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KPRC, Houston-area lawmakers said they are demanding answers from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) after rolling power outages left some 400,000 Texans in the dark for varying periods on Wednesday, Local 2 Investigates reported.

“It’s no secret that winter comes around once a year,” said Sen. Mike Jackson State. He said ERCOT should have better planning and procedures in place to ensure that Texans are not shy in the future. He and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said frozen water pipes burst in two power plants the Dallas area, causing the entire plant to close, which they say has contributed to the blackout that affected families by state.

Jackson said the security systems in these plants have led to entire plants to close when the pipes burst.

Dewhurst said the natural gas plants that were forced off-line were the oak and plants Sand Hill in north Texas.

Dewhurst told the power applied to the Texas ERCOT grid was nowhere near peak capacity. He said that other natural gas plants were supposed to provide relief, but the cold caused low pressure in supply lines so that these safeguards have been unable to kick in.

State Senator Tommy Williams, however, said the industry has failed to deliver on a promise to increase its production capacity of electricity. He told Local 2 investigation of the industry pledged to expand its production capacity when electricity was deregulated in Texas, but the events of Wednesday driving to doubt it.

Williams, who serves in national affairs and Senate finance committees, noted that most of its voters living east of the ERCOT grid, and these areas had absolutely no problem power outage Wednesday.

Governor Rick Perry said the unprecedented demand on the energy grid of the state caused a power outage. In a statement, he urged everyone to reduce energy consumption.

However, Jackson said he would push for answers to ERCOT because, “We need a better system to ensure that this does not happen again.”

As a member of the Senate Natural Resources and works councils and trade, both of which have oversight over the energy sector, Jackson said: “We’ll get into the (ERCOT)” because he said they called for more to be loaded into the grid and they could not get it.

ERCOT does not produce electricity in Texas, but he manages the flow of power that other production companies truly electric.

Jackson said that since the summer months are the peak periods, maintenance is often scheduled at plants in electricity production during the winter months, which could also cause problems in the future, given failures Wednesday.

Some viewers posted messages on Facebook theKPRC page indicating that their diet was cut several times, while others have never had their power interrupted at all.

Spring School District was forced to send students home early because of the blackout, and the Harris County Jail visits canceled for the day because the visitor’s elevators will not work if power is cut.

Houston Transtar urged drivers to exercise caution throughout the day from outages affected some traffic lights and warning signals.

The Houston office of Emergency Management has issued a notice 14 hours after he was informed that more cuts were ordered by ERCOT, if the power was expected to resume uninterrupted.



