What’s popular in America?

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What's popular in America?What’s popular in America?, A few of our favorite things

Americans have no problem picking favorites. From rants on Facebook to “American Idol” voting, we know what we love and hate, and we’ll tell anyone who wants to listen. As a result, it’s pretty easy for researchers to get a good idea of the things America goes for….

Popularity is a funny thing. Fads pop in and out of style, but some of our biggest treasures are those that have survived the test of time. Consistency, quality and longevity are the keys to our hearts.

Most popular person in America

It’s hard to stay in the public’s good graces. Just ask Tiger Woods or Charlie Sheen.

But many models have truly stood the test of time to become the most popular people in America….

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are in the top five, showing that while recent presidents get mixed reviews, the ones who helped shape our country are adored. Jesus is also one of the most beloved figures in America, of course.

Only one sports figure made it into the top five, as measured by polling firm Public Policy Polling. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers led his team to a spectacular season, and was rewarded by becoming a favorite of Americans.

Most popular smartphone

It’s hard to stay a favorite in the fast-changing world of smartphones. The BlackBerry line by Research In Motion (RIMM) has plunged in popularity over the last couple of years, while phones running on Google’s (GOOG) Android platform have surged….

Users of Apple (AAPL) iPhones swear their devices are better than chocolate, rainbows and puppies — combined. And the EVO 4G from HTC has won rave reviews for its two cameras, decent 4G connection speeds and crystal-clear screen.

Users also gush over the sleek Motorola Droid 3, with its slide-out keyboard, as well as the social networking powerhouse Samsung Intensity II.

But the most popular smartphone in America comes down to the iPhone or the HTC EVO 4G.

Most popular stock

You can use several standards for most popular stock, but let’s consult hedge funds, which often invest big bucks for large institutions, such as university endowments, pension funds and foundations. Hedge-fund managers are paid extremely well and must be absolutely on top of their game….

It’s a little surprising, then, that the most popular stock picks at these funds are the same ones the average investor might pick. They are well-known names with strong businesses built to survive recessions.

The fundies love three technology companies in particular: Microsoft (MSFT) (see financial performance), Google (GOOG) (see financial performance) and Apple (AAPL) (see financial performance). (Microsoft owns and publishes MSN Money.)

They’re also highly invested in one pharmaceutical company: Pfizer (PFE), which makes the popular Lipitor, Zithromax and Viagra drugs. And while many investors are staying far away from banks, hedge funds favor JPMorgan Chase (JPM).

Most popular pizza topping

We take our pizza seriously. Every man, woman and child in America eats an average of 46 slices a year, according to the Agriculture Council of America.

But not many of those slices have anchovies. That’s the least-favorite pizza topping of them all….

What we do like are the basics. Pepperoni. Cheese. Tomato. Onions and mushrooms are also in the top five, according to a survey of some 235 pizza joints by Technomic’s MenuMonitor.

Most popular summer vacation spot

Now that the holidays are over, doesn’t it seem like summer vacation should be here already? Baseball games, bike rides and fruity drinks can’t arrive fast enough.

Americans love to visit big cities during summer break. People flock to Chicago in the summer, lured by the city’s great shopping and stunning architecture….

And who can resist a good deep-dish pizza or a hot dog with all the trimmings?

Don’t forget the siren call of Orlando when temperatures rise. The city (and its surrounding area) is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and a number of other theme parks. Rounding out the top five cities based on hotel occupancy are New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Most popular dog

Americans love their dogs. There are an estimated 78 million pooches in America, and 39% of U.S. households own at least one.

Different cities have their own preferred breeds, however. Boston and Los Angeles are fans of the bulldog. Detroit likes the Rottweiler, and Honolulu favors the shiba inu….

But nationwide, the most popular pups are the friendly, happy breeds that get along well with children and other animals. That means the retrievers — golden and Labrador — are particularly loved. And the loyal, intelligent German shepherd ranks in the top five as well, according to the American Kennel Club. The Yorkshire terrier and beagle are also favorites.

