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NASDAQ:TSLA, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock is jumping on continuous basis. Tesla’s Model S became the icon of the industry. It is not only due to an awesome electric car, but also acknowledged widely as best car manufacturer. Tesla’s Model S has recognized as a superb machine. It is not only considered as a luxury car, but a “performance car”. According to all reasonable standards, Tesla is highly overvalued at the moment. The stock price has surged to an insane level. Currently, the stock price is at $193.37, after reaching an all time high on Tuesday.

BofA Merrill Lynch believes that company’s true stock value is almost $45 today. BofA Merrill Lynch wrote that they continue to see company’s shares as vastly overvalued and maintain their $45 PO, on the basis of a 2015e EV/EBITDA multiple of almost 12X, currently 12.7X.

Currently, the company is worth almost 44% similar to General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’s worth. Christian Science Monitor wrote that GM has manufactured over 450 million cars in its 105 years; however Tesla has produced almost 25,000 sedans over 10 years.

BofA has written one more quote that they forecast that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s current share price indicates almost 628K vehicle sales in 2020 compared to a forecast 21K in 2013. In their view, creating luxury margins on a mass market vehicle is expected to prove extremely challenging, representing another hurdle to the bull case.

Shai Agassi recently made the point that the company is rewarded for two reasons. One is that that electric cars will blow up, taking a large portion of the automobile market. Second is that company is expected to dominate that market. Both of these things place the company’s brand in a very good place. In many ways, Tesla resembles Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). Tesla has opened up a whole new market like Apple. The company is doing business in a different way that gives it rockstar status and consumer appreciation.


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KWTX, KWTX-TV’s “News 10” is a television station to full power in Waco, Texas, serving Central Texas, a subsidiary of CBS. Property of Gray Television, it broadcasts a digital signal on channel 10. It is broadcast on two cable channels in the immediate market.

KWTX CW also offers programming on its digital stream, under the brand “CW Texas.” Before September 2006, offered a programming KWTX UPN (UPN Waco) on digital. The first station signed on the air April 3, 1955.

Just before the raid on Mount Caramel February 28, 1993, Davidians learned they were facing not a money order service, but a shootout. KWTX-TV cameraman James Peeler asked directions Davidian David Jones, who was driving his mail truck. David Koresh attorney Dick DeGuerin told reporters that Jones Peeler said, “Well, you better get out of here because there is a U.S. National Guard helicopter over at TSTC (Texas State Technical College) and they will have a big shootout with the religious nuts. “Peeler was shocked to see Jones immediately drive to Mount Caramel Center and left the area to call his superiors.

According to the Treasury report said Jones DeGuerin that “Peeler warned not to go near the base, because it would be” 60 to 70 TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) guys in helicopters and a shoot-out would occur. “” And Peeler admitted himself to the Treasury review team that he told Jones there would be “some type of enforcement action” and that ” action is likely to be a raid of some type and that there might be shooting. ”

KWTX-TV cameraman Dan Mulloney testified that the initial information KWTX-TV has come from police officers, he declined to name, something the Treasury report did not reveal-and a private ambulance workers with BATF. (Similarly, Ballesteros BATF agent conceded that he was not applying the law BATF that tipped off the Waco Tribune-Herald.) Therefore, the ATF agents ‘expectations’ of a shooting were directly transmitted to the Branch Davidians.

Mulloney, peeler, and reporter John McLemore, with journalists from the Waco Tribune-Herald, were the only non-combatants at Mount Caramel that day. Mulloney produced the television film used in the world of agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms stormed the Branch Davidians’ home. Mulloney and McLemore later used their vehicle to transport wounded ATF agents away from the shooting. McLemore received a congratulatory letter from ATF Director for his bravery that day. However, journalists have become easy targets of blame at KWTX subsequent tests after the raid failed, especially because Koresh learned about the raid approach of Jones, the postman from which Peeler asked directions. Although never charged with any crime, impact tests and accusations ruined career McLemore, Mulloney and Peeler.

Weather updares a very strong cold Arctic front moved through central Texas this morning. Temperatures are down this morning, with winds that were gusting over 40 mph.

Some bridges and overpasses may have patches of ice on them, and many roads in our counties in north-west (Hill, Bosque, Hamilton, Mills and San Saba) have significant icing problems this morning.

