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311 Nyc, The hot line 311 for government information in New York and elective services is declining, although the city has been asked for reports of roads unplowed and unsalted sidewalks and although his official Twitter account. The city is to clean the main roads first, then less busy local roads. “We’re sorry,” followed by a busy signal is all that callers hear after dialing the hot line at noon Dec. 28.
The Department of Sanitation is accepting applications for additional workers in the snow. Anyone over 18 who is eligible to work in the United States may apply by submitting two forms of valid ID, a Social Security card and two passport-size photos on a site remediation Garage 7 hours-15 pm on Tuesday, December 28. The hard physical work and pays 12 per hour, or $ 18 per hour for overtime. Every Tuesday morning, YWN has received dozens of emails that the New York City 311 system is down. YWN started trying to call that number to half past six. It is now 8:45 and we still have to pass through. People who have tried to call 311 or received a fast busy signal, then a line of death, or simply a line of death.

Lirr, Long Island Rail Road

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Lirr, People need to stay in their homes cause of bad weather these days, unless it is absolutely necessary. Roads and sidewalks are covered with snow up to two feet of snow in some places because of the snowdrifts. The storm spent most of the time, but a blizzard warning remains in effect until Monday morning. Con Edison is reporting 7000 outages power throughout the city. All Long Island Railroad service was suspended in both directions due to the weather. There is no word from officials when service is restored. Long Island Expressway is described by authorities as barely passable and people are warned not to drive because of black ice in the region.

The buses are running and make all local stops, but the MTA is warning commuters that buses are slow. Mother Nature also gave a beating to the metro service in the city. The F-Line is suspended between Coney Island-Stillwell Station and the Jay Street-Metro Tech Station in both directions. The M-train was completely suspended in both directions. B-line service in Brooklyn was suspended and the D-train is also looking at suspensions in Brooklyn.

A-Train service was also suspended in parts of Brooklyn, with a 5-train service in the Bronx. From 59th Street in Manhattan to Coney Island in Brooklyn, there is no service N-train. Most other lines are also facing major delays or suspensions and commuters are encouraged to use for more information.

Airport Chaos The situation with airports is catastrophic for many people trying to return home after the Christmas holidays. John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty Airport are both closed. LaGuardia Airport is open but no flights took off. Wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and temperatures well below are stealing impossible conditions at airports. Airports are expected to open at 16 am on Monday, according to the FAA.

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Nancy Dolman, And I need about 2 years in a row to wash eyes repeatedly with Clorox to erase the images of the competition tonight kisses from my memory. Do not go into more detail – in deference to spoilerphobes, and also not to vomit on my computer – but suffice to say that the contestants Bachelor Pad had to put their money where their mouth is … or really had to put his mouth where many, many people had been before. Stay tuned for my complete overview of TV (and exclusive blog Chris Harrison Bachelor Pad) later tonight, but meanwhile, we will work through this trauma together: Are you surprised you won? Did I miss something, or actually Tenley make it through this whole episode without mourn? And the “insiders” to destroy them all? Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go drink a bottle of Listerine. Perhaps two.


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Mta Lirr, NEW YORK-Most of the trains of long Island Rail Road (LIRR) was suspended on Monday after a fire in a tower switching off power to the rail network.

Several thousand passengers were stranded on trains, subway stations on Long Island, and Penn Station, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) website.

All except the Port Washington line had suspended service. Some railway lines have been restored by Monday afternoon, but many lines are still out. The service is available from Penn Station to Jamaica Station Atlantic, but not subsequent transfers of Jamaica are available at this time.

240,000 people approximately 230,000 lines 10 using the LIRR on a daily basis.
From 16:44, the MTA said there are “delays” in all lines except for the Port Washington line.

The Wall Street Journal said that LIRR would be extended only to 60 percent of capacity for traffic during peak hours.

The fire occurred on a main control tower of eastern Jamaica, Queens, and began quickly by firefighters.

“The LIRR is assessing the damage to the tower and the impact on the evening service,” said MTA.

No one was injured in the fire.

“There is no answer,” said LIRR passenger NY1. “We go to the service desk, hang around, that’s what they say, and can honor the ticket for another day but can not return any money.”

The MTA New York City Transit and MTA Long Island Bus were “honor” LIRR tickets for today, ie, we can use their tickets LIRR to use the underground city of New York and buses, and bus service long island.

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6130_NpAdvSinglePhotoMta Nyc | growing number of major transit agencies are using federal stimulus money to avoid service cuts – and some MTA board members think it’s the right move for New York, too.

At least six of the 10 biggest bus and rail systems in the country have decided to spend up to 10% of their stimulus funds to plug budget holes, the Daily News has learned.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority is the latest to choose the option. Transit officials in the nation’s capital voted last week to use $10million of its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money, along with revenues from a 10-cent fare hike, to cancel service cuts as they were about to be implemented.

“We bought some time,” Washington Metropolitan spokesman Steven Taubenkibel said yesterday.

Doreen Frasca, chairwoman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s NYC Transit committee, said the MTA should use some federal funds “to avoid the most egregious of the service cuts” to the bus and subway system.

MTA board member Allen Cappelli also said the authority should give the idea serious consideration.

MTA Chairman Jay Walder has resisted the idea. He has said the stimulus funds are needed for an even more strained budget that is critical to reliability and safety: the capital construction budget, which pays for such things as track replacement, new buses and trains, and technological upgrades to signals and communications systems.