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Lirr Train Schedule, According to some WWE fans who took the Long Island Rail Road to attend the event last night Raw live at Madison Square Garden in New York were stranded near the scene Monday afternoon.

After the service has been interrupted by snow storms that affect the City of Long Island Rail Road were closed Sunday evening and surrounding areas. Sixteen hours later, the service had not resumed.The Long Island Rail Road has now a limited service from Penn Station to travel with only four branches, including Babylon, Huntington, Port Washington and Ronkonkoma. All other branches are closed.

Commuters and holiday travelers can expect long delays during rush hour today as officials continue to remove snow in the LIRR station and the removal lots.Snow parking also continues in LIRR stations and parking.

Lirr, Long Island Rail Road

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Lirr, People need to stay in their homes cause of bad weather these days, unless it is absolutely necessary. Roads and sidewalks are covered with snow up to two feet of snow in some places because of the snowdrifts. The storm spent most of the time, but a blizzard warning remains in effect until Monday morning. Con Edison is reporting 7000 outages power throughout the city. All Long Island Railroad service was suspended in both directions due to the weather. There is no word from officials when service is restored. Long Island Expressway is described by authorities as barely passable and people are warned not to drive because of black ice in the region.

The buses are running and make all local stops, but the MTA is warning commuters that buses are slow. Mother Nature also gave a beating to the metro service in the city. The F-Line is suspended between Coney Island-Stillwell Station and the Jay Street-Metro Tech Station in both directions. The M-train was completely suspended in both directions. B-line service in Brooklyn was suspended and the D-train is also looking at suspensions in Brooklyn.

A-Train service was also suspended in parts of Brooklyn, with a 5-train service in the Bronx. From 59th Street in Manhattan to Coney Island in Brooklyn, there is no service N-train. Most other lines are also facing major delays or suspensions and commuters are encouraged to use for more information.

Airport Chaos The situation with airports is catastrophic for many people trying to return home after the Christmas holidays. John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty Airport are both closed. LaGuardia Airport is open but no flights took off. Wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and temperatures well below are stealing impossible conditions at airports. Airports are expected to open at 16 am on Monday, according to the FAA.


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Mta, For the third time in as many millions of years of straphangers, the commuter rail riders and drivers of metropolitan New York will once again pay more for transportation starting December 30.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Jay Walder said the agency had no choice given its financial situation, which has already introduced closings of subway lines and any reduction in bus service. The biggest hike is about a third of all users of the subway and buses that use 30-day unlimited MetroCard. It will rise from $ 89 to $ 104. The base fare for personal travel on buses, subways and stays Access-A-Ride $ 2.25 for seniors and pay 1.10. Single tickets available in vending machines are and 2.50.

The seven days will MetroCard to $ 29. The express bus fares and 5.50 establishments with off-peak rates of $ 2.75. Most Long Island Rail Road fares will increase by 7.6 percent to 9.4 percent depending on the type of ticket and how far the passenger travels. Tolls on MTA bridges and tunnels will rise to $ 6.50 to most parts for cash customers and increase by 23 cents to 4.80 and at most parts for E-ZPass users. More detailed information can be obtained online at Although the fate of ATM is precarious, the Long Island Bus riders face an uncertain future since their travel is concerned. The MTA at its meeting on 15 December approved a 2011 budget without money for Long Island Bus. The problem is that the MTA has been subsidizing the commuter bus line by tens of millions of years and is reluctant to continue the largesse.

MTA officials said Nassau and must be 26 million by the bus in the operation. Nassau recently voted to provide 9.1 million. “I think that Nassau County has an obligation to fund the bus service in Nassau County,” said Walder MTA meeting last week. In a recent communication with the Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, Walder said: “As you know, all counties in the MTA region are responsible for funding local bus operation. Although all other counties in the region meets its obligation, in recent years the MTA has been forced to provide up to 26 million a year to offset the shortage of Nassau County. In essence, it takes money from taxpayers throughout the region to subsidize the MTA bus service in one county. “The MTA is required to notify the Nassau County 60 days prior to any decision to discontinue service on the line, which carries 109,000 daily, including many from Queens.