Added with the freezing weather, we will have very strong winds, which could give us some wind chills from the figures below zero sometimes simple! A wind advisory is in effect for the entire Central Texas by 18 hours. On Friday, another disturbance will pass by and could produce a few flurries.

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Houston Weather

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Houston Weather, The National Weather Service issued a Freeze Watch hard to the Houston area early Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, when interim expected to fall below 25 degrees. Time above can not get out of the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday, and lows will be in the 20s through Saturday.

But the chance for snow will not slide in the forecast until late Thursday. Gomez said that the Arctic air would always be in the area when moving storm level in Thursday night to Friday morning – a formula that could produce snow.

Specifically, there will be a 20 percent chance for snow flurries Thursday night, more than a 40 percent chance on Friday morning.

Even if the snowfalls, well, Gomez said a significant accumulation is unlikely.

“It is an assessment on a daily basis. There is a possibility that we could see measurable snow, but probably not, “he said.” We see only a few days a year where we have opportunities, but it is one of between them. ”

Gomez said the frigid weather should warm up a bit as the weekend winds down, with highs in the 50s and 60s on Saturday and Sunday.

Seeing the snow falling in the Bayou City is a rare event, but there’s a chance it could happen this week.

11 News Meteorologist Mario Gomez said an explosion would blow the Arctic in the city on Tuesday, bringing with it some rain and a significant drop in temperatures.

How serious? We’re talking about a dip of 30 degrees in a few hours. Gomez said that we’ll start the day Tuesday in the 60s, but mercury accumulates in mid-to upper 30s in the evening.

“This will be a drastic change really,” said Gomez.

A strong cold front will tear the metro Houston Tuesday morning, and the rapid shift from warm / cold wet / dry could trigger strong to severe thunderstorms across eastern Texas. This system will be something of a monster with many heads, with a snowstorm across parts of the Great Plains and Midwest, an ice storm in the Ozark Plateau and Northern Corn Belt, and an outbreak of severe weather violent in some parts of the Old South (including the Bayou City). Given the regular discharge of energy and advance to the Arctic air from Texas, all chance of rain and thunder should be longer on site by noon.

Then, one may wonder about “how cold it is,” and the infamous “a chance for snow? On the first query, the presence of some clouds and continuous gusts of wind can save us from making a really cool episode record. I’m mostly sticking with the beaches of the average of 20 years nearly 30 for the next three nights, although north of Texas 105 could fall below that range. A low level in the Intermountain Region will move slowly toward the Texas and northern Mexico by Thursday, increasing cloud cover and perhaps the propagation of light snow or sleet in western margin of the Metro Houston by Thursday evening.

Tuesday: Showers and thunderstorms in mid-morning. Some storms may be severe. Then the variable cloudiness, windy and cold strongly. High temperatures from 66 to 70 Trinity Bay City in the early morning, falling in the 40 and 30 by the end of the day.

Tuesday Night: Timed Release, windy and much colder. Lows 26 to 30 Livingston Wharton

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, windy and cold. Highs 44 to 48 Fostoria Brazoria

Wednesday Night: Cloudy, windy and cold. Lowest level in 25 to 29 Cut And Shoot West Columbia

Thursday: Sunny, windy and cold. Highs 43 to 47 Security Freeport

Friday: cloudy and cold wicker light snow or sleet possible in the morning. No accumulation expected. Top 48, lowest in 30

Saturday: Partly sunny, breezy and mild. High 58 Low 34

Sunday: Sunny, breezy and mild. Showers and thunderstorms developing day late. High 66 Low 51

KWQC and Weather WIU-Quad

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KWQC and Weather WIU-Quad, Western Illinois University Macomb and Quad Cities campuses follow specific procedures regarding weather announces the operating condition in case of bad weather. The decision to close the University, cancel classes or take other appropriate action in response to adverse weather or emergency will be made by the president or his delegate, the President as soon as possible to better assist employees and students who must travel.

All listings weather related is immediately displayed on homepage University ( and / or page WIU-Quad Cities ( / qc) and planks WIU local newsletter network. The Office of Public Safety [(309) 298-1949] and Table campus [(309) 298-1414] are immediately informed of the operational status of the campus. & # 8232; & # 8232;

Furthermore ads Weather campus WIU-Macomb are called radio below and stations television: Communications Prestige stations WKAI FM 100 WJEQ FM 102.7, WNLF 95.9 FM WMQZ FM 104.1, WLMD 104.7 FM and AM WLRB 1510, Wium WIU 91.3 FM and 89.5 FM WIUW; WGIL Galesburg AM 1400, FM 95, 92.7 The Laser, K 105.3 FM, TV WGEM – Quincy (NBC), TV KHQA – Quincy (CBS); TV WQAD – Moline (ABC); WHOI-19 – Peoria (ABC) and WEEK-25 Peoria (NBC). University Television will broadcast information about Macomb Cable Channel 3.

