Baltimore County Public Schools

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Baltimore County Public Schools, A spokesman for Baltimore County Public School District, said all Public Schools Baltimore County will close two hours early today because of the intense heat. The temperature reaches 93-94 degrees, resulting in the school district with a difficult decision to cut school day. All pre-K classes will be closed during the day and evening activities will be in each individual case.

Many schools have no air conditioning in the country. Only about 125 of the 173 schools. Herndon said: “We have a number of our schools are not air conditioned, and classes in particular. The combination of heat and humidity made once distractingly poor conditions in some classes.”

Reduction of the school day is a logistical nightmare. The Baltimore County schools have 70,000 students who travel about 800 bus home. Parents also were alerted this morning to reduce the day. The temperature also is expected to be hot tomorrow, and, finally, cool off in the area on Friday.

Channel 7 News Miami

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Channel 7 News MiamiChannel 7 News Miami, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, even in sports:

Action: Michael Jordan says he never meant to play on the same computer with other superstars of the NBA, as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

Reaction: Jordan is the guy who traded Richard Hamilton and drafted Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison. So could not have known that the superstars to ask. In addition, continued touting Chicago Bulls general manager Jerry Krause to trade for the Tar Heels failed.

A: Magic Johnson also said he never imagined playing with Larry Bird, saying that “the university, I was trying to find ways to overcome it.”

A: Yes, but Magic and Bird were pioneers in making less money for their franchises to bring their senior team mates. LCD (LeBron, Dwyane and Chris) have done the same. People are having trouble getting past distasteful methods of James to fix this. The truth is that it makes sense to basketball. It is not just marketing.

A: Pat Haden became athletic director of the USC with the old school and teammate JK McKay high school football program monitor.

A: As several readers have pointed out, Wednesday’s column was incorrect in stating McKay caught Haden 2-point conversion in the ’75 Rose Bowl. Shelton Diggs was in place.

R: British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen buy a John Deere tractor part of its portfolio.

A: Since the recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday in his acceptance speech, the purchase of champagne to the media the way Tony Lema did in St. Andrews in 1964, defending his commitment to play in Sweden this week , Oosthuizen has shown grace and perspective. And his seven-stroke victory was by far the most dominant of a major tournament since Tiger Woods at the British in 2000. Here’s hoping you can keep track.

R: Oosthuizen hit 83 percent of its leaves for the week and had a 25-putts.

A: The greens of St. Andrews are fat as Nebraska, but Oosthuizen had to hit close to make many putts. If he had flown the 4-shot, 54-hole lead, the media have been recited Van De Velde and jokes from him to the basement of history. Instead, his victory was called “boring” by some of the literati. Bright is never boring.

A: ESPN broadcast throughout the Open Championship for the first time.

A: It’s fun when the boys from Bristol are in uncharted waters. The use of analogies in Boston in case of doubt, comparing St. Andrews at Fenway Park. But residents of St. Andrews were allowed to play golf, by letter, in 1552. Fenway Park opened in 1912. That’s like comparing London with Laguna Niguel.

A: Tiger Woods ends 23 to the British after a 67 Thursday.

A: In the distance, two problems. Woods has lost the habit of 10-footers to save par. That he energized and undermined the opposition. And it seems he is trying too desperately to break so you can change the whole story. Winning has never seemed so hard before.

A: Woods has 14 major championship victories, four behind Jack Nicklaus’ record holder.

A: Tiger turns 35 on December. What once seemed inevitable now only seems likely. He is 0-for-your-past-seven majors. While Charlie Rymer on The Golf Channel said, a player may have more or less to enter the Hall of Fame if you win four majors. Or Ernie Els or Vijay has done singing. “So Tiger will have to have a career of Hall of Fame from now to catch Nicklaus,” said Rymer.

A: Ducks sign Danny Syvret, a defense that was Corey Perry teammates in juniors.

A: One day we will get answers to Bobby Ryan and Teemu Selanne, but the ducks probably exhausted the possibilities of signing Andy Sutton first. Sutton, a free agent who was with the Islanders and Ottawa last year, has 35 years, but also 6-6 and 245 pounds-feet.

R: Ilya Kovalchuk, 17, and 102 million with New Jersey, is rejected by the NHL.

A: The Kings re-re-re-enter the auction kovy? According to Craig Custance of The Sporting News magazine, its bid was stopped in 15 years, and 80 million euros.

A: Toronto general manager Brian Burke said defender Tomas Kaberle is available for bid.

A: The offer is a higher duty-6 production forward and if the ducks could offer one that is not named Ryan, who could do some business.

A: The end of Ottawa, Mike Fisher is married to country star Carrie Underwood.

A: Now, if you want to sign a contract for 17 years, the NHL has no problem. Some would say that this was the best free-agent acquisition this summer.