Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines, (AP) – Southwest Airlines is the overhaul of its frequent flyer program with modifications intended to push customers to buy tickets at higher prices by allowing them to earn bonus flights faster.

Southwest says passengers will be able to redeem points for a flight with no blackout dates. Southwest holders credit card will be able to redeem points for international flights on other airlines.

CEO Gary Kelly said the overhaul will bring “hundreds” of millions of dollars in additional annual revenue within three or four years.

Southwest plans to announce changes on Thursday and start the new program on March 1.

Since its inception in 1987, Southwest Airlines Co. ‘s Rapid Rewards was perhaps the easiest program loyalty in the airline industry. In most cases, customers won a credit for each flight – two for a round trip – and got a free flight with 16 credits. Miles and rates did not matter.

But customers have complained about not being rewarded for long drives, could not win international flights, and credits expired in two years, no matter what. Now, to match other airlines, southwest expand the credits if there is some activity on the account.

The changes will make loyalty program in South-West, is more complicated but also more suited to its best customers – business travelers who pay higher tariffs.

Customers can earn points and six, 10 or 12 for every dollar they spend based on whether they choose the cheapest medium or the highest rate.

For example, Southwest and listed a price for a bottom 94 Feb. 1 flight from Dallas to Baltimore. This wins 564 points (6 times 94). The price of intermediate level was $ 405, which would lead to 4050 points (10 times 405), and high rates of 425 and would be rewarded with 5,100 points.

“We gave customers a reason to pay us more money, Kelly said.” We know we have customers who choose a higher rate because they will get more Rapid Rewards points. ”

When the collection, customers spend 60, 100 or 120 points per dollar according to the fare level. It should be 5640 points to buy that “Want to Get Away” fare on 1 February (60 times 94), but 51,000 points for a “Business Select” trip, which includes equipment, including priority boarding and a free drink.

On many large U.S. airlines, customers receive one point per mile and usually pay 25,000 miles or more for a roundtrip award. Southwest borrowed the approach used by JetBlue Airways and Virgin America, which points based on how much customers spend on tickets.

Southwest does not fly outside the United States, but plans to allow customers to redeem points for international flights under a marketing agreement with Maritz Loyalty. Southwest had few details this week.

Kelly said the Dallas-based southwest, which carries more passengers than any other U.S. carrier, spent five years and nearly $ 100 million to design the new program.

Tim Winship, a veteran of the airline industry, which publishes, these amendments Southwest has long been.

“Their program has been lagging for years,” said Winship. “It is head and shoulders above the old program, and I guess that will stack quite well against programs of legacy carriers” such as American, Delta and United.

But Winship warned that Southwest is still considered by many business travelers vague because it does not have first-class cabins and airport lounges.

Jay Sorensen, a consultant loyalty marketing, said few people choose a carrier solely for its frequent flyer program, “but there is a large market of business travelers and it extends the ability of the Southwest to obtain “.

Southwest officials acknowledged that the changes make their loyalty programs more complicated. It is a remarkable admission for long-leads to keep things simple to work with a single type of jet.

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US AIRWAYS FLIGHT STATUS, About 300 passengers spent most of their Christmas Eve stranded in a plane yesterday when a scheduled transatlantic flight has been repeatedly delayed and eventually canceled, while the passengers did not have details on takeoff.

The U.S. Airways flight 723 from Dublin to Philadelphia had been due to depart at 11:05 and boarded at approximately 1 – but passengers were left perplexed by the plane never made off with the departure apparently constantly delayed.

The 300-or-so passengers on board – including several young children – were not informed of the cause of their delay, and were kept on board, without food until the flight was finally canceled at 20 hours, when passengers were finally allowed to disembark the Boeing 767.

U.S. Airways said that the delay on the flight was due to a lack of deicing fluid from the ground handler in the airline, which forced the flight to be continually delayed until it is purely and simply canceled.

A separate U.S. Airways flight on the route, which should leave at 14 hours, eventually took off at 4:17 ET landed at Philadelphia International five hours late.

Update, 24:13: Reader Stephen McG, who was on the plane, writing (via our comments section)?

We were told around 2:30-15:00 we expected to defrost a 3rd party company (ServisAir) who was out of the U.S. Airways order. Finally, the defroster shown. Around 16 hours we were told the flight was canceled as the runway / airport had been closed (due to a small plane running on the main track, I think)

About 30 minutes later we were told that we made an exception and would in fact be the takeoff. The crew gave us sandwiches – he had lunch on board.

Around 5:15 p.m. we were told that the flight was canceled because the crew had exceeded the number of hours (or would include flight time) they are legally authorized to work by the FAA (14 -16 hours?)

Then – and this was most angry passengers – it took almost three hours to get the door open. We sat at the door, not on the tarmac. The pilot called the Gardai for the ADF and the airport police to find someone to open the door. 3 hours to open the door 418 in Q2 – where there is almost more staff than passengers! […]

It is worth noting that this was the second attempt by many of the passengers out. Some had spent 5 hours on a plane on the tarmac Thursday. In addition, a replacement flight for passengers were set at 2:30 p.m. ET took off and travels to Philadelphia on Friday, finally. They chose to take the flight originally scheduled at 11.05.

