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Houston Weather, The blizzard of 2011 is primarily history, with heavy snowfalls in the north is coming to an end as the storm moves offshore. But efforts continue raking in a wide band of states of New Mexico, Maine, who received large doses of ice or snow this week. The roads are still slippery, schools are closed, and snowplows are working around the clock, some homes still lack power and airlines play catch-up, including Chicago.

Storm warnings are in place to winter for parts of Texas, with hard-gel and the opinions of wind chill throughout the Gulf coast and extending into southern Mississippi and Alabama, according to the National Weather Service. Houston is expected to receive freezing rain, sleet and snow is Thursday afternoon and night.

Continental U.S. Holdings Inc. unit of Continental Airlines canceled over 1,000 flights Thursday, focusing on those in and out of George Bush Intercontinental Airport / Houston, its largest hub, the company said. Continental said its passengers could see they travel to and through Houston without financial penalty for a limited period. Continental expects to close its flight near Houston on Thursday night through Friday afternoon, a spokesman.

Southwest Airlines Co. said it was beginning to cut flights to Corpus Christi and Harlingen, Texas on Thursday afternoon would be prepared to stop flights to and from the Airport William P. Houston Hobby.

The flights were near normal in Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport Thursday, which had suffered a brief closure, icing and high winds earlier this week, according to, a flight site web tracking.

Dawn Thursday with 1,000 cancellations at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation. Freezing temperatures are not helping. The high in Chicago on Thursday is estimated at 9 degrees.

Continental U.S. United Airlines unit, the largest operator at O’Hare, canceled more than 500 flights Thursday. A spokesman said united was slow rise of its flights at O’Hare, but do not expect to return too normal until Friday.

Southwest, which has a hub at Midway Airport in Chicago, said most flights came and went normally, with only 30 cancellations.

The National Weather Service Houston / Galveston has issued a winter storm warning for snow … sleet and freezing rain … which is in effect from noon today at noon CST Friday.

Housing: Provide adequate shelter for your pet, they live inside or outside. Indoor pets should have a bed / crate placed in a safe and friendly which is away from drafts. Outdoor animals must have a well-insulated house that is waterproof and wind resistant and high soil to wind and moisture cannot penetrate. Install a door flap to protect against drafts and gusts of wind. Extra blankets and straw will also help increase the warmth of your pet. Room heaters and floor must be kept away from your pet because they are the obvious fire hazard and can cause severe personal injury.

The winter storm of internal power in recent days has left the building. In its wake, there were reports of more than two feet of snow in IA and WI. Around a foot in OK and MO, and the same goes for New England. Chicago missed a snow record of all time set in 1967 by less than 3 inches! Midway got 20.9.

What about today? The cold Arctic air is always around the eastern two thirds of the country. Wind chill warnings and advisories down to TX and WI MT. I’ll have those numbers.

As the arctic air is in place, a new round of energy moves towards the Gulf Coast of the Four Corners region. This will produce snow, sleet and freezing rain from south Texas to Mississippi. Houston will probably be about 2-4 inches of snow mixed with sleet, and which will last in LA and MS. Unreal, right? I’ll show you later in the evolution of this new storm, “Texas-Tail Kicker ‘, or’ Louisiana Lambaster” or whatever. You can come with!

There is a freeze warning of more rain to parts of LA right now, but should be completed later this morning as temperatures rise above freezing.

Dallas weather is interesting. Journey to the Super Bowl, light snow comes this afternoon, could get 1 inch. The Sunday Times in North TX to 50, so getting around will not be as harsh. Rafer hope will be more of a peach in his face by then, erasing Mr. Snow Miser look he has now covering the big game

Houston Weather

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Houston Weather, The National Weather Service issued a Freeze Watch hard to the Houston area early Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, when interim expected to fall below 25 degrees. Time above can not get out of the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday, and lows will be in the 20s through Saturday.

But the chance for snow will not slide in the forecast until late Thursday. Gomez said that the Arctic air would always be in the area when moving storm level in Thursday night to Friday morning – a formula that could produce snow.

Specifically, there will be a 20 percent chance for snow flurries Thursday night, more than a 40 percent chance on Friday morning.

Even if the snowfalls, well, Gomez said a significant accumulation is unlikely.

“It is an assessment on a daily basis. There is a possibility that we could see measurable snow, but probably not, “he said.” We see only a few days a year where we have opportunities, but it is one of between them. ”

Gomez said the frigid weather should warm up a bit as the weekend winds down, with highs in the 50s and 60s on Saturday and Sunday.

Seeing the snow falling in the Bayou City is a rare event, but there’s a chance it could happen this week.

11 News Meteorologist Mario Gomez said an explosion would blow the Arctic in the city on Tuesday, bringing with it some rain and a significant drop in temperatures.

How serious? We’re talking about a dip of 30 degrees in a few hours. Gomez said that we’ll start the day Tuesday in the 60s, but mercury accumulates in mid-to upper 30s in the evening.

“This will be a drastic change really,” said Gomez.

