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Last Man StandingLast Man Standing, For me, the series premiere of ABC’s new Tim Allen-directed comedy Last Man Standing seemed just annoying, what with its low forehead and humor too testosterone as fuel. Sexist jokes about what it means to be a man? Just not worth it, I thought.

I was going to go out a few minutes, but I kept watching the show socks is the star, Mike – played by Allen – made a “joke” somewhere near the end of the first half hour. And that’s when I lost it.

Let’s put the “joke” that “. Hippie-hippie rainbow” During a conversation about the care of his grandson, Mike Baxter (Allen) laments that her daughter’s choice of schools is thin, clear is a stupid comment, but worse. Mike’s daughter Kristin (Alexandra Krosney) tells his father that the teacher in this school “teaches sensitivity and tolerance.” Then comes a bomb apparently homophobic Allen: “I just do not think your child should go to school,” Mike says his character, full of contempt. “You know how it ends:. Boyd dancing on a float”

I will reiterate the offensive: “You know how it ends: Boyd dancing on a float,” he said with disgust all, as if a guy dancing in a parade of floats is something unacceptable, wrong. My response: Huh? What does a guy dancing in a parade of floats, but no one else happy?

It’s hard not see this as a coup openly homophobic in gay pride parades, a rite of passage for the LGBT community during the summer months, as we celebrate being out and proud and concentration of the same civil rights as all other . (It’s true: we are still second class citizens in many ways, but this is not the time nor the place for that discussion.)

And also, yes, referring to the details of the “joke”: This is also a time when people – children and all those in between – tend to dance in the fleet of big ol ‘gay parades , full of feather boas, sequins and all other types of decoration ridiculous. Fortunately or unfortunately for us, is an image most likely familiar with. And what I can say in defense of what? What happens. I’m not here to debate the merits of such activities. I am here to defend these activities are denigrated by a major comic. Sorry, Tim Allen, but the gay community – and our pride parades – are not your punching bag. What would be as bad if little Boyd grew up, put on a Speedo, and danced on a float in a gay pride parade?

The most dangerous aspect of this “joke”, however, is how it might affect younger viewers who are currently questioning their sexuality. Listening on a supposed “family” sitcom that dancing on the floats is, for some reason, the bad, and could begin to believe that being gay is frowned upon in our society. That line of thinking can only push more young people in the closet. To say that there is something wrong with dancing on a float suggests also that there is something wrong with reason – because he or she is gay – a person would be doing. And that’s just offensive and irresponsible.

I kept thinking that there was a small chance that I’m exaggerating greatly here, but check some of my gay friends before writing this to check if I was having an automatic response to something trivial. They said: No. A wise person once told me never to apologize for my feelings, and in this case, I am offended. And a little crazy. And frankly, totally sad that a “joke” – as harmless as you may have found it – it did on the script for a high profile show a major broadcast network to reach incredibly huge. Indeed, a number of other problems with this program, ABC – and Tim Allen is well aware that – but this is the one that is overtly harmful and damaging to the gay community.

When I came to ABC for comment on the joke, said that Allen went to television this summer’s tour Critics Association press in August. “Are you going to let the joke there?” A reporter asked Allen in front of a newsroom. . “Looks like a gay joke you might not have to be in the pilot,” Allen said with a rather long answer, but finally said: “I think it’s a funny joke, and I do not intend was to offend anyone. So I think the network probably leave it there. ”

About the content of the joke in particular, Allen continued: “It was supposed that the prospect of a kind on the way as his point of view of the softness is going to dance on a float … Surely you can hide behind, ‘ What are you talking about? A lot of people dancing on the floats. Have you not seen the Macy’s Parade? “Now obviously, if you go to Santa Monica Boulevard, is a different kind of floating.” (Just for a little perspective, Santa Monica Boulevard is the street that runs through the heart of Los Angeles gay community, West Hollywood, and is the same street that houses the city parade gay pride parade every year.) “It was not meant to be offensive “added Allen.” He was supposed to be a reflection of the limited perspective of this kind. ”

Even considering that Allen’s explanation, I know I can be alone in how I feel. Who else was offended?


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KPRC, Houston-area lawmakers said they are demanding answers from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) after rolling power outages left some 400,000 Texans in the dark for varying periods on Wednesday, Local 2 Investigates reported.

