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WCAX, Vermont Agency of Agriculture is targeting newly introduced McDonald’s Fruit & Oatmeal Maple arguing the development of new lunch menu includes maple flavoring instead of maple syrup in Vermont is known for actual production.

Vermont Maple laws say requires that any product claiming to be a natural product to use real maple syrup maple. According to WCAX News, agriculture officials contacted McDonald’s to inform the company no longer use “maple” in the name of oatmeal.

“We contacted McDonald’s that, they are consistent with the product, because we want to do the right thing, they’re changing the ingredients and labeling, and we hope they do,” said Vt former Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee. “We’ll give them 60 to 90 days, certainly that is appropriate.

The fast food giant responded to WCAX News with the following statement: “McDonald’s Fruit & Oatmeal contains maple oatmeal, diced apples, cranberries, raisins, cream and a proprietary blend of natural flavors of McDonald’s is currently in talks with the State of Vermont. Ensure that we meet all national standards. “


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Wcsh6, Demand is high, supply is low. We hear a lot about the Blood of Maine. But hospitals Maine through about 300 gallons of blood every day. Snowstorm this week, and flu season has prevented people from giving.

Therefore WCSH6 teamed with the Red Cross for blood collection, which established a new record for collecting the most important day ever in Maine. 592 pints. 231 to 361 to Bangor and Portland.

If you were unable to attend the blood drive today, there are many other opportunities to give in January, which is National Blood Donor Month. Dunkin Donuts offers a free pound of coffee to those who give. Call or visit 1-800-RED-CROSS to know when and where you can give.


Steven Spader

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Steven Spader, who was accused of the brutal 2009 murder of Kimberly Cates and an attack on his daughter, was convicted on Tuesday.

Spader was charged and found guilty of first degree murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to murder and robbery and witness tampering, according to the Nashua Telegraph. The Telegraph said the room was all quiet during the reading of the verdict.

Spader and family who attended the reading had no appreciable reaction.

David Cates, Kimberly’s husband, was also present. The Boston Channel, said Cates hopes that in future, the state of New Hampshire can develop programs to identify and help youth problems.

Jurors deliberated for less than two hours before delivering the verdict.

Spader, who just turned 19 years old, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

Wsb Tv

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Wsb Tv, ATLANTA – John Pruitt, a time for Channel 2 Action News, announced his intention to retire at the end of the ‘s office in this year.Pruitt transmission extends over 46 years of incredible historical events. Some of the biggest stories covered include civil rights movement, the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Carter campaigns for governor and presidential inaugurations of Presidents Carter and Clinton, 11 Democratic and Republican conventions, and the consequences of the attack 11, World Trade Center. “It ‘s been a privilege to know our city and state more than four decades of remarkable growth and history-making event,” said John Pruitt. “I am grateful to the viewers who have placed their trust in me over the years, dedicated and talented people I worked with.” “John has an appointment and market confidence in the name of Atlanta for many years,” said Bill Hoffman, vice president and general manager of WSB-TV Channel 2. “His view of the calm and the linear behavior were a couple of features that distinguishes the Atlantis depended. It sa leader in the newsroom. John Pruitt is flat out did the right thing.” “It ‘s been an honor working with John,” said Marian Pittman, news director of Channel 2. “It was a very high standard of excellence in journalism. It is a part of who we are in many aspects of his anchor duties. It sa valuable leader, coach and friend to everyone in the newsroom and you can lose,” he added . I can not wait to spend less time on the news and more time with Andrew and my five, six grandchildren soon, “said Pruitt.” I know next year will be as rewarding for me as the last 46 years have been. “Viewers will see Pruitt on Channel 2 WSB-TV. He continues his role of special rights policy and welcome Treasures Hidden Georgia, as well as participate in community events of the season. “John Pruitt is one of a kind,” said Monica Pearson, the co-anchor on Channel 2 Action News for nearly 20 years. “It sa man who still is not anchored to his chair. S narrator is a reporter at first …. The best example I know of a journalist. I will miss you very much.” Justin farmers, now the “Canal still 2 Action News at 05:00 and 23:00, will be joined by Monica Pearson at 06:00 when retires.Farmer Pruitt joined Jovita Moore at 5 pm, in January this year, and when he fell from Pruitt 23:00 in July, joined Monica Pearson Nightbeat.Farmer Channel 2 Action News, a native of Atlanta, came to Channel 2 June 2008. Since joining the station, went to Arizona in search of protection the border to Brazil for a series on renewable energy, to Cuba to cover the journey to economic development with Governor Perdue, and Washington DC to cover opening. Obama has anchored me the latest news, recent debates moderated by the Governor , a mayor of Atlanta and debate led to coverage of the economy that are struggling in our region. More career for 1965-1967 is John Pruitt served as a lieutenant of infantry in the S. States Army in Seoul, Korea South, and Fort Gordon, Georgia. On his return to Superbike in 1967, John returned to his career as a warning, then increasing the position of weekend anchor. In 1973, even became news.In 18: November 1978 John joined WXIA-TV news the night yet, but in 1994 rejoined WSB to anchor the 6:11 pm news. Juan anchored his last newscast 11 hours of WSB-TV July 7, 2010, ending to 41 years as a news operation anchor.John end of the story has a degree from Davidson College and received many awards for his anchoring and reporting. He has won ten Emmy Awards, including Best Male and Best Documentary anchor, five touch Sigma Delta Chi Award, UPI Award for coverage of the presidential campaign of Jimmy Carter and coverage of a plane crash in northern Georgia, Georgia Public Service Award winner, the father of the year, the speakers Pioneer Award of the School Journalism at the University of Georgia, the Silver Circle Award from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences of the radio, an honorary doctorate of Civil Presbyterian College (2004) and Distinguished Achievement Award for broadcasting free scope Kappa from the University of Georgia, School of Journalism (2006). John is an active volunteer with many groups, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the action of literacy and Adopt-a-Atlanta.John-Gold and his wife, Andrea , have been married for 41 years and have two daughters, Christina and Lisa, and five grandchildren. Pruitt and has two Golden Retrievers.

Zahra Baker Found

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Zahra Baker Found, Police believe they have found the missing 10-year-old mattress in a landfill, and police are reporting that their stepmother Baker Elisa is also cooperating in the investigation. They believe that the mattress had been assigned by their parents at some time in early October and now will undergo further testing.

Police also said they believe Zahra is no longer alive. He spent most of Tuesday looking through piles of compost at home Zahra after finding the mattress, which contained traces of DNA confirmed, but gave no further details.

His stepmother and his father, Adam Baker are in jail, Elisa Baker was charged with obstructing justice after she admitted to writing a ransom note after missing false Zahra and Adam Baker was arrested by the presentation of bad checks value and will not appear before the court.

Although police Adam and Elisa Baker being persons of interest, no one has been charged with killing the girl, and found his body.

Clare Zahra Baker was reported missing on October 9, but no one can claim to have seen the girl after September 25, with the exception of Adam and Elisa Baker.

Police have searched many places but found no trace of Zahra.

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