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Waff Weather, (AP) – Authorities say a second victim has died following a fatal shooting in a strip mall in Sacramento. Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran said Wednesday 20-years Marvion Barksdale died after being taken to hospital with a chest wound. Monique Nelson also died when she was caught in a gunfight that erupted on Tuesday when at least one man walked into a hairdresser and started shooting. Curran said that 30 years, Nelson had just tied his 2 year old son in his car seat when she was hit in the chest and killed in the shooting spread through the parking lot. Five other men were injured in the shooting and are expected to survive. Authorities are still investigating and say they have no motive for the shooting.

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Weather Richmond Va

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Weather Richmond Va, Glen Allen-based The Wright Scoop – consultant, lecturer, writer & Sylvia Wright Hoehn, nationally known writer and eco-specialist help, to give all the challenges the eco-chic gifts and home the plow.

Eco-chic – The gift of the plow and the home:
As the holidays approach, do you see the gift choices? For many, the focus is “hearth and home, but in terms of eco-chic, an outbreak of” plow and the home “is more appropriate. For, too often, last minute gifts fashion are purchased, most people see as something nice, but unnecessary. “Thus, instead of what type of gift,” says eco-chic specialist Sylvia Wright, “Over the years, I have examples given half a day to rake the yard an old friend, plant bulbs or begin the process of pruning, in others other words, focus on “cart” in my holiday gift giving.”

There are options giving “green living” from which many to choose from: an arrangement seasonal crafts or decorating, bulb beds, raking debris from the garden, lime and fertilize areas grasslands, creating a site for a spring planting or thinning conifers crowded. And, if no choice is available outside, consider creating a garden featuring flowering bulbs forced to identify or access to education and to make two reservations: one for you and one for a friend. In fact, if you are proactive, a gift can be sharing of the premium in your garden. Marinades, jams and jellies are relatively easy to do.

On the other hand, if you can give a gift directly from your garden or kitchen, please buy local options such as those provided by Virginia-based retailer plow and hearth, “In the front columns and articles,” Wright said “I asked readers to ‘plug in’, to acquire a weather station, such as those provided by the wind and weather” Because now it a donation is available picturesque option, a ‘my first weather station, “Wright advocates the expansion of the problem children.”

For readers and / or hands on “gardeners of the landscape on the gift giving list, specifically honored in December as” national new book to read one month “to acquire copies of the book by Wright From Eco-weak for Eco-chic: green landscape http,: / /, a unique working style book that provides guidelines step by step to create an eco-chic – the ultimate green – landscaping garden /.

“In the spirit of the holiday season,” Wright said, “joins me in a quest for the life of green garden is a scoop at a time. Give gifts that reflect the eco-chic, plow and hearth. ”

From Eco-weak to Eco-chic, green landscape of America:
As the recipient of “America Turning Eco-weak to Eco-Chic” prize sponsored by Project Evergreen Garden Center magazine today and Hines Horticulture, Wright encourages everyone to create landscapes from a perspective sustainable, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and to feed their families produce pesticide free. “The challenge,” said Wright, “for today’s communities is to create a landscape point of eco chic-view, a “waste not, want not” ecological commitment to become guardians of the environmental community.”

Recommended by Virginia Home Grown WCVE Richmond PBS TV, state by state gardening magazines and magazine Birds & Flowers for her hands on eco-activities, Wright is a contributing writer for industry magazines and newspapers and blogs build on Green TV. Details of his books are available to Sylvia Wright’s Storefront – and activities website. Contact or monitor the activities of Wright in the facebook group The Wright Scoop or twitter ID WrightScoop.