“It’s no secret that winter comes around once a year,” said Sen. Mike Jackson State. He said ERCOT should have better planning and procedures in place to ensure that Texans are not shy in the future. He and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said frozen water pipes burst in two power plants the Dallas area, causing the entire plant to close, which they say has contributed to the blackout that affected families by state.

Jackson said the security systems in these plants have led to entire plants to close when the pipes burst.

Dewhurst said the natural gas plants that were forced off-line were the oak and plants Sand Hill in north Texas.

Dewhurst told the power applied to the Texas ERCOT grid was nowhere near peak capacity. He said that other natural gas plants were supposed to provide relief, but the cold caused low pressure in supply lines so that these safeguards have been unable to kick in.

State Senator Tommy Williams, however, said the industry has failed to deliver on a promise to increase its production capacity of electricity. He told Local 2 investigation of the industry pledged to expand its production capacity when electricity was deregulated in Texas, but the events of Wednesday driving to doubt it.

Williams, who serves in national affairs and Senate finance committees, noted that most of its voters living east of the ERCOT grid, and these areas had absolutely no problem power outage Wednesday.

Governor Rick Perry said the unprecedented demand on the energy grid of the state caused a power outage. In a statement, he urged everyone to reduce energy consumption.

However, Jackson said he would push for answers to ERCOT because, “We need a better system to ensure that this does not happen again.”

As a member of the Senate Natural Resources and works councils and trade, both of which have oversight over the energy sector, Jackson said: “We’ll get into the (ERCOT)” because he said they called for more to be loaded into the grid and they could not get it.

ERCOT does not produce electricity in Texas, but he manages the flow of power that other production companies truly electric.

Jackson said that since the summer months are the peak periods, maintenance is often scheduled at plants in electricity production during the winter months, which could also cause problems in the future, given failures Wednesday.

Some viewers posted messages on Facebook theKPRC page indicating that their diet was cut several times, while others have never had their power interrupted at all.

Spring School District was forced to send students home early because of the blackout, and the Harris County Jail visits canceled for the day because the visitor’s elevators will not work if power is cut.

Houston Transtar urged drivers to exercise caution throughout the day from outages affected some traffic lights and warning signals.

The Houston office of Emergency Management has issued a notice 14 hours after he was informed that more cuts were ordered by ERCOT, if the power was expected to resume uninterrupted.