WIU-QC weather announcements are called radio and television following: WQAD TV – Moline (ABC) [which feeds KLJB TV – Davenport, IA (Fox) and & # 8232; Clear Channel FM stations KCQQ 106.5, 101, Kuula 3 FM, Mix FM KMXG 96, WLLR FM 103.7, AM WFXN 1230]; Cumulus FM 104.9 KBOB, KQCS FM 93.5 and 96.9 FM WXLP; KJOC AM 1170; KBEA 99.7 FM; KWQC TV – Davenport, IA (NBC); WHBF TV – Rock Island (CBS), and 90.3 FM Radio WVIK, Augustana.

University employees and students must assume that they are working on campus to participate and function as normal unless an announcement is made & # 8232.

Two announcements operating state can be called to campus: notice University and discontinuation University. & # 8232; & # 8232;

A review of the university allows employees the option of using accrued leave, compensatory leave or approved leave without pay after informing her supervisor, said Vice President for Administrative Services Jackie Thompson. If classes are not canceled, students who cannot attend should contact their teachers to organize meet academic course requirements missed during the term of the notice. Faculty members are responsible for their academic course requirements, and it is the decision of the faculty member whether or not to grant a request to make up work that was interrupted after a notice of University.

During a stoppage of the University, employees will be laid off and paid for their regular shift. Employees working in sensitive positions may be required to work regular hours during a blackout. Essential employees from non-essential will be determined by the supervisor and will depend on the nature of the situation advisory & # 8232; Policy on limiting the activities of the University because of emergency conditions is described in the Manual of administrative procedures, and on the Web at wiu. Edu / policies / emergency.php.

Macomb Western Illinois University and Quad campus cities follow specific procedures regarding weather announces operating status in inclement time. Decision closing university cancels courses or takes other measures appropriate response weather unfavorable or contingency will make by President or delegate Chairman soon possible to better help employees and students must surrender.


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WHUD, For those with children in local schools, the dawn of a school day during a storm means careful monitoring of closures and delays. This morning was like many others this winter with reliable information, but conflicting messages.
At 5:32 the Chappaqua school district sent e-mails and text messages indicating the community of a two-hour delay. Before you wake up teenagers for buses around 9:00 am, parents cautious checked again. Indeed, with flakes of snow continues to fall, a delay of three hours was reported to 8:38

The alert system e-mail and text this morning worked perfectly. The day the first snow of the year in Chappaqua this was not the case. Many went out to wait for the bus in vain. For those who have consulted a local radio station, these sources proved to be more reliable. Today, as electronic communication reaches its goal, WFAS had incorrect information on the status of the school day. No delay was mentioned. WHUD now offers listeners to text in addition to providing information on the center of the storm.
Worse is the fact that the midterm exam is scheduled to take place this week in high school.
Paula Park, a mother of two students at Horace Greeley, said that neither of his children had exams scheduled for this morning. On hearing the news, she said: “There is another delay. Thus, many adjustments to be made this winter. ”
At Horace Greeley, the students were taking the changes in stride. Sophomore Audrey Seligman said it “has used the extra time to study a lot.” But sophomore Olivia Kerestes noted that the time was “disturbed at all.”
Examinations in the morning began at 10:45 instead of 7:45. Examinations have been moved after-noon, 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. These changes were implemented by reducing the time between examinations.
At Fox Lane, the story is very simila
Mother Christine Girardi said: “We had four snow days. We used every day. ”
Freshman Colleen Green was concerned about the lack of snow days allotted for the rest of the year. “I wanted to have spring break,” she said.
Durfee freshman Ginny welcomed the extra time this morning, hosted by the delay of two hours. “I studied Spanish and English, she said.
Madlyn Inserra, the mother of a sophomore, describes another advantage of a period: “Sleep is appreciated when you have a teenager,” she said.
The next storm is looming. With forecasts calling for snow tomorrow and sleet in the afternoon, the prospect of an early dismissal can become reality.


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