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WPRI, The Nordet should arrive Tuesday evening to Wednesday, is already responsible for canceling school and daycare, business closures, parking bans statewide, and garbage collection. Like wise, some flights were canceled at TF Green Airport with more likely to be announced that progress is the storm along the coast. Stay tuned for updates on cancellations and delays.
Providence Journal, WPRI and AAA today announced January 11, 2011, a web page dedicated to the cancellation of school, government and businesses, delays and closures. They have joined forces to provide continuous updates all in one place you do not have to go hunting with the notice. It’s not about whether schools will close tomorrow, when they will announce the cancellation of school.

According to the Providence Journal, “Chambers of Commerce around Rhode Island is advising businesses to conditions, he said, and school administrators from Rhode Island will make their decisions about canceling school after a conference call with the afternoon EMA state Tuesday. ”

“The Rhode Island Department of Transportation says it is ready for an intense winter storm, expected to hit the state around 21 am Tuesday. But the storm is expected to be more intense between 4 and 8 hours for a party early Wednesday-morning commute. We recommend if you do not have to drive, do not drive, “said Paul R. Annarummo, director of roads and bridge maintenance for the Department of Transport, at a conference Tuesday morning in front of the new State House. We are ready, but drivers remain at home. ”

As of 1:00 pm, Tuesday, January 11, cancellations began to stream most people think that schools are canceled, but there are many other organizations which are numerous other community activities that will be affected by the snowstorm and imminent.
For example, Meals providences’ has already canceled on Wheels food deliveries on Wednesday. Similarly, Warwick, RI has announced that they canceled garbage collection on Wednesdays. Several religious services around Providence, Rhode Island area have already been canceled in anticipation of the storm as a blizzard that will impact the northeast. Cranston Zoning Board hearing will be postponed because of the storm. Even aside Munroe Dairy milk deliveries to East Providence on Wednesday!

Sources: Providence Journal, WPRI, National Weather Service;

National Weather Service

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National Weather Service, (AP) – The National Weather Service confirmed storm that caused two minor injuries, uprooted trees and damaged buildings in southern Wisconsin was in fact a tornado.

Weather Service forecaster Mark Gehring told reporters in Racine County on Tuesday that the tornado is considered an F1, the lowest possible tornado with winds of about 86 to 105 mph.

Two workers at the Case tractor plant in Mount Pleasant suffered minor injuries when the storm tore through a section of 200-100-foot roof.

WGTD said production at the plant was closed for now.

Information from: WGTD-FM

Racine County Emergency Management has reported a tornado or break down struck the region Sturtevant.

Society event lost some of their homes, many houses are reports of damage and numerous power lines were down. A portion of Highway 11 is closed because of debris.

WEM Regional Director was in contact with Racine County. In addition, WEM Emergency Fire Services Coordinator has been notified due to a request for mutual aid against fire.

There were no other requests for state assistance.

High wind warnings remain in effect for most of the state.

For more information, contact Wisconsin Emergency Management at 608-242-3239.