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Click2Houston, (Click2Houston) – Several school districts and universities are closing Thursday morning and canceled classes Friday because of winter weather warning. The following schools will be released Thursday morning (February 3, 2011) because of frost concerns. * Aldine ISD all after school activities canceled.
Alief ISD *: All after school activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes canceled Friday. Make-up date scheduled for February 21.
* Alvin ISD: all after-school activities and extracurricular undone.
* Anahuac ISD: Closed Thursday and Friday.
* Angleton ISD: Schools will be dismissed two hours earlier. Extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Barbers Hill ISD school students will be released at 11:30 am and elementary students will be released at 12:30
* Bay City ISD: All outdoors sporting events for the rest of the week have been canceled. Playing basketball boys and girls scheduled for Friday moved to 1 pm on Saturday.
* Boling ISD: Schools will be released at noon Thursday. School starts delayed until Friday 10 hours
* Clear Creek ISD: All extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Columbia Brazoria ISD: Schools dismissing one hour earlier. Extracurricular activities canceled through Saturday noon. All classes canceled Friday.
* Crosby ISD Crosby Middle School Crosby High School dismiss at 11:30, all other campus dismiss at 12:30 pm No after school practice or events
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD *: All after school activities canceled. Classes canceled Friday.
* Damon ISD schools will close at 1:00 p.m.
* Deer Park ISD: All extracurricular activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes are canceled on Friday.
* East Chambers ISD schools dismiss at 2:00 p.m.
Fort Bend ISD: All campuses close one hour earlier. Extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Friendswood ISD: All schools in Friendswood ISD reject an hour earlier than normal time of dismissal.
* Galveston ISD: Elementary schools almost 1:15 p.m., schools averages about 2:15 p.m., the high school about 14 hours every campus and support buildings closed on Friday. All school activities canceled.
* Goose Creek CISD: Students will be released two hours earlier. All after school activities canceled.
* Hitchcock ISD: Kids First Head Start closes at 11 o’clock; Crosby Middle School closes at 11:50; Hitchcock High School closes at 12 o’clock at; Stewart Elementary School, Hitchcock nearby elementary school to 1:00 p.m.
* Houston ISD: All sports activities and trips, after school and trips planned for Thursday and Friday were canceled. All classes canceled Friday.
* Huffman ISD: All sports and extracurricular undone.
* Humble ISD: all after school activities canceled.
* Katy ISD: all after school activities canceled.
* Lamar Consolidated ISD: Elementary schools will close at 24:45; Schools East 11:20; Junior High and High School at 11:30 am All activities after school were also canceled.
* La Porte ISD: La Porte ISD students leave the school two hours earlier. School dismissal times will be as follows: Primary schools: 13 hours 10; Baker sixth grade campus: 14 hours, Junior High Schools: 1:45 pm, La Porte high school: 12.30 De Walt School: 12:20 am
* All schools Needville ISD to lay off 13 hours all after school activities canceled.
* New Caney ISD: All non-district sports activities canceled for Thursday and Friday night. Outdoor practices should be concluded by 17 pm on Thursday.
* Onalaska ISD: After-school activities scheduled for Thursday, Friday canceled. Classes canceled Friday.
* Santa Fe ISD: Grades 5-12 distributed to 13 hours pre-K classes for 4 to 14 hours broadcast All-school activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes canceled Friday.
* Sheldon ISD: all after-school and evening activities canceled.
* South Texas College of Law: Closes at noon Thursday. All classes canceled Friday.
* Spring Branch ISD: All extracurricular activities are canceled.
* Stafford MSD: Pre-K students kingergarten to 10:45, students in grades 1-6, 11:30 to middle and high school at 12:30 pm All after school activities for Thursday and Friday were canceled.
* Texas City ISD: All after school activities canceled.
* Texas Woman’s University – Institute of Health Sciences Center – Houston: Closes at noon Thursday. School of Management classes scheduled for Saturday canceled.
* University of Phoenix: All classes canceled Thursday, postponed to Saturday 9 am. Administrative offices open until noon.
* University of St. Thomas: Campus closes at 12:30 p.m. All classes canceled Friday.
* Texas in Galveston & AM: after 17 hours, all classes are canceled; food services close at 6 pm Campus closed on Friday, the dining services at 9 are
* Texas Southern University: Campus closes at 2:00 p.m. All classes canceled Friday.
* Wharton ISD Wharton ISD All students will be released Thursday at noon. All extracurricular events for Thursday evening were canceled.

Friday school closings

The following schools will be closed on Friday (February 4, 2011):

Alief ISD *: All classes, extracurricular activities canceled. Make-up date set for February 21.
* Anahuac ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Brazosport ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Columbia Brazoria ISD: all classes, extracurricular activities canceled. Extracurricular activities planned before Saturday noon canceled.
* Cypress-Fairbanks ISD: All campuses closed Friday.
* Damon ISD: all classes are canceled. Make-up day scheduled for April 22.
Deer Park ISD *: All classes, extracurricular activities canceled.
* Galveston ISD: All campuses and support buildings closed on Friday. All school activities canceled.
* Hardin ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Houston ISD: all classes are canceled and all offices closed. All sporting events and travel, trips and extracurricular activities in the field of cancellation.
* Onalaska ISD: All classes, after school activities canceled.
* Santa Fe ISD: All classes Friday after-school activities canceled.
* South Texas College of Law: All classes canceled Friday.
* University of St. Thomas: All classes canceled Friday.
* Texas A & M University at Galveston: Campus closed all day. Dining services at 9 is
* Texas Southern University: All classes are canceled.

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Khou Weather

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Khou Weather, Continental Airlines will cancel all flights in and out of the airport 15 hours on Thursday due to extreme weather conditions, officials said. Continental has already canceled 518 flights to and from Bush IAH 674 to Thursday and from Bush IAH Friday. Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is the largest hub for Continental Airlines. METRO offers domains warming transit centers so that users have a temporary shelter from bitter cold and windy conditions. METROLift “Operation Warm” vehicles will be at 20 sites in the region and remain in place during normal working hours METRO.