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Click2Houston, (Click2Houston) – Several school districts and universities are closing Thursday morning and canceled classes Friday because of winter weather warning. The following schools will be released Thursday morning (February 3, 2011) because of frost concerns. * Aldine ISD all after school activities canceled.
Alief ISD *: All after school activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes canceled Friday. Make-up date scheduled for February 21.
* Alvin ISD: all after-school activities and extracurricular undone.
* Anahuac ISD: Closed Thursday and Friday.
* Angleton ISD: Schools will be dismissed two hours earlier. Extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Barbers Hill ISD school students will be released at 11:30 am and elementary students will be released at 12:30
* Bay City ISD: All outdoors sporting events for the rest of the week have been canceled. Playing basketball boys and girls scheduled for Friday moved to 1 pm on Saturday.
* Boling ISD: Schools will be released at noon Thursday. School starts delayed until Friday 10 hours
* Clear Creek ISD: All extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Columbia Brazoria ISD: Schools dismissing one hour earlier. Extracurricular activities canceled through Saturday noon. All classes canceled Friday.
* Crosby ISD Crosby Middle School Crosby High School dismiss at 11:30, all other campus dismiss at 12:30 pm No after school practice or events
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD *: All after school activities canceled. Classes canceled Friday.
* Damon ISD schools will close at 1:00 p.m.
* Deer Park ISD: All extracurricular activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes are canceled on Friday.
* East Chambers ISD schools dismiss at 2:00 p.m.
Fort Bend ISD: All campuses close one hour earlier. Extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Friendswood ISD: All schools in Friendswood ISD reject an hour earlier than normal time of dismissal.
* Galveston ISD: Elementary schools almost 1:15 p.m., schools averages about 2:15 p.m., the high school about 14 hours every campus and support buildings closed on Friday. All school activities canceled.
* Goose Creek CISD: Students will be released two hours earlier. All after school activities canceled.
* Hitchcock ISD: Kids First Head Start closes at 11 o’clock; Crosby Middle School closes at 11:50; Hitchcock High School closes at 12 o’clock at; Stewart Elementary School, Hitchcock nearby elementary school to 1:00 p.m.
* Houston ISD: All sports activities and trips, after school and trips planned for Thursday and Friday were canceled. All classes canceled Friday.
* Huffman ISD: All sports and extracurricular undone.
* Humble ISD: all after school activities canceled.
* Katy ISD: all after school activities canceled.
* Lamar Consolidated ISD: Elementary schools will close at 24:45; Schools East 11:20; Junior High and High School at 11:30 am All activities after school were also canceled.
* La Porte ISD: La Porte ISD students leave the school two hours earlier. School dismissal times will be as follows: Primary schools: 13 hours 10; Baker sixth grade campus: 14 hours, Junior High Schools: 1:45 pm, La Porte high school: 12.30 De Walt School: 12:20 am
* All schools Needville ISD to lay off 13 hours all after school activities canceled.
* New Caney ISD: All non-district sports activities canceled for Thursday and Friday night. Outdoor practices should be concluded by 17 pm on Thursday.
* Onalaska ISD: After-school activities scheduled for Thursday, Friday canceled. Classes canceled Friday.
* Santa Fe ISD: Grades 5-12 distributed to 13 hours pre-K classes for 4 to 14 hours broadcast All-school activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes canceled Friday.
* Sheldon ISD: all after-school and evening activities canceled.
* South Texas College of Law: Closes at noon Thursday. All classes canceled Friday.
* Spring Branch ISD: All extracurricular activities are canceled.
* Stafford MSD: Pre-K students kingergarten to 10:45, students in grades 1-6, 11:30 to middle and high school at 12:30 pm All after school activities for Thursday and Friday were canceled.
* Texas City ISD: All after school activities canceled.
* Texas Woman’s University – Institute of Health Sciences Center – Houston: Closes at noon Thursday. School of Management classes scheduled for Saturday canceled.
* University of Phoenix: All classes canceled Thursday, postponed to Saturday 9 am. Administrative offices open until noon.
* University of St. Thomas: Campus closes at 12:30 p.m. All classes canceled Friday.
* Texas in Galveston & AM: after 17 hours, all classes are canceled; food services close at 6 pm Campus closed on Friday, the dining services at 9 are
* Texas Southern University: Campus closes at 2:00 p.m. All classes canceled Friday.
* Wharton ISD Wharton ISD All students will be released Thursday at noon. All extracurricular events for Thursday evening were canceled.

Friday school closings

The following schools will be closed on Friday (February 4, 2011):

Alief ISD *: All classes, extracurricular activities canceled. Make-up date set for February 21.
* Anahuac ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Brazosport ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Columbia Brazoria ISD: all classes, extracurricular activities canceled. Extracurricular activities planned before Saturday noon canceled.
* Cypress-Fairbanks ISD: All campuses closed Friday.
* Damon ISD: all classes are canceled. Make-up day scheduled for April 22.
Deer Park ISD *: All classes, extracurricular activities canceled.
* Galveston ISD: All campuses and support buildings closed on Friday. All school activities canceled.
* Hardin ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Houston ISD: all classes are canceled and all offices closed. All sporting events and travel, trips and extracurricular activities in the field of cancellation.
* Onalaska ISD: All classes, after school activities canceled.
* Santa Fe ISD: All classes Friday after-school activities canceled.
* South Texas College of Law: All classes canceled Friday.
* University of St. Thomas: All classes canceled Friday.
* Texas A & M University at Galveston: Campus closed all day. Dining services at 9 is
* Texas Southern University: All classes are canceled.

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HISD, This may mean nothing more, but in this case, the experts seem fairly confident. If the forecast holds peak hours, the evening will be bad, but tomorrow’s rush hour will be worse. Unless, of course, schools and businesses decide it’s best to keep their people at home. Seeing how the weather forecasters say we’ll all wake up to a winter landscape, which may be what is happening. We will keep you updated on school closings and other cancellations. HISD has announced no future classes, for example. (No decision yet on whether to have early dismissal today.)

