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KOTV, Kotva – A murder suspect has been arrested in Tulsa, Arizona on Tuesday morning while attempting to cross the U.S. border. U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested 24 years Charlie Noriega Nogales port of entry at about 11:30 pm Tuesday. Noriega said the officers tried to enter the United States. According to a statement from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Noriega could not provide any identification. The officers ran his name and other information in the system and discovered he was wanted on a charge of first-degree murder in Oklahoma. Noriega is accused of the death of 23 years, Jason Crowder, who was shot in June 2010. Officers said Crowder Noreiga shot while visiting a friend in the block 700 in North Atlanta Place.
(AP) – China’s economy accelerated in the last quarter of 2010 to develop a blockbuster 10.3 percent for the year, communist leaders struggle to maintain growth in balance with cooling soaring prices.

Figures released Thursday showed growth picking up in the fourth quarter, to 9.8 percent from 9.6 percent in July-September, the world’s second largest economy expanded despite the measures taken against a torrent of investment that fuels inflation politically risky.

The inflation rate was 4.6 percent in December compared to a high of 28 months from 5.1 percent the previous month. That put inflation for the year to 3.3 percent.

The news shocked investors who fear moves further to dampen credit. Markets across Asia fell, the Shanghai Composite Index benchmark sliding 2.9 percent to 2,677.65.

“The only slight drop in inflation in December shows how the situation is bleak for the cooling of inflation,” said Peng Yunliang, an analyst at Shanghai Securities. “In my view, inflation will remain a headache for the government in 2011”.

These pressures may force Beijing to slow the economy more aggressively, potentially crimping growth in a world increasingly dependent on Chinese demand.

The news from the Chinese President Hu Jintao celebrated what was regarded at home as a triumphant state visit to the United States, highlighted the significant gap between China, which has strongly rebounded after the global crisis, and the still fragile U.S. and European economies.

Echoing complaints by Beijing earlier, the National Bureau of Statistics Commissioner, Ma Jiantang, blamed high prices on the lax monetary policies of “developed countries” that have fueled speculative demand and commodity prices pushed up.

But he acknowledged that higher costs for wages, land and other factors in China have also pushed prices higher.

Ma said the government had made “remarkable achievements” in its efforts to calm inflation, adding: “. But the evolution of prices in 2011 can not be taken lightly ”

Many economists believe that China’s economy remains dangerously dependent on investments in real estate and construction. These expenses increased from 23.8 percent a year earlier in 2010.

This has been a sharp decline of 30.1 percent increase fueled by stimulus spending to counter the global crisis in 2009. But renewed lending by banks sumptuous state-run can inflate an asset bubble and potentially dangerous obstacle moves to bring price increases under control, said analyst Alistair IHS Thornton.

“If driving pressure of rampant inflation even higher liquidity, the dilemma facing the government will only intensify,” he said, characterizing the moves to contain the credit as long as “timid.”

Chinese leaders, aware of the political crisis caused by previous bouts of inflation, said price increases slow down a top priority. They raised interest rates twice over the last four months and repeatedly tightened border investment to keep inflation from spreading throughout the economy.

So far, higher prices do not seem to have affected the overall demand for consumer goods too hard: retail sales rose 18.4 percent in 2010 over a year earlier, jumping to 14, 8 percent after adjusting for inflation, Ma said.

Mean income rose 11.5 percent in 2010 to citydwellers 21,033 yuan (approximately and 3,200). Rural per capita income jumped nearly 15 percent, but at 5919 yuan ($ 900) it is way behind.

Recent surges in prices of food and other basic necessities are hitting many families, especially those living on low incomes.

“My pension is just 1,700 yuan ($ 260) per month, and although she was raised a little, he can not catch up with rising prices,” said Ji minlines; a 62-year-old retired factory worker bikes that said she and her friends were combing supermarket bargains.

“I do not hope prices, particularly food prices, will not raise more,” she said.

Many analysts say the authorities must act more decisively to cool soaring prices, especially since such pressure rise around the globe.

Following news earlier this week that the largest state-run country’s commercial banks splashed around 240 billion yuan ($ 36.4 billion) in new loans in the first 10 days of the year news, the banking regulator has again ordered banks to tighten risk controls and consider ways to penalize banks to ignore orders to reduce lending.

With so much money sloshing around the economy, the authorities have struggled to get the banks to slow in

On loan for the development of real estate projects and others is the lifeblood for sale by local governments for land use rights, which provide a considerable share of their income. Those sales rose 70 percent in 2010, helping property prices grow 6.4 per cent higher compared to the previous year.

A huge pool of non-bank financing have almost doubled the amount of money available for investment last year, largely “off-balance sheet” loan that the exact scale is unknown.

“Because of the housing bubble, the risk exists almost everywhere in China’s financial system fragile,” said Yi Xianrong, an economist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Centre and finance.


