Baltimore County Public Schools

September 1, 2010 by · Comments Off on Baltimore County Public Schools 

Baltimore County Public Schools, A spokesman for Baltimore County Public School District, said all Public Schools Baltimore County will close two hours early today because of the intense heat. The temperature reaches 93-94 degrees, resulting in the school district with a difficult decision to cut school day. All pre-K classes will be closed during the day and evening activities will be in each individual case.

Many schools have no air conditioning in the country. Only about 125 of the 173 schools. Herndon said: “We have a number of our schools are not air conditioned, and classes in particular. The combination of heat and humidity made once distractingly poor conditions in some classes.”

Reduction of the school day is a logistical nightmare. The Baltimore County schools have 70,000 students who travel about 800 bus home. Parents also were alerted this morning to reduce the day. The temperature also is expected to be hot tomorrow, and, finally, cool off in the area on Friday.