Minneapolis Airport

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Minneapolis Airport, (AP) – Hundreds of flights were canceled at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and officials in several states advised people to stay off the roads as a winter storm blew across the Upper Midwest on Sunday. Even before the worst of the storm hit, Delta Airlines canceled about 700 flights to and from the Twin Cities airport and other airlines thinned their schedules, “said spokeswoman Melissa Scovronski airport. She said Sunday afternoon, the storm had closed two of four runways at the airport.

In Detroit, the airline canceled about 230 flights as the airport of the city Metro Wayne County, while more than 200 flights through Chicago O’Hare airport were extinguished. Traffic on roads was not much better. The National Weather Service reported blizzard conditions in western Minnesota and has issued a winter storm warning for the rest of the southern half of the state.

It was part of a storm that stretched from Montana to Michigan and was moving east. The National Weather Service predicted it would bring a mixture of winter in the Upper Midwest for several days.

Weather Service forecasters predicted that the storm would rise from 10 to 15 inches of snow on Minneapolis Monday afternoon, who promised to do for a ride for those who work hard on President’s Day.

“There will be snow in the morning,” said weather service meteorologist James McQuirter. “There will be a trip in disarray.”

A spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Transportation has recommended that people just stay home and watch TV on Sunday afternoon, rather than risk driving in the snow pushed by the wind.

“If people do not need to travel, they should not,” said spokesman Kevin Gutknect. “It’s really hard for people to see.”

The time will not be much better Monday morning, but at least one holiday trip will light more room for snowplows, Gutknecht said. Blowing should be clearing the roads difficult.

Sunday early evening, the weather service reported 9 inches of snow had fallen in Bloomington and a little over 8 inches in Burnsville, two suburbs south of Minneapolis. South Minneapolis reported 6 inches.

St. Paul and several cities in the southern half of the state of emergency declared snow, which usually triggers parking restrictions that make it easier to clean the streets. Minneapolis was not just Sunday night.

As the storm eastward, he also invited the travel warnings in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation warned that roads could become impassable due to a mixture of snow, freezing rain and ice.

In Michigan, state police warned this mixture of snow and freezing rain was expected by Monday noon in the southwestern part of the state. Sunday, WOOD-TV reported that south of U.S. 131 was closed for some time after dozens of vehicles crashed in Mecosta County near Big Rapids.

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Pittsburgh Weather NFL Games

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Pittsburgh Weather, Weather should play a huge factor in today’s NFL games, keeping scores low and leading to more turnovers
Giants-Vikings game has been postponed due to a blizzard. Outdoor sites in Chicago (3 inches of snow, 50-mph winds), Pittsburgh (snow and wind) and Buffalo (rain and wind) can expect difficult conditions as well.
A snowstorm in the Midwest on Saturday has already had an impact on the timetable for the NFL. New York Giants and the Minnesota game, originally scheduled for noon local time in Minneapolis, has been postponed to Monday night kick off at 8 pm Eastern time. [UPDATE: Rich Eisen just said play will not be played on Monday or Tuesday at the Metrodome because of the condition of the roof]

The Giants’ plane was diverted to Kansas City because of the snowstorm in Minneapolis yesterday, and the team spent the night in KC. The game will be shown in both local markets on FOX, and according to Greg Aiello, who will be available for Sunday Ticket as well.

This morning, the show NFL Network Gameday Morning said the Metrodome roof has “reduced” (deflated it now looks like a flat roof) under the weight of 15 centimeters of snow and high (> 30 wind km / h). This could be an ongoing story, and the current report on the NFL Network is that the game can be played as scheduled at the Metrodome on Monday.

The other match will be greatly affected by weather in Chicago, with the clash between the Patriots 10-2 and the Bears 9-3. It will be snowing all day, with 3-5 inches expected. Winds will be looking at around noon local time, and should be shouting from the kick off 15 hours (N to NW at 25-35 km / h gusting to 50 km / h). The temperature should be just below zero, but should feel much colder because of wind.

These winds will destroy the game going and kicking, especially if it turns into a kind of cross wind in the stadium. If you set a schedule for the fantasy playoffs, I think seriously from someone else if you have a reasonable alternative. This will be one of the windiest games late in the season at Soldier Field, I can find over the past 35 years. I found seven games since 1975, where the wind conditions were greater than 18 km / h on day 1 December / January game at Soldier Field: January 1989 vs. San Francisco vs. Los Angeles and 1986 in two NFC Championship Games and games against Green Bay in December (2007), Houston (2004), Tampa Bay (1991), and St. Louis (1975 and 1979).

Figures passed in those games: completion percentage of 48.4%, 5.8 yards per attempt, 12 TD and 14 INT’s. Average total points scored: 36. The over / under market has already made an enormous boost 5 points, from 43.5 to 38 currently.

Other games in the North should simply more normal late season weather effects.

Buffalo vs. Cleveland: near freezing temperatures, rainfall in the winter rain will mix during the game, and E winds around 10 mph.

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati: Temperatures will drop 40 degrees by mid-morning to frost, freezing rain in the morning and continuing to game time, ranging from the SSW winds at kickoff SES by the end of the game, and increase from 7 mph to 11 mph throughout the play.

Washington vs. Tampa Bay: the temperature near 50, rain throughout the game, with winds between 10-15 mph SSE.

New York Jets vs. Miami: high temperature at kickoff to near 53 degrees, the possibility of rain throughout the game, and difficult wind conditions improved slightly in the game (ESS 16 to 12 mph from kickoff at the end).