In the end, two breeds topped the list: The Labrador retriever and the German shepherd.

Most popular celebrity

It seems like we’re up on celebrities’ every move, thanks to the always-there paparazzi and the spread of gossip sites. We know more than we ever wanted to about Britney Spears’ parenting skills, Mel Gibson’s tirades and Ashton Kutcher’s private life….

As a result, it’s tough for many stars to maintain the public image that icons of the past so carefully crafted. But a few celebrities have won our affection over the years, mainly by being extraordinarily talented and rising above the Hollywood scene.

We love the handsome intelligence of Denzel Washington, the down-to-earth allure of Sandra Bullock and the timeless effervescence of Betty White. Rounding out the top five are Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks, two masters of their craft.

Most popular state

Excluding your current state, which state would you most like to live in? Polling company Harris Interactive asked Americans that question in October and, not surprisingly, the balmy regions with beautiful beaches topped the list….

California and Hawaii were favorites — too bad it costs a fortune to live in either place. Florida, a favorite of retirees, came in third, with its beautiful coastlines and low tax rates. Texas and Colorado rounded out the top five.

By the way, Harris also asked which city was least desirable to live in. The top answer was New York City, followed by Detroit and Los Angeles.

From left: Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant; Five Guys Burgers and Fries / © M. Spencer Green/AP; Richard Levine/Alamy
Most popular fast-food chain

Let’s just get one thing out of the way. McDonald’s (MCD), the largest fast-food chain in the country, doesn’t even make the top five here. You won’t see Burger King or Taco Bell on Zagat’s list, either….

But a company that McDonald’s was once a huge investor in — Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) — came in third. Chipotle is one of several chains on the list that focus on fresh ingredients and good quality, a combination that Americans can’t seem to get enough of.

Chick-fil-A (try one near you) and In-N-Out Burger were also in the top five. Both are rising in popularity as they expand to more parts of the country.

Two chains vied for the title of most popular. Five Guys (find a location near you) has been nothing short of a phenomenon, drawing packed crowds wherever it opens. And Panera Bread (PNRA) has become one of the fastest-growing chains in the country.

Most popular prescription drug

Prescription drug use is skyrocketing. In any given month from 2005 to 2008, about 47.2% of Americans used a prescription drug, according to government statistics. That’s up from 39.1% in the period from 1988 to 1994….

But times are changing for the pharmaceutical industry. Last year, for the first time, the 10 most popular prescription drugs were generics, according to IMS Health.

And they aren’t all painkillers, believe it or not. The only painkiller on the list of the top five drugs is hydrocodone (Vicodin).

Doctors also love to prescribe the cholesterol drug simvastatin (Zocor). Two others on the list are used to treat high blood pressure and related ailments: lisinopril (Prinivil) and amlodipine besylate (Norvasc). And then there’s levothyroxine sodium (Synthroid) for hypothyroidism.
Most popular job

Ah, if only there were more openings for chocolate tasters, waterslide testers or Victoria’s Secret photographers. Unfortunately, those jobs are few and far between….

The most popular positions in America involve interacting with people, usually customers or patients.

Cashiers at supermarkets, gas stations and other stores are among the most common jobs, as is the related position of retail salesperson. And there’s always a need for office clerks and food preparation or food service workers.

One job that is in increasingly high demand is a registered nurse. The number of nurses 23 to 26 years old hit 165,000 in 2009, up from 102,000 seven years earlier, The Los Angeles Times reports.

Most popular dessert

Dessert choices in America keep getting more interesting and complex. Take the chai latte cupcakes at Sprinkles Cupcakes, for example, or the lemoncello cream torte at The Cheesecake Factory….

