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KPRC, Houston-area lawmakers said they are demanding answers from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) after rolling power outages left some 400,000 Texans in the dark for varying periods on Wednesday, Local 2 Investigates reported.

“It’s no secret that winter comes around once a year,” said Sen. Mike Jackson State. He said ERCOT should have better planning and procedures in place to ensure that Texans are not shy in the future. He and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said frozen water pipes burst in two power plants the Dallas area, causing the entire plant to close, which they say has contributed to the blackout that affected families by state.

Jackson said the security systems in these plants have led to entire plants to close when the pipes burst.

Dewhurst said the natural gas plants that were forced off-line were the oak and plants Sand Hill in north Texas.

Dewhurst told the power applied to the Texas ERCOT grid was nowhere near peak capacity. He said that other natural gas plants were supposed to provide relief, but the cold caused low pressure in supply lines so that these safeguards have been unable to kick in.

State Senator Tommy Williams, however, said the industry has failed to deliver on a promise to increase its production capacity of electricity. He told Local 2 investigation of the industry pledged to expand its production capacity when electricity was deregulated in Texas, but the events of Wednesday driving to doubt it.

Williams, who serves in national affairs and Senate finance committees, noted that most of its voters living east of the ERCOT grid, and these areas had absolutely no problem power outage Wednesday.

Governor Rick Perry said the unprecedented demand on the energy grid of the state caused a power outage. In a statement, he urged everyone to reduce energy consumption.

However, Jackson said he would push for answers to ERCOT because, “We need a better system to ensure that this does not happen again.”

As a member of the Senate Natural Resources and works councils and trade, both of which have oversight over the energy sector, Jackson said: “We’ll get into the (ERCOT)” because he said they called for more to be loaded into the grid and they could not get it.

ERCOT does not produce electricity in Texas, but he manages the flow of power that other production companies truly electric.

Jackson said that since the summer months are the peak periods, maintenance is often scheduled at plants in electricity production during the winter months, which could also cause problems in the future, given failures Wednesday.

Some viewers posted messages on Facebook theKPRC page indicating that their diet was cut several times, while others have never had their power interrupted at all.

Spring School District was forced to send students home early because of the blackout, and the Harris County Jail visits canceled for the day because the visitor’s elevators will not work if power is cut.

Houston Transtar urged drivers to exercise caution throughout the day from outages affected some traffic lights and warning signals.

The Houston office of Emergency Management has issued a notice 14 hours after he was informed that more cuts were ordered by ERCOT, if the power was expected to resume uninterrupted.



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Abc13, (KTRK) – For more than nine months, we followed the story of Chad Holley; a teenager who said police beat him during an arrest.
Four officers were charged with crimes for the fight, and now for the first time in this exclusive abc13, we can see the video.

Every police officer on patrol in this story has been told that the video is on. The mayor will not let you see it – or the district attorney or police chief.

We’ve all been told that the graphic representation and disturbing, and we remind you that, as we show the video so many Houstonians wanted to see.

It was an afternoon in March when a security camera captures the end of a Houston police chase. Chad Holley theft cons trying to make a run for it, but it is cut by a police car and fell to the ground. He clearly puts his arms in surrender pose then folds his arms before police move in

The first officer trample on the heads of Holley and he repeatedly kicked. We counted four officers to make the kicks.

Then, a land agent five shots on goal. It seems that the kicks are landing on the head of Holley.

Holley was on the ground with the cops on top of him for about 20 seconds and then an agent for five punches the heavy soils.

The officer who made the kick to start there again – this time from behind. Then he stomps on the back of his leg.

And then, just before Holley is captured to be taken to a patrol car, there’s another lick.

But now we go public with this video – months after the District Attorney, the police chief and the mayor has refused to let you see.

“I had the band legally if you sit back and watch your television tonight, as everybody in this town because we all see what happens,” community activist Quanell X said.

Quanell X had been sued by one of the cops in the case Holley. A judge granted him the right to obtain the tape and we gave it. A few minutes after we made our copy, the federal judge who blocked the publication of this band before was on the phone to try to stop its spread. It was too late.

“Absolutely, it is a powerful tape, and it is a shame because the band you see police officers there at the scene behave like criminals – not police officers who respect and honor their obligations to the badge, and I can you tell when the people in the hood, see, they’ll be angry too, and now it is time to emerge, “said Quanell X.

Four police officers in Houston have been indicted for what is seen on the video but on misdemeanor charges of official oppression – no aggression.

“I want to know how the hell did they do what they did to that boy on that video and they have only charged with official oppression,” Quanell X said.

Twelve officers have been punished as a result of the case Holley, but many have been given their jobs against the will of the city.
Houston Police Officer Union Executive Director Mark Clark:

“We have thousands of agents who do a great job every day and they are not involved in this field. The police do the best job they can do. This is a case that has been sorted. This is serious and is a reflection on the department. We must let the system work. There are 4 people who have been charged and we have no comment on that until that is it resolved in the courts. ”

Annise Parker Mayor:

“I was shocked and disgusted when I saw this band. My feelings have not changed. This is not acceptable in Houston. The city of Houston has fully supported the district attorney’s willingness to keep this video to be released before trial because we do nothing that might jeopardize the prosecution of officers involved. We have vigorously sought to terminate the officers and continue to fight to prevent them from ever working again in the Houston Police Department.

Whoever provided the video on channel 13 is in violation of a federal court order and should be pursued. It is unfortunate and irresponsible that Channel 13 has decided to release the material at this time. ”

Charles Houston Police Chief McClelland Jr.

“I’ve been disciplined and will not have any other comments until the case is tried and or appeal.”