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Wbal Weather, (AP) – Flames from a townhouse are Baltimore early Tuesday, killing three children and three adults and the flames spread to three neighboring houses, a fire official said.

Firefighters were called to the scene around 04:45 AM and found a brick house with two floors on fire, spokesman for the Baltimore Fire Department Kevin Cartwright said. Firefighters initially attacked the flames from the inside, but wind gusts intensified the fire and forced them to retreat, “said Cartwright. Wind gusts in the area at the time were between 30-40 mph, the National Weather Service reported.

Cartwright said once firefighters to extinguish the fire; they searched the house and found the victims. He did not know their age or identity, but neighbors said the victims were an elderly couple, their granddaughter and her three children.

A few hours after the fire, Karen Lane stood outside the house next to his mother. Her parents’ house next to it was one of those damaged, but Lane’s mother and father escaped unharmed.

“God thank you, they came out alive,” Lane said.

Richard and Eleanor Satterfield lived in the house where the fire was reported with their granddaughter, tiara, and her three children, Lane said.

Charles Voisin Giddins said Satterfield had nice neighbors.

“She had just retired to work on the child care program,” said Giddins. “All it would do is sit on the porch in the morning and feed the birds, and watch his grandchildren.”

Shirley Braxton, who lives in a house damaged by fire, said her daughter opened the door and shouted that the house of their neighbors was on fire, The Baltimore Sun reported.

“I said, ‘Get my little son.” Y’all just come out of the house, “Braxton said.” The only thing I thought was just released. ”

Fire investigators and fire detectives were working to determine the cause of the fire. The victims were reportedly killed by smoke inhalation, although the Office of the State Medical Examiner will make the final decision, “said Cartwright. He did not know if the house had smoke alarms.

Fire Tuesday was one of the deadliest in Baltimore in recent years. In January, four people were killed in a fire, and May 2007, a townhouse shot killed eight in eastern Baltimore.

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Wgal Weather

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Wgal, With each passing day, the nation faces over the winter storms and snow. With snow falling and rising expectations of cold weather in the coming days, people are looking for ways to get updates on road conditions, weather and news on the closure of schools and roads. WGAL news channels and that focus on local news only, are the most watched television channels, as they provide updates on weather conditions and roads.

Lancaster WGAL Channel is a licensed local news for the South Central Pennsylvania. It is affiliated with NBC. WGAL has a long history of excellent broadcasting services for local residents. It was founded in March 1949 and was the fourth television channel of Pennsylvania at the time of its founding. The channel broadcasts its program color for the first time in 1954 and the first color TV program was the coverage of the Rose Parade. Although WGAL has always been affiliated with NBC, which broadcasts some programs

channels such as CBS, ABC, and Dumon until 1963. WGAL was owned by the Steinman family owns some news channels and newspapers as well. The family sold the channel Steinman Pulitzer in 1978 and the new owner brought many changes in the structure of the channel program. Under the ownership of Pulitzer, WGAL became the first state channel, which broadcasts in stereo. In its 50th year, the channel was sold to Hearst-Argyle Television.

WGAL is the state television in which he gives 21 hours of local news each week. WGAL has been ranked in the top lists of television channels in the United States. WGAL has its own weather radar.

Harford County Public Schools

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Harford County Public Schools, Harford and Baltimore schools have reacted to the heavy rain and weather conditions in the area closures and delays. Public Schools announced that Harford County Havre de Grace Elementary School closed early at 9:40 am “due to deteriorating weather conditions”.

Now we know that all schools will close at 11 am, noon middle schools and primary schools at 1pm.

The closure of schools after the announcement of the closure of roads by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

Bad weather, which brought together 2 to 4 inches of rain during the night was caused by Tropical Storm Nicole, and more rain is expected today.

Baltimore County Public Schools

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Baltimore County Public Schools, A spokesman for Baltimore County Public School District, said all Public Schools Baltimore County will close two hours early today because of the intense heat. The temperature reaches 93-94 degrees, resulting in the school district with a difficult decision to cut school day. All pre-K classes will be closed during the day and evening activities will be in each individual case.

Many schools have no air conditioning in the country. Only about 125 of the 173 schools. Herndon said: “We have a number of our schools are not air conditioned, and classes in particular. The combination of heat and humidity made once distractingly poor conditions in some classes.”

Reduction of the school day is a logistical nightmare. The Baltimore County schools have 70,000 students who travel about 800 bus home. Parents also were alerted this morning to reduce the day. The temperature also is expected to be hot tomorrow, and, finally, cool off in the area on Friday.