But talks between the MTA and Nassau County are underway. Mitchell Pally, who represents Suffolk County MTA board, said he was optimistic some sort of agreement between officials of Nassau and the MTA could be reached. In any case, he said, the finances were such that the service could continue until spring. Nassau County has its own problems, with a deficit of 343 million in 2011.

Lirr Delays

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Lirr Delays, The Long Island Railroad, which runs at 60% capacity during peak hours in the afternoon after a fire in a switching tower, closed almost the whole system on Monday, stranding thousands of travelers throughout Long Island and at Penn Station.

Service stopped at each side of the railroad, except the Port Washington branch just before 11 am Monday. On Monday afternoon LIRR said that “very limited” service was resumed through Jamaica. But the railroad will operate fewer trains than normal, and 100 000 LIRR passengers leaving New York will likely face delays and crowded trains.

“Once you lose control of the cable and switching systems that trains do not move” for security reasons, LIRR President Helena Williams said Monday.

Passengers returning to Long Island has to wait outside Penn Station before going to the trains. The police will be available for crowd control, Williams said. All trains were going to do locally.

“There is a high enough density of train service, even at 60%, which we will be able to get our customers home,” he said.

The fire knocked out the big machine, changing decades old in a tower east of Jamaica Station in Queens. Tower workers were evacuated briefly, and suspended rail service in almost all lines. Firefighters quickly put out the fire, but the railroad was still trying to figure out the amount of damage.

Workers at the control tower switching trains run on which issues to launch a series of levers. LIRR teams spent much of the afternoon to set routes manually with an antiquated system called lock-and-peak, “said Charles.

Richard Jerothe, an executive with 45 years of age in a Brooklyn medical transportation company, boarded a train at 10:11 Ronkonkoma went to the Atlantic Terminal. But the train only made with regard to Floral Park, where he sat for hours. Last Minute in an important meeting to discuss standby generators for ambulance depots, expects Mr. Jerothe were raised briefly when he heard the announcement that the train was preparing bus service. But 45 minutes later, he said, another announcement said there would be no buses.

“The crews of the trains have absolutely no information coming down from the company or the management to know what is happening,” said Jerothe. “It puts them in a very difficult position.”

Carlos, LIRR spokesman, said the railroad has been trying to disseminate information through its alert system e-mail and the media.

In Manhattan, Maureen Michaels being decided late Monday whether to share a car home to Cold Spring Harbor with his sister. Michaels, chairman of the LIRR Commuter Council, wanted to get home to help your child pack for your first year of college. She criticized the LIRR because they have no plans to deal with the stop.

“I think buses should be parked in front of Penn Station,” she said. “They need a contingency plan … that is not” going to run trains few and far between. “

Lirr Schedule

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Lirr Schedule, The railroad will train incoming and Penn Station are more likely to be late during rush hour than at any other time during the day. The subject has launched the program on the island long railroad in the crisis. Passengers in Port Washington had varied schedules of feedback on Long Island Railroad. Some of the passengers and express irritation unusual in regard to the timing of the Long Island Railroad.

“I know that the train will not be saying that,” said Howard Berman BermanHoward, which is taking the LIRR to get to work, commenting on the timing of the Long Island Railroad.

Meanwhile the New York Times did an analysis of the processes in 2009 on three major passenger rail lines that go to Penn Station as regards the timing of the Long Island Railroad. However, some travelers are not concerned about the report’s findings on the list of Long Island Railroad.

It has been reported that the LIRR agreed in a statement that set-up is likely to pass back across the rush hour. The reason is the fever of the Long Island Railroad; many trains arrive at Penn Station, with the partial number of platforms to stand on. “During periods of peak rush hour, when we are moving more trains and more customers, our performance in time [the prosecutor] may be affected by a number of factors, including limited space on the track at Penn Station, we share with Amtrak and NJ Transit, “the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) has asked the MTA, the New York State and Nassau County to strengthen its work to the experience of a fair place to protect Long Island bus service and provide a solution to the island long railroad timetable.

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