A strong cold front will tear the metro Houston Tuesday morning, and the rapid shift from warm / cold wet / dry could trigger strong to severe thunderstorms across eastern Texas. This system will be something of a monster with many heads, with a snowstorm across parts of the Great Plains and Midwest, an ice storm in the Ozark Plateau and Northern Corn Belt, and an outbreak of severe weather violent in some parts of the Old South (including the Bayou City). Given the regular discharge of energy and advance to the Arctic air from Texas, all chance of rain and thunder should be longer on site by noon.

Then, one may wonder about “how cold it is,” and the infamous “a chance for snow? On the first query, the presence of some clouds and continuous gusts of wind can save us from making a really cool episode record. I’m mostly sticking with the beaches of the average of 20 years nearly 30 for the next three nights, although north of Texas 105 could fall below that range. A low level in the Intermountain Region will move slowly toward the Texas and northern Mexico by Thursday, increasing cloud cover and perhaps the propagation of light snow or sleet in western margin of the Metro Houston by Thursday evening.

Tuesday: Showers and thunderstorms in mid-morning. Some storms may be severe. Then the variable cloudiness, windy and cold strongly. High temperatures from 66 to 70 Trinity Bay City in the early morning, falling in the 40 and 30 by the end of the day.

Tuesday Night: Timed Release, windy and much colder. Lows 26 to 30 Livingston Wharton

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, windy and cold. Highs 44 to 48 Fostoria Brazoria

Wednesday Night: Cloudy, windy and cold. Lowest level in 25 to 29 Cut And Shoot West Columbia

Thursday: Sunny, windy and cold. Highs 43 to 47 Security Freeport

Friday: cloudy and cold wicker light snow or sleet possible in the morning. No accumulation expected. Top 48, lowest in 30

Saturday: Partly sunny, breezy and mild. High 58 Low 34

Sunday: Sunny, breezy and mild. Showers and thunderstorms developing day late. High 66 Low 51

Dallas Weather

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Dallas Weather, (AP) – In Chicago, the National Weather Service warned that winds gusting up to 60 mph could produce waves on Lake Michigan to 25 feet, leading to coastal flooding and freezing spray considerable, especially along the main street of the town of Lake Shore Drive.

School districts, universities and legislatures closed, airlines canceled thousands of flights. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport closed because of an ice storm.

Governors in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois have declared a state of emergency, even though the storm has just arrived. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon activated 600 members of the National Guard.

Warming centers were set up around Missouri in anticipation of power outages. St. Louis has been proactively calling needy officials to verify their well being and develop additional beds for the homeless.

The Illinois legislature canceled meetings for the week because of travel problems expected.

High winds and falling temperatures have led to the issuance of a notice of wind chill, which is rare for North Texas. The wind chill advisory is in effect until 6 am Wednesday.

Wind chill values plunge below zero today and tonight as the first squalls continue north.

A major event in the winter weather continues in north Texas as we begin in February. The rain changed to freezing rain and sleet at night and temperatures dropped rapidly in the 20s before dawn Tuesday morning. The rain fades in the late morning, but the wind-driven snow will do for the occasion by low visibility in areas that received snow.

There were rounds of overnight thunderstorms and periods of heavy snow and ice several inches of snow and ice dumped in the Metroplex. Heavier amounts were generally in the northern half of the DFW area.

Austin News

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Austin News, Hello, This blog includes information relevant to the News 8 Austin that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. Most importantly, the study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.
News 8 Austin News 8 Austin provides viewers with breaking news, weather, sports and traffic 24 hours a day for Austin, Texas market. web extract
News 8 Austin News 8 Austin provides viewers with breaking news, weather, sports and traffic 24 hours a day for Austin, Texas market. web extract
TOP STORIES – – News 8 News 8 Austin is a 24-hour local cable news channel based in Austin, Texas, owned by Time Warner Cable. Launched on September 13, 1999, [1] is available only to … web extract

San Antonio Weather

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San Antonio Weather, San Antonio weather condition is not good and the area is under threat of heavy rains and flooding. According to reports, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued warnings of floods and the recommendations of the winds of San Antonio and South Texas since Tropical Storm Hermine goes to the Alamo City.

Officials have issued warnings to the natives and recent reports say that the warnings will remain intact after 1 am Tuesday (07 September) until Wednesday morning.

San Antonio’s time is full of heavy rain from Tropical Storm Hermine is expected to continue absorbing the San Antonio all day and on Tuesday night as the storm system makes moves towards the northwest from southern Texas.

From the beginning, the rains have not caused problems, but later, causing several traffic during rush hour moorings. Around 7 am, traffic seemed light, but by the time clocks, police said at 7:40 am in San Antonio was working in nearly 40 accidents.

Officials have given to preparing for emergencies and other reference works. The utilities and organizations of law enforcement are fully prepared for barricading, rescue and traffic control from the state of San Antonio is the weather is not good, and experts have warned the rains probably strong winds and flooding.

The Indians also have been warned to be alert and cautious.

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