lesley Stahl was instrumental in launching its 20th anniversary season of the show discussing new Sunday magazine with the newspaper.

Others who spoke with The Times-Tribune included boxing promoter Don King, media guru Sir Harold Evans, “Inside Edition” and CNN’s Jim Moret, “Entertainment Tonight” correspondent Diane Dimond, NBC and MSNBC executive Paula Madison entertainment reporter Courtney Hazlett.

Farewell 2010

Bob Feller, Baseball Hall of Fame, died Dec. 15. He was 92.

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, who died Dec. 7. She was 61.

Don Meredith, former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and “Monday Night Football” announcer, died Dec. 5. He was 72.

Leslie Nielsen, the “Airplane!” and “nkd Gun” actor, died Nov. 28. He was 84.

Agostino “Dino De Laurentiis, producer of such films as” Serpico “and” Blue Velvet, “died Nov. 11. He was 91.

Sparky Anderson the first manager to win the world championship series in both leagues died Nov. 4. He was 76.

Denise Borino-Quinn, who played the Mafia wife Ginny Sacrimoni on the HBO series “The Sopranos,” died Oct. 30. She was 46.

Bob Guccione, founder of Pnthouse magazine. Died Oct. 20. He was 79.

Tom Bosley, actor of “Happy Days” fame, died Oct. 19. He was 83.

Barbara Billingsley, better known as June Cleaver in “Leave it to Beaver,” died Oct. 16. She was 94.

Solomon Burke, soul singer, died Oct. 10. He was 70.

Tony Curtis, legendary actor whose many credits include “Some Like It Hot”, died Sept. 26. He was 85.

Eddie Fisher, 1950 icon and ex-husband of Elizabeth Taylor, died Sept. 22. He was 82.

Harold Dow, correspondent and CBS News “48 Hours” reporter, died Aug. 21. He was 62 years.

Bobby Thomson, who struck one of the most famous home runs in baseball history, died Aug. 16. He was 76.

George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees, died July 13. He was 80.

Bob Sheppard, the voice of the New York Yankees, died July 11. He was 99.

Bill Aucoin, who discovered the rock band Kiss, has died June 28. He was 66 years.

John Wooden, legendary basketball coach at UCLA, died June 4. He was 99.

Dennis Hopper, “Easy Rider” actor, died May 29 He was 79.

Gary Coleman, star of “Diff’rent Strokes,” died on May 28 He was 42.

Art Linkletter, radio and television personality, died May 26 He was 97.

Robin Roberts, the famous player of the Philadelphia Phillies, died May 6 He was 83.

Ernie Harwell, baseball broadcaster famous, died May 4 He was 92.

Corey Haim, former child actor, died March 10. He was 38 years.

Charlie Wilson, former U.S. congressman, died Feb. 10. He was 76.

Teddy Pendergrass, singer, died Jan. 13. He was 59.

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