Come see us, and whet your appetite for the explosion of winter with this first image, of Galveston: Belinda Crimmins was in the downward dog pose in yoga class at Westside Tennis Club, on Wednesday morning when the lights went out.

Crimmins said the windowless studio was plunged into complete darkness.

“I literally could not see two feet in front of me,” said the professor of 42 years of heights. “I could not find my shoes. I could not find my towel. We have all kinds of crawling out of there.”

Residents of the Houston area who dutifully covered plants and pipes wrapped in advance of freezing weather, this week found themselves facing blind rolling blackouts that turned off the traffic lights and unstable daily in restaurants, offices, schools and houses on Wednesday.

The blackout even took law enforcement and transportation ignore.

CenterPoint spokesman Floyd LeBlanc said the company discovered Wednesday morning that he had outside contact for days for some essential community services – such as the Houston Independent School District, Houston Police Department and the City Houston – if the officials could not have been notified as early as possible.

“It seems there have been recent retirements, though some specific contacts e-mails have changed,” LeBlanc said, without specifying the agencies involved. “This list will improve in the Future. ”

Harris County Constable Precinct 4 stations lost power three times Wednesday morning for about 45 minutes starting from 05:30, said Chief Mark Herman.

Dispatchers had to return to writing calls on paper as they came because computers were not working, “said Herman.

The enclosure scrambled to set up a command post trailer powered by a generator to keep open the shipping center.

“We just play by ear, but we take every precaution we can to ensure that all emergency calls are handled in a timely manner,” said Herman.

The Houston Fire Department rescued 30 people trapped in elevators, on Wednesday, much more than the usual average of two or three on a normal day.

Most incidents occurred between 7 and 10 hours and are believed to have been caused by rolling blackouts, officials said HFD.

Sheriff’s deputies in Harris County were busy dealing with road traffic accidents at intersections where fire had gone out, said sheriff’s spokeswoman Christina Garza.

Wednesday afternoon, members responded to 79 minor accidents and nine major accidents.

“In general this is the case whenever there is heavy rain, or in this case, power outages,” said Garza.

“If conditions continue to deteriorate – an example of ice on the roads – we simply ask people to slow down and look at all the intersections four-way stops,” she said. “And if they do not need to be there, just to stay home in their cozy, comfortable beds. ”

At Hobby Airport, four partial failures temporarily shaded parts of the terminal, but did not interfere with safety or prevent theft of taking off and landing, “said Marlene McClinton, Houston Airport System spokesman.

“In the beginning, we lost the power of the tower and some of the runway lights, but everything comes back up generator,” said McClinton. “This is not a safety issue.”

Thousands of local schoolchildren face dark, cold classrooms as power outages swept their campuses. Most schools in the Houston area remained open, but the Spring Independent School District dismissed students after three hours, saying there was a need to conserve energy.

About 30 of the 300 campuses in Houston ISD lost power during a certain period of time – with a handful to a couple of hours. Students in a school, Kashmere High, were bused to another campus nearby. As plans to move other children were in the works, the lights and heat back slowly warms buildings.

HISD spokesman Jason Spencer said the district would have appreciated a heads-up electricity companies.

“It was a difficult decision for us,” Spencer said. “If you send students home, you do not know what are the conditions that you send them home to. If the power of their school, chances are the power at home, too. ”

Some students decided not to hold on. Houston mom Kristy Martin said his 16-year-old son sent him a text message from Yates High School around 11:50; she picked him up and took him home to his grandmother.

“It is just recovering from being sick,” Martin said. “His first day back, and he had to stay outside in the cold and sitting in school in the cold.”

Rolling Blackouts

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Rolling Blackouts, Bearing failure, also called load shedding, power outage intentionally designed electric. Power outages are a measure of last resort used by a power company to avoid a total failure of the electrical system. They are usually in response to a situation where demand for electricity exceeds the capacity of the power network. Power outages can be traced to a specific part of the electricity grid or perhaps more widespread and affect entire countries and continents. Power outages usually the result of two causes: insufficient production capacity or poor transport infrastructure to provide sufficient power to the area where it is needed.

In many African countries, South Asian and Latin American countries (eg Bangladesh, India, Yemen, Nepal, Pakistan, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Dominican) blackouts is a staple of everyday life. Sometimes, these cuts are planned at specific times of day and week, allowing people to circumvent the time of interruption known. In most other cases, power outages can occur without warning, usually when the transmission frequency is less than the “safety” limit.