Associated Press writer Chi-Chi Zhang in Beijing and researcher Ji Chen in Shanghai contributed to this report.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Ksdk School Closings

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Ksdk School Closings, Name Type Status

————————————————– ——————————

Live Wire Dance in Troy closed

Respondright EMS Academy opens its doors at 1:00 p.m.

St. Louis Senior Center Closed

St. Michael’s House Party Cadet, MO Canceled

Assumption PSR – Tonight O’Fallon private school

CAJE / Melton Adult Ed-AM closed the school tonight

Challenger Learning Center opens at 11:00 School

Community School Snow School Schedule

Illinois Center for Autism Ski School Schedule-Main

Illinois Center for Autism-Pasta Fare Snow School Schedule

Jefferson Day School College Classes Cancelled

Kids In the Middle School opens 12:00 PM

Lindbergh Early Childhood Ed School Annex Snow

Missouri School for the Blind only school staff

Metro Campus SLCHC school staff only

Springboard Opens in school 12:00 PM

PSR St. John’s School closed tonight

St. Louis Co. Fire Recruit School Schedule Prog Acad Snow

St. Louis Job Corps Snow School Schedule

St. Martin de Porres School Staff School-only ISP

St. Sabina School PSR closed tonight

Tiny Two daycare # 2 LLC dismiss school at 3:00 PM

YWCA St. Louis Head Start staff only school

(KSDK) – It is one of those nights that parents, especially working parents can grow to dread, and children learn to anticipate: the eve of a snow day possible.

And while it may be hard to believe, all children of the city are hoping a day off from school Tuesday. Monday night dinner on the stove and duties on the table at home in Saint-Laurent-Louis.

Ask third-year Madison and Fifth grader Nina hopes for a snow day, and you’ll get two different answers.

“Yes!” Nina.

“Not really,” said Madison.

And why not?

“I like school,” said Madison.

But regardless of how children feel about them, snow days can really throw the key into the work plans if both mom and dad.

“We’re both in academia, I’m at SLU, Simone U washing,” says dad Don Lawrence, “there is so much flexibility in our schedules so it is literally newsletters morning news and we decide who has the busiest schedule. ”

In fact, nights like this used to be a much more stressful for the family Lawrence.

That was before Mom Dad Simone Cummins retired and recently became the caregiver snow day.

“I have no excuse to stay at home really,” Simone said with a smile.

And as a school day, a snow day has its own ritual in the household Lawrence, a ritual that begins with breakfast.

“If Madison until she prefers oatmeal, if Nina might be up French toast, cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon,” said Simone.

Then it’s outside.

“I’ll ask my mom if we can go outside, put on my snowsuit and probably go out and make a snow angel,” said Madison.

“Sometimes it snows so much we do for our dog sled and it will push us and stuff,” says Nina.

And while the kids are glued to the TV right now, by the end of the night, it will be holding a vigil mom alone for the last call.

“I am one of those who stay until the end everybody is watching the rest goes to sleep,” said Simone.

Even Nina, who wants a snowy day, admits she has mixed feelings because the day will be made at the end of the school year.


Gray Summit Mo

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Gray Summit Mo, GRAY SUMMIT, MO ( — A very serious accident occurred on Interstate 44 and Highway 100 near Gray Summit, Missouri around 10:30 am Thursday. Two people have died, but no other details at this time. The buses were full of students from St. James High School in his annual trip to band 6 Flags in Eureka. Up to 50 total students on buses.

According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, at about 10:15 pm in the eastbound lanes of I-44, traffic builds up in the right lane, ahead of the longest construction Pacific Highway.

A GMC truck rear-ended a Volvo semi tractor in the right hand. The bus driver first, taking the girls of John. F. Hodges High School band, saw a vehicle on the right shoulder and moved into the left lane to avoid the car.

While she was checking his mirrors to make sure it was safe to return to the right lane, he did not see the GMC had hit the tractor. The first bus then click the GMC truck and tractor. The second school bus, take the kids, then hit the back of the first bus.

The Highway Patrol says the driver of the GMC truck was killed, as a student on the first bus.

The speed limit on that stretch of road is 70 mph.

There was in fact the construction in the stretch where the accident occurred. There are, however, lane closures along closer to the Pacific, Missouri, where construction has been ongoing. Traffic backs up in the area as vehicles move into the right lane.

All eastbound lanes of I-44 are closed and some time ago, while the accident reconstruction team and the cleanliness of the place.

12:30 pm – because the field trip was going to Six Flags, many of the students had not brought his cell phone because they thought playing in the water park.

At this time, school officials are asking parents of students who are injured, but not to call parents of students who are not injured.

12:15 p.m. to 1:00 bus had girls in the band, the other had all the boys

12:10 pm – one of the 36 children taken to Cardinal Glennon has been moved to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Accident victims were also taken to St. Clare Hospital in Fenton and Mercy San Juan, Washington, Missouri.

