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Click2Houston, (Click2Houston) – Several school districts and universities are closing Thursday morning and canceled classes Friday because of winter weather warning. The following schools will be released Thursday morning (February 3, 2011) because of frost concerns. * Aldine ISD all after school activities canceled.
Alief ISD *: All after school activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes canceled Friday. Make-up date scheduled for February 21.
* Alvin ISD: all after-school activities and extracurricular undone.
* Anahuac ISD: Closed Thursday and Friday.
* Angleton ISD: Schools will be dismissed two hours earlier. Extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Barbers Hill ISD school students will be released at 11:30 am and elementary students will be released at 12:30
* Bay City ISD: All outdoors sporting events for the rest of the week have been canceled. Playing basketball boys and girls scheduled for Friday moved to 1 pm on Saturday.
* Boling ISD: Schools will be released at noon Thursday. School starts delayed until Friday 10 hours
* Clear Creek ISD: All extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Columbia Brazoria ISD: Schools dismissing one hour earlier. Extracurricular activities canceled through Saturday noon. All classes canceled Friday.
* Crosby ISD Crosby Middle School Crosby High School dismiss at 11:30, all other campus dismiss at 12:30 pm No after school practice or events
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD *: All after school activities canceled. Classes canceled Friday.
* Damon ISD schools will close at 1:00 p.m.
* Deer Park ISD: All extracurricular activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes are canceled on Friday.
* East Chambers ISD schools dismiss at 2:00 p.m.
Fort Bend ISD: All campuses close one hour earlier. Extra-curricular activities canceled.
* Friendswood ISD: All schools in Friendswood ISD reject an hour earlier than normal time of dismissal.
* Galveston ISD: Elementary schools almost 1:15 p.m., schools averages about 2:15 p.m., the high school about 14 hours every campus and support buildings closed on Friday. All school activities canceled.
* Goose Creek CISD: Students will be released two hours earlier. All after school activities canceled.
* Hitchcock ISD: Kids First Head Start closes at 11 o’clock; Crosby Middle School closes at 11:50; Hitchcock High School closes at 12 o’clock at; Stewart Elementary School, Hitchcock nearby elementary school to 1:00 p.m.
* Houston ISD: All sports activities and trips, after school and trips planned for Thursday and Friday were canceled. All classes canceled Friday.
* Huffman ISD: All sports and extracurricular undone.
* Humble ISD: all after school activities canceled.
* Katy ISD: all after school activities canceled.
* Lamar Consolidated ISD: Elementary schools will close at 24:45; Schools East 11:20; Junior High and High School at 11:30 am All activities after school were also canceled.
* La Porte ISD: La Porte ISD students leave the school two hours earlier. School dismissal times will be as follows: Primary schools: 13 hours 10; Baker sixth grade campus: 14 hours, Junior High Schools: 1:45 pm, La Porte high school: 12.30 De Walt School: 12:20 am
* All schools Needville ISD to lay off 13 hours all after school activities canceled.
* New Caney ISD: All non-district sports activities canceled for Thursday and Friday night. Outdoor practices should be concluded by 17 pm on Thursday.
* Onalaska ISD: After-school activities scheduled for Thursday, Friday canceled. Classes canceled Friday.
* Santa Fe ISD: Grades 5-12 distributed to 13 hours pre-K classes for 4 to 14 hours broadcast All-school activities canceled Thursday and Friday. All classes canceled Friday.
* Sheldon ISD: all after-school and evening activities canceled.
* South Texas College of Law: Closes at noon Thursday. All classes canceled Friday.
* Spring Branch ISD: All extracurricular activities are canceled.
* Stafford MSD: Pre-K students kingergarten to 10:45, students in grades 1-6, 11:30 to middle and high school at 12:30 pm All after school activities for Thursday and Friday were canceled.
* Texas City ISD: All after school activities canceled.
* Texas Woman’s University – Institute of Health Sciences Center – Houston: Closes at noon Thursday. School of Management classes scheduled for Saturday canceled.
* University of Phoenix: All classes canceled Thursday, postponed to Saturday 9 am. Administrative offices open until noon.
* University of St. Thomas: Campus closes at 12:30 p.m. All classes canceled Friday.
* Texas in Galveston & AM: after 17 hours, all classes are canceled; food services close at 6 pm Campus closed on Friday, the dining services at 9 are
* Texas Southern University: Campus closes at 2:00 p.m. All classes canceled Friday.
* Wharton ISD Wharton ISD All students will be released Thursday at noon. All extracurricular events for Thursday evening were canceled.

