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Houston Weather, The National Weather Service issued a Freeze Watch hard to the Houston area early Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, when interim expected to fall below 25 degrees. Time above can not get out of the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday, and lows will be in the 20s through Saturday.

But the chance for snow will not slide in the forecast until late Thursday. Gomez said that the Arctic air would always be in the area when moving storm level in Thursday night to Friday morning – a formula that could produce snow.

Specifically, there will be a 20 percent chance for snow flurries Thursday night, more than a 40 percent chance on Friday morning.

Even if the snowfalls, well, Gomez said a significant accumulation is unlikely.

“It is an assessment on a daily basis. There is a possibility that we could see measurable snow, but probably not, “he said.” We see only a few days a year where we have opportunities, but it is one of between them. ”

Gomez said the frigid weather should warm up a bit as the weekend winds down, with highs in the 50s and 60s on Saturday and Sunday.

Seeing the snow falling in the Bayou City is a rare event, but there’s a chance it could happen this week.

11 News Meteorologist Mario Gomez said an explosion would blow the Arctic in the city on Tuesday, bringing with it some rain and a significant drop in temperatures.

How serious? We’re talking about a dip of 30 degrees in a few hours. Gomez said that we’ll start the day Tuesday in the 60s, but mercury accumulates in mid-to upper 30s in the evening.

“This will be a drastic change really,” said Gomez.

A strong cold front will tear the metro Houston Tuesday morning, and the rapid shift from warm / cold wet / dry could trigger strong to severe thunderstorms across eastern Texas. This system will be something of a monster with many heads, with a snowstorm across parts of the Great Plains and Midwest, an ice storm in the Ozark Plateau and Northern Corn Belt, and an outbreak of severe weather violent in some parts of the Old South (including the Bayou City). Given the regular discharge of energy and advance to the Arctic air from Texas, all chance of rain and thunder should be longer on site by noon.

Then, one may wonder about “how cold it is,” and the infamous “a chance for snow? On the first query, the presence of some clouds and continuous gusts of wind can save us from making a really cool episode record. I’m mostly sticking with the beaches of the average of 20 years nearly 30 for the next three nights, although north of Texas 105 could fall below that range. A low level in the Intermountain Region will move slowly toward the Texas and northern Mexico by Thursday, increasing cloud cover and perhaps the propagation of light snow or sleet in western margin of the Metro Houston by Thursday evening.

Tuesday: Showers and thunderstorms in mid-morning. Some storms may be severe. Then the variable cloudiness, windy and cold strongly. High temperatures from 66 to 70 Trinity Bay City in the early morning, falling in the 40 and 30 by the end of the day.

Tuesday Night: Timed Release, windy and much colder. Lows 26 to 30 Livingston Wharton

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, windy and cold. Highs 44 to 48 Fostoria Brazoria

Wednesday Night: Cloudy, windy and cold. Lowest level in 25 to 29 Cut And Shoot West Columbia

Thursday: Sunny, windy and cold. Highs 43 to 47 Security Freeport

Friday: cloudy and cold wicker light snow or sleet possible in the morning. No accumulation expected. Top 48, lowest in 30

Saturday: Partly sunny, breezy and mild. High 58 Low 34

Sunday: Sunny, breezy and mild. Showers and thunderstorms developing day late. High 66 Low 51

Dallas News

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Dallas News, (CP) – Dallas coach Rick Carlisle had seen just about everything he could take. With his Mavericks to play the worst road team in the NBA, Carlisle ripped his players during a timeout in the second quarter.

They got the message. Dirk Nowitzki scored 24 points, Tyson Chandler added 18 points and 18 rebounds, and Dallas kept the Washington Wizards winless on the road with a 102-92 victory Monday night.

“I was mad. Really, it was the craziest I’ve been all year,” said Carlisle. “At this stage, we were playing a losing brand of basketball and they will tell you the same thing. We gathered at both ends and we started competing better. ”

Jason Terry contributed 14 points and eight assists and Shawn Marion had 14 points and nine rebounds for Dallas, which won five straight and six of seven after a sequence of six defeats.

Jason Kidd had 11 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds for the Mavs.

Icy trails in the wake of the detonation of winter Monday night forced the closure of Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport Tuesday morning.

The airport was stopped for about two hours. Just as he reopened about 8:30 am, Dallas Love Field Airport closed.

Officials at both airports are urging travelers to call ahead for information on possible delays and cancellations.

Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport is preparing to resume flight operations after the freezing cold flights grounded for about an hour this morning.

The Associated Press reported “DFW Airport spokesman David Magana said one track was reopened after a temporary closure. And teams work to clear ice from others.”