Jet Blue Flight Status

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Jet Blue Flight Status, JetBlue Airways (Nasdaq: JBLU) announced today plans to expand its roadmap with daily service to Martha’s Vineyard, the settlement history of New England summer, and the 66th destination acclaimed company.

JetBlue plans to offer daily nonstop service between the vineyard and his home in New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

Known for its premium service, JetBlue has offered connections to Martha’s Vineyard by Boston since 2007 in cooperation with its local partner, Cape Air. JetBlue new nonstop service to complete this year and the option to boost tourism and business by making access to the island even easier during the busy season.

“We are delighted to bring the JetBlue service to Martha’s Vineyard was next,” said Dave Barger, JetBlue’s CEO, during a ceremony at the airport today from Martha’s Vineyard. “With our flights without stop service to New York connections nationwide, plus the premium service provided by our crew, we believe this new route will be a great victory for the island residents and summer.”

JetBlue’s flights will be operated by its quiet and fuel efficient 100-seat Embraer 190 – the only full-service jet pruning, and the only offer in-flight entertainment with Live DIRECTV ® and XM Satellite Radio programming each seat. The E190 offers roomy all-leather seats, legs in the industry, as well as unlimited free snacks and beverages served by JetBlue’s friendly, award-winning crew.

In addition to direct access in New York, travelers have access to Vineyard dozens of destinations via JetBlue from JFK, including Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, San Francisco and Washington, DC

Schedules and fares for JetBlue’s new service will be available in January.

“We are so excited that JetBlue is launching direct service from New York to the vine this spring,” said Nancy Gardella, executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce. “This service will have a tremendous impact on the number of people worldwide who will be able to arrive at Martha’s Vineyard and enjoy its beauty. JetBlue gave a huge boost to the economy based on tourism of the island. ”

“For 20 years, Martha’s Vineyard passengers have benefited from Cape Air MOKA ** HAGoTDI service mark,” said Cape Air CEO Dan Wolf. “We look forward to continue working with our partner, JetBlue, which offers same level of service and unique corporate culture, with connections to the national level for the vines throughout the year.”

JetBlue also serves neighboring Nantucket during the summer and in cooperation with Cape Air provides connections from Boston to Hyannis and Provincetown, Mass., which travel to Cape Cod and the Islands a wind throughout the year. With frequent jet service to Boston, Burlington, Vermont, Hartford, Conn., and Portland, Maine, JetBlue is among the largest carriers in New England.

* JetBlue codeshare service between Boston and Hyannis, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Provincetown is operated by Cape Air.

** MOCHA HAGoTDI – make our customers happy and a time of fun doing it.

About JetBlue Airways

New York-based JetBlue Airways has created a new airline category based on value, service and style. In 2010, the airline ranked “Highest in customer satisfaction among low cost carriers in North America” by JD Power and Associates, customer satisfaction recognition received for the sixth consecutive year. Known for its award-winning service and free TV as much as its low fares, JetBlue offers the most legroom in coach of an airline of the United States (based on average seat pitch of the entire fleet) and super-spacious Even More seats for the legs. JetBlue is also the largest airline and America to offer its own Customer Bill of Rights, with meaningful and specific compensation for customers inconvenienced by service disruptions within the control of JetBlue. Visit / promise for details. JetBlue serves 63 cities with 600 daily flights. The company intends to serve Providenciales, Turks & Caicos in February 2011, and Anchorage, Alaska May 2011. With JetBlue, all seats are assigned, all fares are one-way, and one night is never necessary. For more information or reservations, call 1-800-JET-BLUE (1-800-538-2583), TTY / TDD 1-800-336-5530 or visit

Tf Green Airport

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Tf Green Airport:A blizzard warning remains in effect until 1 p.m. today for southeastern Mass., including the Cape and Islands.

The National Weather Service expects heavy snow to continue until mid-morning, with rates of up to an inch an hour.

In addition to snow accumulations already on the roads, travel will remain difficult due to wind gusts of up to 45 mph, which will blow the snow around and reduce visibility, occasionally below a quarter-mile.

The snow will begin to lessen in intensity sometime after 10 p.m., according to the weather service, but could continue until early afternoon.

Total snowfall amounts of 10 to 16 inches are expected in Southeastern Massachusetts, although wetter snow later in the day could reduce snow totals.

The National Weather Service issues a blizzard warning when sustained winds or frequent gusts over 35 mph are expected along with considerable falling or blowing snow, creating white-out conditions.

People in the blizzard warning area are advised to stay indoors. They are also encouraged to check all external vents on their houses, as vents blocked by snow drifts can lead to a carbon monoxide risk.

The weekend storm that hit the nation’s capital has crippled travel, stranded motorists, and canceled plans for many holiday shoppers. At least five deaths in Virginia and Ohio were blamed on the wintry weather.

Boston’s Logan International Airport is reporting cancellations and delays Sunday morning and are advising passengers to check with their individual airline before leaving for the airport.

T.F. Green Airport is reporting delays and some cancellations mainly for flights scheduled to arrive or depart before noon.