Friday school closings

The following schools will be closed on Friday (February 4, 2011):

Alief ISD *: All classes, extracurricular activities canceled. Make-up date set for February 21.
* Anahuac ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Brazosport ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Columbia Brazoria ISD: all classes, extracurricular activities canceled. Extracurricular activities planned before Saturday noon canceled.
* Cypress-Fairbanks ISD: All campuses closed Friday.
* Damon ISD: all classes are canceled. Make-up day scheduled for April 22.
Deer Park ISD *: All classes, extracurricular activities canceled.
* Galveston ISD: All campuses and support buildings closed on Friday. All school activities canceled.
* Hardin ISD: all classes are canceled.
* Houston ISD: all classes are canceled and all offices closed. All sporting events and travel, trips and extracurricular activities in the field of cancellation.
* Onalaska ISD: All classes, after school activities canceled.
* Santa Fe ISD: All classes Friday after-school activities canceled.
* South Texas College of Law: All classes canceled Friday.
* University of St. Thomas: All classes canceled Friday.
* Texas A & M University at Galveston: Campus closed all day. Dining services at 9 is
* Texas Southern University: All classes are canceled.

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Channel 13 Houston

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Channel 13 Houston, More Galveston County 500 runners race through the streets of Houston this morning at Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon. The race is the biggest sporting event in Houston one day, with a field of 22,000 participants. Many participants in the county formed part of a group of formal training. One of the best known and most important locally, is the U.S. program Fit, which has branches in Galveston County to the north and in the Houston area.”I really enjoy training with a group,” Galvestonian Kelly Porter, a member of the Galveston Fit, said. “The group operates together once a week, and group will hold you accountable and keep it fun. “

Wear group began training in June in order to run the half marathon last dam in November. “I just carried over from there and have kept the mileage,” she said. “The training group has made a huge difference,” half-marathon McGonigel Beth said. “While I am engaged with them in June, I’ve never really had any training or coaching. I just put in miles. In doing exercises and drills speed hill, I saw a substantial improvement in my time. ”

To adapt exercises hill to flat terrain of Galveston, the group operates once a week by a local garage.

Texas Gulf Coast Running Club is also commissioning a contingent of runners in the marathon and half marathon.

“We have a little race in Houston, but it is not our only concern,” the group organizer Angie Binetti said. “Our group is very dynamic, and we’re off to a great number of events. We still have fun and love for running, whether in Houston or elsewhere. ”

Many club members are triathletes. Mike Diaz noted that the multi-sport training served them well in preparation for the marathon.

“Doing triathlons also helps the mental aspect of training and operation of long distances,” he said.

Binetti and her husband, Frank, are ready for the marathon today, whatever the weather.

“They are forecasting rain, but it’s OK for me. If it rains, it will keep me cool. ”

Tiki Island resident Kim Small is also ready for whatever weather comes its way.

“I’m ready for the rain with a poncho and layers of clothing peel-off,” she said. “I prefer the rain to wait until after we start. This way, you’re engaged and you simply continue. ”

His preparation for the race began much earlier.

“I had a good massage for my legs relaxed and I try to drink all my water yesterday, and not so much on race day,” she said.

Chevron Houston Marathon will be broadcast live 7:00 to 10:00 this morning on ABC Channel 13. The station will broadcast a summary of the race to 10:35 p.m.

Seeing the snow falling in the Bayou City is a rare event, but there’s a chance it could happen this week.

11 News Meteorologist Mario Gomez said an explosion would blow the Arctic in the city on Tuesday, bringing with it some rain and a significant drop in temperatures.

How serious? We’re talking about a dip of 30 degrees in a few hours. Gomez said that we’ll start the day Tuesday in the 60s, but mercury accumulates in mid-to upper 30s in the evening.

“This will be a drastic change really,” said Gomez.

The National Weather Service issued a Freeze Watch hard to the Houston area early Tuesday night to Wednesday morning, when interim expected to fall below 25 degrees.

Time above can not get out of the 30s on Wednesday and Thursday, and lows will be in the 20s through Saturday.

But the chance for snow will not slide in the forecast until late Thursday.

Gomez said that the Arctic air would always be in the area when moving storm level in Thursday night to Friday morning – a formula that could produce snow.

Specifically, there will be a 20 percent chance for snow flurries Thursday night, more than a 40 percent chance on Friday morning.

Even if the snowfalls, well, Gomez said a significant accumulation is unlikely.

“It is an assessment on a daily basis. There is a possibility that we could see measurable snow, but probably not, “he said.” We see only a few days a year where we have opportunities, but it is one of between them. ”

Gomez said the frigid weather should warm up a bit as the weekend winds down, with highs in the 50s and 60s on Saturday and Sunday.