Vehicles are METROLift a refuge of last resort during the night hours. METRO will decide whether to continue the service depending on weather conditions. Metro police are working with emergency management and patrols at night to ensure the safety of customers and drivers METROLift. These measures are taken to provide relief during bad weather and power outages happen all the bearing condition and should continue in the coming days.

Power outages can affect underground services as follows: Metro services and buses METROLift: The system-wide delays due to breakdowns sporadic light (flashing or no signal at the intersection). METRORAIL Service: While Metrorail has priority status with CenterPoint Energy, there is a chance that the current outrage could occur along the railway line. Service should not be interrupted, but delays may occur. The rolling blackouts and extreme weather conditions across the state Wednesday forced a number of schools to close or move classes to a new location.

HISD this power to pin Oak Middle School has been restored. Children have not been moved to another location. The power in Kashmir High School was restored and students at Key Middle School sent earlier today to return to their home campus. HISD also said there would be no football games played Friday. Fort Bend ISD, Alief ISD, Klein ISD and Cy-Fair ISD said the school is in session and will focus on failures to roll as they come.
Spring ISD will dismiss early due to power outages and the need to conserve energy. All schools dismiss three hours after the regular starting time. Transit buses will follow the early dismissal schedule. For more information on the exact time, contact your child’s school.


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Abc13, (KTRK) – For more than nine months, we followed the story of Chad Holley; a teenager who said police beat him during an arrest.
Four officers were charged with crimes for the fight, and now for the first time in this exclusive abc13, we can see the video.

Every police officer on patrol in this story has been told that the video is on. The mayor will not let you see it – or the district attorney or police chief.

We’ve all been told that the graphic representation and disturbing, and we remind you that, as we show the video so many Houstonians wanted to see.

It was an afternoon in March when a security camera captures the end of a Houston police chase. Chad Holley theft cons trying to make a run for it, but it is cut by a police car and fell to the ground. He clearly puts his arms in surrender pose then folds his arms before police move in

The first officer trample on the heads of Holley and he repeatedly kicked. We counted four officers to make the kicks.

Then, a land agent five shots on goal. It seems that the kicks are landing on the head of Holley.

Holley was on the ground with the cops on top of him for about 20 seconds and then an agent for five punches the heavy soils.

The officer who made the kick to start there again – this time from behind. Then he stomps on the back of his leg.

And then, just before Holley is captured to be taken to a patrol car, there’s another lick.

But now we go public with this video – months after the District Attorney, the police chief and the mayor has refused to let you see.

“I had the band legally if you sit back and watch your television tonight, as everybody in this town because we all see what happens,” community activist Quanell X said.

Quanell X had been sued by one of the cops in the case Holley. A judge granted him the right to obtain the tape and we gave it. A few minutes after we made our copy, the federal judge who blocked the publication of this band before was on the phone to try to stop its spread. It was too late.

“Absolutely, it is a powerful tape, and it is a shame because the band you see police officers there at the scene behave like criminals – not police officers who respect and honor their obligations to the badge, and I can you tell when the people in the hood, see, they’ll be angry too, and now it is time to emerge, “said Quanell X.

Four police officers in Houston have been indicted for what is seen on the video but on misdemeanor charges of official oppression – no aggression.

“I want to know how the hell did they do what they did to that boy on that video and they have only charged with official oppression,” Quanell X said.

Twelve officers have been punished as a result of the case Holley, but many have been given their jobs against the will of the city.
Houston Police Officer Union Executive Director Mark Clark:

“We have thousands of agents who do a great job every day and they are not involved in this field. The police do the best job they can do. This is a case that has been sorted. This is serious and is a reflection on the department. We must let the system work. There are 4 people who have been charged and we have no comment on that until that is it resolved in the courts. ”

Annise Parker Mayor:

“I was shocked and disgusted when I saw this band. My feelings have not changed. This is not acceptable in Houston. The city of Houston has fully supported the district attorney’s willingness to keep this video to be released before trial because we do nothing that might jeopardize the prosecution of officers involved. We have vigorously sought to terminate the officers and continue to fight to prevent them from ever working again in the Houston Police Department.

Whoever provided the video on channel 13 is in violation of a federal court order and should be pursued. It is unfortunate and irresponsible that Channel 13 has decided to release the material at this time. ”

Charles Houston Police Chief McClelland Jr.

“I’ve been disciplined and will not have any other comments until the case is tried and or appeal.”


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