But even with all the options, dessert eaters tend to stick with the basics. Chocolate cake (check out these recipes) is a timeless winner, and chefs keep it popular with dozens of delicious variations. The same goes for apple pie (make your own). And Americans love to top desserts with ice cream or enjoy a scoop all by itself.

Also in the top five are Jell-O, made by Kraft Foods, and cheesecake. Are you drooling yet?

Google Logo Today

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Google Logo Today, Up on the Housetop was chosen as the new Google Doodle. Google has selected 17 portraits vacation around the world. Each stage creates a set together to paint an overall reconciliation of the logo. What a great way to start the Christmas season! Up on the Housetop have been my favorite holiday portraits! Google launched the holiday season with this new doodle; this is how you’ll celebrate Christmas this year with your family? Creating holiday card this year fell on the wire. The design took five artists from about 250 hours. It will be opened by hundreds of millions of people. You’re on the list. Mr. Lopez is in charge of what Google Inc. calls its “Scribbles,” illustrations that adorn some logo search engine in the U.S. and abroad. Doodles appear throughout the year to commemorate holidays, touchstones of pop culture, landmarks and civic achievements of science. The holiday doodle-one of his most ambitious yet, will get on its home page Thursday morning at 9 am Eastern Time. It will remain on site for 2 ½ days.

“We want to finish the year with a bang,” said Lopez, whose title is chief doodler. For Google, the goal is to restore its image and to engage the legions of people who make more than one billion searches per day, without offending one of them. Google believes it has created over 900 doodles since 1998, with 270 of them running in 2010. Some seem global, and others are adapted to local markets outside the United States, such as Kenya Independence Day. In the past, doodles vacation used gift bows and snowmen to celebrate the season. But since he became leader 18 months ago doodler, Mr. Lopez, 30-year-old has raised the stakes in a creative and technology. This year marked the first video doodle, doodle doodle video games and hologram.

On what would have been the 70th birthday of John Lennon in October, the former Beatle’s glasses were the “bones”, and clicking on the logo has launched a 30-second video with “Imagine” soundtrack. Concept of Mr. Lopez is a doodle for the Google logo representation through 17 interactive scenes portraits vacation around the world. For months, Mr. Lopez had planned unveiling it in stages over three days, ending on Christmas Day.

But when leaders and other Google has seen nearly completed last week doodle, they made an important change: doodle all need to go to an online ad. Suddenly, after working for six months, Mr. Lopez and his team were at the end of the race. Discussions on the doodle holiday began in July. Mr. Lopez met with his team of four artists, including a young graduate Rhode Island School of Design and illustrator of children’s books. They hit around some ideas, and then decided the pictures of the celebrations should focus on food, dance, architecture and textiles.

Up On The Housetop

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Up On The Housetop, Santa skidded to a stop at Spring Valley Community Center Sunday, December 12, after a snowstorm that dirty snow piled more than even his reindeer can navigate – but worth the trip, because 5-year, Josie was a Sanford song for him, as did Cassie Jones, and he certainly was not a lack of cuddles her white curly beard wrinkles.

Josie has been at the forefront with “Up on the Roof,” accompanied by pianist Rita Hartert. Santa liked the jingle and the little ballet she has done for him, and hugs and kisses her gave him, too.

Cassie, 3, was busy helping his mother, Jill, and his father, Todd, True Value Hardware and musicals in exercise of the movie “Annie” – his serenade of “Tomorrow” made his belly shake like a bowl of jelly when he laughed.

Cassie said his Christmas list with great insistence, saying: “I want a lion! He that roars! “His dad sat on Santa’s lap and asked nothing more than a chance to relax after a long day at the hardware store and a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride, if Father Christmas had alternatives.

Cal Kullot, 6, registered his application for anything Star Wars or Legos, and Brooke Lecy, 4, has been very helpful to his mother, picking up her toys after she plays with them. His list includes Barbies, Polly Pocket and “a doll house with a garage.”

