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TDOT CAMERAS, TDOT Going to install the more cams on roads, Accident arose in the mid-state as rain fell for several hours during the night and all day Tuesday. TDOT said the steady stream of rain can cause puddling, which is puddles on the highway. The reasons for the rising waters can vary from drainage problems to the problems of the road. TDOT and said they are making sure they identify and address trouble spots.

Jim Lott with AAA said driving too fast and too close to the beginning of most accidents in the water, even causing hydroplaning.

“Your driving ability will be affected, your braking ability will be affected and more things can happen,” said Lott.

To monitor traffic and identify problems affecting traffic, TDOT has 83 cameras. After the first year, they plan to have nearly 150.

Nashville Road Closures

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Nashville Road ClosuresNashville Road Closures:The flood of Nashville is the result of the weather system that fell into the Kentucky Derby and yesterday. However, the area affected as much as it did in the city of Music. Bridges and roads are under water in the entire region. The water came down in buckets and left the area reeling.

Transportation is a problem getting around the area.

As much as 13 inches of water fell on the city – forcing several streets, airport cancellations and causing the flooding Nashville one of the worst storms they’ve seen in years. Here is a clip that shows off I-24 who was beaten by the storm pretty good thunder.

Nashville Newspaper

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Nashville NewspaperNashville Newspaper:It has been days since the flood happened in Nashville Tennessee. Now they say that the infrastructure in Nashville are bits, with a risk of security problems. The city is struggling to recover from the damage it has brought disgrace upon them. They miscalculated the amount of damage involved and seeing a clear aerial view of the surrounding area, concluded that the damage was more on a larger scale than they expected.

Officials are looking into the best way to recover the lost homes, buildings and other infrastructure of the city.

Meanwhile, two more are missing after the tragedy occurred. Many are listed as killed, missing or wounded after the event and are in search of an integer and a list of the names of the victims involved