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Mta, For the third time in as many millions of years of straphangers, the commuter rail riders and drivers of metropolitan New York will once again pay more for transportation starting December 30.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Jay Walder said the agency had no choice given its financial situation, which has already introduced closings of subway lines and any reduction in bus service. The biggest hike is about a third of all users of the subway and buses that use 30-day unlimited MetroCard. It will rise from $ 89 to $ 104. The base fare for personal travel on buses, subways and stays Access-A-Ride $ 2.25 for seniors and pay 1.10. Single tickets available in vending machines are and 2.50.

The seven days will MetroCard to $ 29. The express bus fares and 5.50 establishments with off-peak rates of $ 2.75. Most Long Island Rail Road fares will increase by 7.6 percent to 9.4 percent depending on the type of ticket and how far the passenger travels. Tolls on MTA bridges and tunnels will rise to $ 6.50 to most parts for cash customers and increase by 23 cents to 4.80 and at most parts for E-ZPass users. More detailed information can be obtained online at Although the fate of ATM is precarious, the Long Island Bus riders face an uncertain future since their travel is concerned. The MTA at its meeting on 15 December approved a 2011 budget without money for Long Island Bus. The problem is that the MTA has been subsidizing the commuter bus line by tens of millions of years and is reluctant to continue the largesse.

MTA officials said Nassau and must be 26 million by the bus in the operation. Nassau recently voted to provide 9.1 million. “I think that Nassau County has an obligation to fund the bus service in Nassau County,” said Walder MTA meeting last week. In a recent communication with the Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, Walder said: “As you know, all counties in the MTA region are responsible for funding local bus operation. Although all other counties in the region meets its obligation, in recent years the MTA has been forced to provide up to 26 million a year to offset the shortage of Nassau County. In essence, it takes money from taxpayers throughout the region to subsidize the MTA bus service in one county. “The MTA is required to notify the Nassau County 60 days prior to any decision to discontinue service on the line, which carries 109,000 daily, including many from Queens.

But talks between the MTA and Nassau County are underway. Mitchell Pally, who represents Suffolk County MTA board, said he was optimistic some sort of agreement between officials of Nassau and the MTA could be reached. In any case, he said, the finances were such that the service could continue until spring. Nassau County has its own problems, with a deficit of 343 million in 2011.

Nancy Dolman

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Nancy Dolman, And I need about 2 years in a row to wash eyes repeatedly with Clorox to erase the images of the competition tonight kisses from my memory. Do not go into more detail – in deference to spoilerphobes, and also not to vomit on my computer – but suffice to say that the contestants Bachelor Pad had to put their money where their mouth is … or really had to put his mouth where many, many people had been before. Stay tuned for my complete overview of TV (and exclusive blog Chris Harrison Bachelor Pad) later tonight, but meanwhile, we will work through this trauma together: Are you surprised you won? Did I miss something, or actually Tenley make it through this whole episode without mourn? And the “insiders” to destroy them all? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drink a bottle of Listerine. Perhaps two.

Lirr Schedule

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Lirr Schedule, The railroad will train incoming and Penn Station are more likely to be late during rush hour than at any other time during the day. The subject has launched the program on the island long railroad in the crisis. Passengers in Port Washington had varied schedules of feedback on Long Island Railroad. Some of the passengers and express irritation unusual in regard to the timing of the Long Island Railroad.

“I know that the train will not be saying that,” said Howard Berman BermanHoward, which is taking the LIRR to get to work, commenting on the timing of the Long Island Railroad.

Meanwhile the New York Times did an analysis of the processes in 2009 on three major passenger rail lines that go to Penn Station as regards the timing of the Long Island Railroad. However, some travelers are not concerned about the report’s findings on the list of Long Island Railroad.

It has been reported that the LIRR agreed in a statement that set-up is likely to pass back across the rush hour. The reason is the fever of the Long Island Railroad; many trains arrive at Penn Station, with the partial number of platforms to stand on. “During periods of peak rush hour, when we are moving more trains and more customers, our performance in time [the prosecutor] may be affected by a number of factors, including limited space on the track at Penn Station, we share with Amtrak and NJ Transit, “the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) has asked the MTA, the New York State and Nassau County to strengthen its work to the experience of a fair place to protect Long Island bus service and provide a solution to the island long railroad timetable.


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Mta Lirr, NEW YORK-Most of the trains of long Island Rail Road (LIRR) was suspended on Monday after a fire in a tower switching off power to the rail network.

Several thousand passengers were stranded on trains, subway stations on Long Island, and Penn Station, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) website.

All except the Port Washington line had suspended service. Some railway lines have been restored by Monday afternoon, but many lines are still out. The service is available from Penn Station to Jamaica Station Atlantic, but not subsequent transfers of Jamaica are available at this time.

240,000 people approximately 230,000 lines 10 using the LIRR on a daily basis.
From 16:44, the MTA said there are “delays” in all lines except for the Port Washington line.

The Wall Street Journal said that LIRR would be extended only to 60 percent of capacity for traffic during peak hours.

The fire occurred on a main control tower of eastern Jamaica, Queens, and began quickly by firefighters.

“The LIRR is assessing the damage to the tower and the impact on the evening service,” said MTA.

No one was injured in the fire.

“There is no answer,” said LIRR passenger NY1. “We go to the service desk, hang around, that’s what they say, and can honor the ticket for another day but can not return any money.”

The MTA New York City Transit and MTA Long Island Bus were “honor” LIRR tickets for today, ie, we can use their tickets LIRR to use the underground city of New York and buses, and bus service long island.