Power generation and transport systems can not always meet the requirements of peak demand-the highest amount of electricity required by all utility customers in a given region. In order to reduce electricity demand on power systems at critical times, researchers have developed a prototype ballast that quickly and reliably sheds the electric charge in the lighting system of a building. Ballast unloader ballast is dimming instant start bi-level and high-power line receiver signal (PLC) for automatic dimming response.

By light intensity by an electronic signal, the ballast reduces the supply current of the lamps. Injector signal lighting circuits building ballast control, eliminating the need for additional wiring. Ballasts respond to a signal sent by the service or the customer’s system power management, reducing the lighting power by one third. Field studies have shown that building owners might dim the lights by as much as 40% for short periods of time without affecting 70% of building occupants or impede productivity. Ninety percent of the occupants of the building have agreed to reduce levels of light when they were told it was done to save energy.

The ballast system of new work on individual fixtures, and not on the main electricity grid. The system is recommended for new construction and renovation and promises good returns on investment in energy savings. Markets in the U.S., the system has duration of three years or less payback period for new construction. The use of ballast has the potential to reduce U.S. demand for 20,000 megawatts peak power. If used widely, it has the potential to help avoid breakdowns.

In April 2006, parts of Texas experienced rolling blackouts due to excessive use of air conditioning due to unusually high temperatures. The outage lasted the longest power for five hours, affecting areas in the Middle East to South Texas. [Citation needed]

In February 2011, North and Central Texas experienced rolling blackouts due to 50 power plants tripping offline.

Temperatures ranged between 8 ° C and 19 ° F. The timing of the blackout range from 20 minutes to over five hours. Affected areas included Bell, Bexar, Brazos, Collin, El Paso, Dallas, Delta, Harris, Hill, Hidalgo, Hunt, McLennan, Montgomery, Navarro, Smith, Tarrant, Travis, Webb and Williamson counties. [via wikipedia and various sources]


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ERCOT, Two men from Odessa 20 years spend more than 2 years behind bars on charges of cocaine. Juan Vargas and Edgar Lujan were convicted in federal court Tuesday to 30 months for possession with intent to distribute. Both admitted being involved in a high-speed chase in August, when Vargas struck a police vehicle lae in an escape attempt before being caught.
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, ordered the power brownouts rolling Wednesday in San Marcos and throughout Texas, as part of a statewide response to the large power demand caused by winter cold.

Brownouts are a response to load pre-planned triggered by heavy power use. Rolling brownouts are controlled, temporary interruptions of electricity service, which lasts from 10 to 45 minutes per quarter.

“These voltage drops are made to avoid uncontrolled, widespread power outages across the state,” said Tom Taggart, director of public services.

Circuits feeding different sections of the city from three positions in San Marcos have been subjected to rolling brownouts. Traffic signals will be affected by brownouts and will be restored to normal function when reaction.

Residents are also reports of water service freezes their home systems, which may require the assistance of thaw or plumbers. The city has suspended meter reading to avoid freezing feet, Taggart said.

If people lose power, it should be restored in about 45 minutes. If the power is more than an hour, customers can call 512-393-8313 for assistance.

Electric Reliability Council of Texas has ordered utilities to begin rotating power cuts to offset a shortage of electricity due to the extremely cold weather.

The order took effect Wednesday morning, a day after an ice storm and snow-blanketed parts of Texas.

Consumers and businesses are encouraged to reduce their electricity use. ERCOT had no timetable for when rotating blackouts would end.

TheERCOT region includes Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Abilene, and the Rio Grande Valley.ERCOT manages the flow of electricity to approximately 22 million customers in Texas.

Rotating blackouts are defined as “controlled, temporary interruptions of electricity service and usually last from 10 to 45 minutes per quarter.”

Customers need critics, such as hospitals and nursing homes, are generally excluded from failures. for online ERCOT, which operates the power grid in much of Texas, imposed on power outages due to the loss of several power plants during the night during an ice storm Wednesday, a spokesman said ERCOT.

She could not say when the blackouts would end. The network operator urged consumers to reduce their energy consumption.
Electricity traders said that prices were ERCOT Hourly $ 2,000 per megawatt-hour, 50 cons and where he usually negotiated. (Reporting by Scott DiSavino, edited by John Picinich)

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