Zach Reiland wants the big toys – those big boys, like a pig barn, a tractor with four-wheel drive wagon silage and auger.

Her older sister, Annika, is hoping for a pet Mohawk Zhu Zhu and American Girl doll.

Santa is ready for the trip around the world on Christmas Eve, having rationalized his toy-making and distribution process.

He said: “There is no rush on the toys – we’re just after Christmas and have a good system to predict what will be the neat toys for the coming year we even have suggestions for toys next year, after this Christmas ..”

Although he loves the snow covers the ground, it would also be able to leave his shovel at home instead of having to dig his way to the chimneys on each roof.

“The North Pole is considerably warmer than it is here now, he said, referring to the subzero temperatures that pinched his nose and bit his fingers as he traveled across the sky.

“I could not believe how cold it is here. Despite the cold, the reindeer were just incredible. Comet, Blitzen, Dasher and Donner are always ready when I need it. They were kept tiptop shape, what with feeding high power they have eaten, and they look forward to tasting carrots along the way, so when we came out on Christmas Eve. ”

Plans to Old St. Nick for the night after his race in the sled – he and Mrs. Claus will be relaxing on an island somewhere in the Caribbean and the winter suns their worries, about to prepare for Christmas 2011.

“I tend to be very grateful for Mrs. Claus. What it does is an endless task, keeping me organized, so she is already on my socks and swimwear in pretty shapes and Tootsie Roll my suitcase. We want to take a week off and go where it is warmer, chestnuts roasted on an open fire on the beach. “

Google Pacman

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Google PacmanGoogle Pacman:If you visited Google’s homepage today you may have noticed Pacman logo instead of the usual logo appearing on the Google site. This logo has been placed there to mark the 30th birthday of Pacman, a video game created in 1980.

Google Doodle This is unusual, because if it is interactive. Google has placed a button Insert Coin on the same page. If a user presses the button to start the game.

Pacman can control the cursor as usual. The player must avoid the ghosts and eat all yellow dots.

Some users have experienced an annoying sound Pacman error, which some users to get on every page on your web browser.

The error may be caused by many different things. Clearly that is related to the Google logo Pacman.

A number of Firefox users have experienced the failure of sound, due to the additions installed. Ins that are known to cause problems are fresh and Cooliris Previews.

Most users are experiencing the error sound is likely to be running a similar plugin that is being provided for the Google homepage.

Have you experienced the failure of Pacman sound on the main page of Google? Let us know how you resolved it.

Pac Man 30th Anniversary

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Pac Man 30th Anniversary:Two of the most amazing things of my childhood are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary this weekend: Pacman and Empire Strikes Back. It’s hard to believe it’s been thirty years since Pacman fever reigned, but even harder to believe that this is the weekend I got sick in the cinema because I made my dad take me to see Empire Strikes Back and tell him that there was no flu.

My friends and I played in direct Pacman Atari, and when we were not playing on the Atari, we were in the gallery of local feed quarters into the console. I even raised my daughter on Pacman, and today you can find him with his Game Boy in the corner chewing pellets and chasing ghosts around the maze.

Google celebrates birthday with a special game of Pacman can play right on the search screen, but if you do not want to leave the site and the opening of Google, I embedded a Pacman game you can play right here:

1980 was a year of life shaping, as Empire Strikes hits theaters. Along with the Pacman game, my friends and I played Star Wars, the new film reviving the best possible way it would not be able to see outside the theater for years after its launch. You can often find walking around with cardboard laser guns, me with my hair in cinnamon buns, our Han Solo Chewbacca saying (the neighbor’s dog) to the “laugh up, Fuzzball.”

The world was not like today, but both Pacman and Empire Strikes Back had a huge impact on the youth of yesteryear. Even if they were alive in 1980, you probably have heard and enjoyed so much at some point during the last thirty years.

Take a moment to celebrate today. I mean, come on … Not every day get Han Solo is frozen in carbonite.

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