11:55 a.m. – 36 children with minor injuries were taken to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

11:40 a.m. – Two people were confirmed dead, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. The parent of a student aboard a school bus destroyed, said the bus in front of his car crashed into a (possibly a mini-van) and a tractor trailer. Students from St. James High School and are members of the band. The Highway Patrol Missouri State says it believes there is a death and are still working the accident. Several students have been transported to area hospitals. Photos SkyFOX at least seven children being taken away on stretchers.

Other students have been on a bus. It happened just before 10:30 am on Interstate 44 and Highway 100 near Gray Summit. The children were reportedly go to Six Flags. the band’s website says this is his annual trip to Six Flags.

Two school buses were reportedly involved. One of the buses involved was carrying around 50 children. One patient had to be airlifted from the scene to Mercy San Juan Medical Center. The eastbound lanes of Interstate 44 is closed. There are at least a backup of three kilometers.


This is not the first time that this stretch of road has witnessed a fatal accident. Between 2000 and 2007, there were 19 accidents with 33 deaths along the I-44 between I-270 and Summit Grey. Many accidents have occurred near the exit to Six Flags.

criminal charges were filed in connection with a July 2005 accident near Six Flags that killed five members of one family.

Thomas Miskel, the driver of the garbage truck struck the van carrying the family, was charged with five counts of manslaughter.

He was arrested at his home in Jefferson County, Missouri.

Miskel, who was 43 when the accident occurred, was driving a dump truck loaded with rock when it crashed into the back of the van which was stopped in traffic near the exit for Six Flags.

The family was on its way to the amusement park.

Angi Hucka driving the car. She was murdered along with two of his sons, Josh, 6, and Jacob, 9, his brother, Brett Willingham, 14, and her sister, Amy Willingham, 18.

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch says there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs in Miskel, nor had any evidence of speeding.

He says it was a clear day and Miskel simply was not paying attention to the minivan at high speed about 60 mph.

12 people were injured in the accident.

son age 15 Miskel was in the dump truck with him when the accident occurred.



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Kmov, (KMOV) – A child under 3 years old, was found dead in Lake of the Ozarks Thursday morning.

According to the police report, Jaydon Jones opened a door to its dock and headed toward the lake. Police believe he fell in was found at 7:40 Thursday morning floating near the dock.
His family took him out of the water and called police.

This happened in Osage Beach, Missouri.

Fox 2 News St. Louis

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Fox 2 News St. LouisFox 2 News St. Louis, St. Louis, MO ( – Former Rams All-Pro cornerback Aeneas Williams will join veteran sports commentator Martin St. Louis Kilcoyne and Maurice Drummond on KTVI-TV, FOX 2 for 2010 Rams preseason television broadcasts. Kilcoyne will call the action game play with Williams, who will serve as color commentator on all four issues. Drummond will be responsible for neglecting the duty to notify the crew.

KTVI-TV continues a proud 15-year relationship with the Rams that the station will transmit each of the competitions of the four preseason Rams, starting with the first preseason game August 14 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Throughout the preseason and regular season, will also broadcast two exclusive KTVI Rams programs provide fans with a close look at your favorite team. “Rams Weekly” will air from 6:30? 7 pm on Monday night, and Gameday Rams can be seen every Sunday morning at 10:30 am FOX 2 Andy Banker talent and Teresa Woodard will serve as co-host of special programming for the Rams.

“KTVI-TV continues to be a great partner and we are very happy to join them for another preseason football Rams, and two weekly programs that we think our fans are really going to enjoy,” said Vice President of Operations Rams Football / COO Kevin Demoff. “We are proud to continue strengthening our relationship with KTVI and serve once again as’ The House of the Rams.”

Williams spent the last four seasons of his career in St. Louis Rams after the Cardinals acquired him from Arizona for the second and fourth round selections in 2001. In his first season with the Rams, Williams helped St. Louis to claim his second NFC championship in three years and was named first team All-Pro season. Williams went to two Pro Bowls as a ram to go along with the six teams that won 10 season with the Cardinals. He was named the team the entire decade of the NFL of the 1990s. Williams retired after the 2004 season and has since served as a minister in the Spirit of the Lord Family Church in San Luis.

“Fox 2 has the privilege of being once again the home of the St. Louis Rams,” said KTVI-TV President and General Manager Spencer Koch. “We are thrilled to bring St. Louis Rams fans the most complete coverage throughout the season.”

Kilcoyne is an Emmy Award winner six times (2006, 2008 Top sports commentator in the region of Mid-America). The native of St. Louis has been with KTVI-TV since 1997 and has been Sports Director since 2001. This is the fifth year Kilcoyne called play-by-play in the Rams preseason football.

Drummond is a veteran in the world of sports television with over 20 years experience, including stops at ESPN and the Golf Channel.

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