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Aerosmith Songs, Replacement on “American Idol.” It’s funny, it’s unpredictable, he drops F-bombs, and he’ll probably get slapped with a sexual harassment suit before we meet the Top 12, but we love it. (Indeed, if Donald Trump can get away with goose bumps, so can Tyler – Tyler is at least endearing about it.)

In celebration of our new favorite judge – who, incidentally, is still looking pretty good for a 62-years with a rather colorful past – we thought to review some previous Tyler / fun digging up some past Idol performance of Aerosmith’s greatest hits.
First, there is glam-up version of Adam Lambert “Cryin ‘” from Season 8 – with its riffs and screams; he gave Tyler a run for his money. Lambert, who came second after Kris Allen in his season, has received a lot of love to the introduction of the first season 10. Allen, however, was not found. Hmm.
Aerosmith will start recording their next album this weekend, as the lead singer Steven Tyler.

Speaking to reporters at a recent conference call, the singer said he expects to succeed in balancing its commitment to Aerosmith concert with his new American Idol judge.

“We’re already booked for a tour from November to December, which should be in South America and Japan, if what you hear in the press Aerosmith get in the way of American Idol, it is not, “he said.

The 62-year-old added that he and his associates will meet in Los Angeles later this week to begin recording their first album since 2004 from Honkin ‘On Bobo.

“We certainly have been written. I know that s [guitarist] Joe [Perry] got some shots, and I got a bunch of songs I wrote for solo and / or Aerosmith, he said.

Tyler will start a “writing program with the group” working on new songs this Saturday.

Aerosmith have released 14 studio albums since the band began recording in 1973.

Steven Tyler

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Steven Tyler, A highlight was the appearance, via Skype, the season-eight champion Kris Allen, who said hello with his dog Zorro and offered his thoughts on the new judges.

“I thought they were good. I thought “Steven Tyler”était evidently the most interesting,” Allen said. “I thought it would be a wacky kind of guy, and I mean, you can not feel anger against him for singing [long] all the time – it was freakin ‘Steven Tyler”J ‘I thought it was great! I really do. “

When asked how Tyler and Lopez was able to influence his testimony, had they been judges for the season to win Allen, 25, said he hoped that the Aerosmith frontman has reportedly joined in his hearing as he did the episode on Wednesday.

“This [was] awesome,” Allen said. “It’s probably a little different to sing for someone like Jennifer Lopez and” Steven Tyler,”because they have been in the industry for so long and you’ve been seeing them do it forever, so it would probably be weird. ”

Overall, Allen said viewing experience of the evening – he shares with his wife, Katy, and a couple of friends – was a good time.

“It was fun,” he said. “It was not hallucinating or anything. I thought there were some good singers. I thought there was some funny stuff, and I thought “Steven Tyler”a been great,” he said, adding that his dog, Zorro, definitely liked J. Lo best.

Wednesday Season 10 first began with the sound of a beating heart (because it’s that exciting, of course) the value of a montage of outlets in various news reports changeups to come on the “Idol “before. Then there are plans to scan a crowd wild with women weep as new judges “Tyler’’ET Steven J. Lo have been announced.

After the obligatory introductory packages with judges Randy Jackson, Steven and Jennifer, the evening began with a bang when Steven presented his first criticism of the night in the form of a poem….

“Well, hell fire, except games, f ** ka duck and see what hatches,” the Aerosmith frontman said after a country’s performance earwig by a blond man with no name.

“F ** k a duck”? If this is any indication of how the 10 seasons will play out, I stopped.

After the teaser above, judges presided Snook and DJ Pauly D’s stomping grounds of their first rounds of auditions in New Jersey.

Steven Tyler

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Steven Tyler, Steven Tyler and former finalist Jennifer Hudson to perform on the 33rd Annual Kennedy Center Honors, which airs tonight (9 pm ET / PT, CBS). Steven is a tribute to Paul McCartney singing a medley of the Beatles, and Jennifer Hudson performs I’m here, the Oprah Winfrey-produced musical The Color Purple.

Constantine Maroulis is a father. The fourth season of American Idol finalist and Angel Reed, who met while appearing in Rock of Ages, welcomed James Malena in the world Thursday night, reports People. She weighed 6 lbs., 11 ounces, measuring 19 inches long.

Joe’s Place blog has a list containing several alleged members of spoiler this season of American Idol Top 10 40. The page also indicates that at least three of those interviewed after hearing their first Nashville made the Top 60.