AP adds “the airport, the eighth largest in the world, is the main hub for American Airlines. Earlier Tuesday, hundreds of incoming flights were canceled because of the massive winter storm sweeping much the country. ”

Temperatures drop near freezing, which allows for some minor accumulation of ice. Freezing drizzle may fall tonight; sleet and snow hit the region late tonight. The snow will continue, probably through Tuesday night, with periods of heavy snowfall. Snow accumulations are expected to be as high as 1-foot depth near I-44 corridor, ranging from 18 inches in parts of southeastern Kansas and western Missouri. Ice accumulations up to 1/2-inch are expected in parts of the Ozarks and northeast winds of 20-30 mph, gusting to 40 mph.

The National Weather Service reports that travel will become increasingly dangerous in Monday and Tuesday, with the possibility of blizzard like conditions virtually exclude travel in total. Power outages are possible, especially near the I-44 corridor. Cold temperatures, with highs only reaching the teens, will extend until Friday morning.

Motorists should be prepared with a kit travel winter storm, which should include tire chains, jumper cables, a flashlight, a shovel, blankets, clothes, water, and anything that would help drivers and passengers survive if their vehicles become stranded.
The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for Dallas County and most of Missouri, as a storm rolls in the Ozarks. Accumulations of ice storms and heavy snow, heavy snow, strong winds and even, everything are possible in the coming days.

Chicago Weather

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Chicago Weather, There are several reports for Chicago’s weather, a series of storms can hit and also expect that windstorm can affects badly. The weather forecast for Chicago at 10 days seems very disturbing. However, a forecast of bad weather in Chicago 10 days is quite normal, as cold conditions expected this time of year. But the next few days could be quite historic, as the Windy City is fast becoming the snowy town. Blizzards were common in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the winter, but a storm front building could be even greater in some regions. This makes the weather in Chicago 10 days forecast even more important given that the city could be among the hardest hit in this blizzard.
A punch one or two of snow and wind are expected to hit the north northwestern Illinois and Indiana over the next three days.

Passage of snow will become snow showers and possibly a steady light snow Monday night and continue during the night.

Accumulations of 1-3 inches are possible by Tuesday morning.

The snow should taper off around noon Tuesday before the approach of a much more efficient system of southwest.

Blizzard is a watch in effect Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday as a system of low-pressure moves to strengthen the Ohio Valley.

Tuesday afternoon snow late stable and stronger winds will push into the region, beginning south of I-80 north and dissemination during the evening.

Rate of snow Tuesday night could approach 2-3 cm per hour and when combined with sustained winds at 30-40 mph, visibility will drop significantly with near whiteout conditions possible.

Total of 12-20 inches of snow are possible between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon with locally higher amounts.

Blowing snow and blowing snow will make travel dangerous and potentially life threatening, Tuesday night.
(AP) – A massive winter storm expected to blanket the Plains and Midwest with snow and ice earlier this week.

Freezing rain and snow are forecast for much of the nation’s midsection from Monday, and could cause problems during the morning commute in some areas.

Then, heavy snow expected to hit the region Tuesday and Wednesday. The weather service issued a storm watch for Tuesday and Wednesday for southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and northwest Indiana including the cities of Milwaukee and Chicago. Snowfall could reach more than 2 feet in some areas when the storm crossed the region.


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WFAA WEATS-EX-R, North Texas was covered by rain Sunday morning, but as the temperature drops during the day, the precipitation should turn into snow.

The region could see between 1 and 4 inches of accumulation in the evening. The total is entirely dependent on the speed at which frost arrives.

AER meteorologist Colleen Coyle said that the transition from rain to snow is expected around noon in the Dallas-Fort Worth. DopplerNet radar showed the snowline-approached Greenville, northeast of Dallas-Fort Worth, shortly before 10 am

By half past eight on Sunday, no fewer than 200 flights had been canceled at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport in anticipation of the storm of winter. Passengers are advised to check with their airline before heading to the airport.

Drizzle night could make driving especially dangerous for commuters Monday morning rush hour, Coyle said, that the low temperature should be 28 degrees.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area from Saturday evening until Sunday evening. A winter storm warning is in effect for Tyler, Texarkana and other eastern counties Texas.If you are in the west corridor of Interstate 35, expect to see an inch or less; Dallas and Fort Worth residents can get one to three inches.

The North Texas cities prepare for the worst, with tons of salt and sand ready to be spread on slippery roads.

The city of Dallas has 30 sand trucks on standby, ready to activate Ice Force One crew from 9 am Sunday.

The Texas Department of Transportation does not expect to deploy teams of defrosting on Sunday morning because the rain could wash the chemical solution.

Ministries of water are also on standby for emergency repairs to the mains frozen as the temperature drops into the upper teens by Wednesday morning.

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Austin News, Hello, This blog includes information relevant to the News 8 Austin that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. Most importantly, the study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.
News 8 Austin News 8 Austin provides viewers with breaking news, weather, sports and traffic 24 hours a day for Austin, Texas market. web extract
News 8 Austin News 8 Austin provides viewers with breaking news, weather, sports and traffic 24 hours a day for Austin, Texas market. web extract
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