Minneapolis Metrodome, Metrodome Roof Collapses With Snow: Video

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Minneapolis Metrodome, (AP) – The National Football League moved Monday’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants to Detroit after the roof of the Metrodome Minneapolis collapsed in a snowstorm.

Kickoff at Ford Field will be 7:20 pm Eastern.

League briefly considered moving the game to the University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium, but the school said he could not be ready in time.

The roof of the Metrodome Teflon failed on five hours Sunday after a snowstorm dumped more than 17 inches of snow on the region on Saturday.

Metrodome, Facilities Manager Steve Maki (MOCK’-ee) says the team is optimistic the roof can be repaired in time for next Monday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

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Chicago Weather

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Chicago Weather, The snow began falling in earnest promised in the Chicago area, starting a snowy, windy day and the cold would be better spent indoors with a good fire and a hot drink.

A winter storm warning is in effect for parts of northern and central Illinois, northwest Indiana and southeast Wisconsin on Sunday night at midnight. Meanwhile, parts of the southern half of Wisconsin and most of western and west-central Illinois and Iowa are under a blizzard warning because of the combination of wind and lots of snow.

Traffic was not affected much this morning, according to traffic reports, but it is not likely to last until people start to move. Snow Illinois State Police District Chicago and the District 15 (toll roads) on the plans took 8 hours most roads have at least one lane open. District 2, Elgin, Joliet District 5 reported no major accidents and functioned normally.

According to the city Department of Aviation, O’Hare International Airport is facing delays of 60 minutes for flights in and out of Chicago. Midway experiences minor delays and cancellations.

About 3 to 5 inches of snow are expected for an area to the east along a line from Rockford to Joliet with possibly higher amounts near the Lake and 8 inches or more in some regions of North western Indiana.

WGN-TV meteorologist Tom Skilling said it will be the biggest storm this winter – and history suggests as much. The system dumped about 17 inches of snow in Minneapolis, causing the collapse of the inflatable roof Metrodome night, and almost closes the State of Minnesota, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

The snowfall is expected to continue all day today here with winds get above 55 miles per hour on Sunday morning, causing drifts and poor visibility. Weather Center reports the Chicago teams will struggle to keep roads clear because of snow and strong winds.

The combination of high winds and cold temperatures will produce wind chill readings could rise to about 25 below in some areas Sunday night. Bring your warmest clothes if you plan to be out for the match this afternoon Patriots-Bears at 3:15 pm

In Chicago, where no less than 8 inches of snow expected to hit, city officials prepared Saturday night more than 100 truckloads of snow – preloaded with salt and prepare for a sudden drop in temperatures that promise to make a risky Sunday.

10 am Saturday, 174 trucks fight against snow were deployed to patrol the main streets and Lake Shore Drive. In 23 hours, the trucks were in place and leaving the salt if necessary, according to a statement from the Department of Streets and Sanitation.

Bears game Sunday at Soldier Field is particularly worrying, “said Chicago streets and sanitation commissioner Thomas Byrne, when thousands descend on the city to encourage their home team. The goal is to keep roads as clear as possible for the game and the rush hour Monday morning, he said.

“Even the pavement can be treated smooth in these types of weather,” said Byrne.

With the wind whipping snowflakes ice on his face, Cedrick Henderson shoveled the sidewalk in front of a convenience store as the gateway Pilsen he uncovered disappeared under the snow falling fast.

“He did not get that bad,” said Henderson, 50, an employee of Los Hermanos Quatro shop.

Nearby, Carlos De la Pena was well enough effort that seems endless to keep a clean, safe way. The Minister of young volunteers at St. Procopius Holy Trinity was shoveling the sidewalks in front of the church for the third time this morning.

“We have many seniors,” he said. “We must keep sidewalks clean.”

The parishioners had flocked to the church for four hours, celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, said De la Pena, 32.

But that’s not all about snow removal on a day like today.

Scout Murray, 7, pouring her father was David Murray with snowballs while their dogs ran in the snow.

“I just throw the snow,” she said.

Snow is expected to fall further in the city through the early hours of Monday, said Byrne. Strong winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour on Sunday could put snowplows on the street already cleaned, and by the end of the storm, 4 to 7 inches of snow could cover the ground, has Byrne said.

“This will be a fairly treacherous day there after 9 (am),” said Byrne.

Bitterly cold temperatures should linger until Tuesday, getting a little better Wednesday and then heated to about 30 on Thursday, when the snow is light in the forecast.

The storm that hit the region began in the Rocky Mountains and Friday created blizzard conditions in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. In Wisconsin, a 150-mile stretch of Interstate 94, from Tomah northwest of Madison on the Hudson line of the State of Minnesota, was closed after it was impassable, as the website department.

Follow the storm

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Minneapolis News

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Minneapolis News, MSP airport [Minneapolis Airport] was closed due to bad weather. Tracks have been hit with so much snow, due to a snowstorm that they could not erase the tracks enough to allow air traffic in or out.

The New York Giants is scheduled to have an away game in Minneapolis against the Vikings this Sunday. However, their flight from New York on Saturday, their flight was diverted to Kansas City.

The last hope is that the game will go ahead on Sunday, but may be delayed for a 1:00 pm kick off at 4:00 pm kick off.

For those who would like more information on scheduled flights that were due in or out of the Minneapolis please visit the following website airports – Information / all-flights.aspx

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