Merle Haggard

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Merle Haggard, (AP) – Oprah Winfrey has come a long way since his childhood years in a shack in Mississippi and in public housing with a Beatles poster on his bedroom wall. Sunday she was honored with Paul McCartney, one of the Beatles that she so loved.

Hollywood stars and Broadway Nashville met in the capital to greet Winfrey, McCartney and three others – the country singer Merle Haggard, Broadway composer Jerry Herman and dancer Bill T. Jones – with the Kennedy Center Honors. The president and first lady Michelle Obama sat down with the winners and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Julia Roberts opened the show with a surprise nod to her friend Winfrey.

“This is a universal conversation starter: You saw what now “Oprah” was? Roberts said.” The first time I heard of a better fitting bra … or a fascinating politician named Barack Obama was on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Roberts said she was nervous at the crowd near Washington, but pushed to look under their seats for a price – the style Winfrey.

John Travolta took the stage to host a mock version of the show with Barbara Walters Winfrey as guest. He recounted a phone call he received from Winfrey when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. She told him to fill his airplane medical supplies and a meeting in Louisiana.

“So when Oprah calls, you answer,” he said. Oprah makes exciting to be responsible. ”

Walters said she should get credit to revive the career of the 56-year Winfrey. She said the talk show host to come once imitated the style Walters to win a contest of Miss Fire Prevention, but has developed a style all her own.

In other words, it is the best interviewer ever, “said Walters.” No one comes close – not even I and those of you know me know how it is painful for me was to say that… ”

Jennifer Hudson sang “I’m here” from “The Color Purple, which Winfrey on Broadway after starring in the film. Hudson was joined by a choir of Winfrey’s alma mater, Tennessee State University.

For Winfrey, the price is in the 25th and final season of her talk show and just before it launches its new cable network, clean, to Jan. 1. After his visit to Washington, Winfrey will have about 300 members of the audience in Australia.

“You know what’s interesting is that she spends her life to celebrate other, but when the time comes for her, she is very reluctant,” Winfrey’s best friend Gayle King told The Associated Press. King said it was a fitting tribute to Winfrey.

“They recognized his body of work,” said King. “It is not just a talk show host.”

Alec Baldwin presented the tribute to Paul McCartney, 68, lamenting the singer’s “long and winding road” to a solo career, being forced to sing in stadiums and requiring police protection.

“The National Institutes of Health called Beatlemania epidemic,” Baldwin said. “There was no cure.”

The former Beatle was on his second visit to Washington this year for a culture award. In June, he won the popular Gershwin song from the Library of Congress.

“You know, great things come in bundles,” he said.

Gwen Stefani, wearing a gray “Fab Four-style pants suit, and his band, No Doubt, opened the series with musical” Hello, Goodbye. “Dave Grohl and Norah Jones sing “Maybe I’m Amazed”.

In what is perhaps a first, the Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has made an “Abbey Road” medley live? Show producer George Stevens Jr. said The Beatles never performed live after the recording was made.

“I did many things and a lot of places,” said Tyler. “But I’ve never been as proud as I am standing here on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Abbey Road.”

James Taylor and Mavis Staples closed the show with “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude”. They McCartney – and the president – on their feet all the time.

When the Beatles stormed America, Haggard, 73, was free of the prison and make music, Herman, 79, was taken to sing Broadway and Jones, 58, was not yet a dancer, but growing up in a camp for migrant workers.

Since the 1960s, the new Kennedy Center award winners have helped define the television, dance, theater and music.

At a ceremony at the White House before you see the Sunday, they heard the praises of Barack Obama who said the awards are important because the arts are necessary.

“Although the winners on that stage each have an incredible amount of talent, the truth is, they are not recognized simply because tonight their careers as great songwriters or songwriters or dancers or artists, Obama said.”Instead, they are known for their unique ability to bring us closer and capture something of who we are -. Not just as Americans but as human beings”

The show was recorded for broadcast Sunday night on Dec. 28 on CBS.

At the gala, Angela Lansbury, Carol Channing and Kelsey Grammar made a few tunes from Herman’s famous “Hello, Dolly !”,” Mame,” and “La Cage aux Folles.”

Lansbury said Herman gave him a huge break when he insisted she be cast in the lead role of “Mame” despite objections from some producers. She said she never had a better entrance to slide on a ramp on stage along with trumpet in hand.

Channing, 89, who starred in “Hello, Dolly!” sang “Hello, Jerry.” She said she knew it would cry.

For Haggard, Nashville came into force.

Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow sings Haggard “Today I started loving You Again”, and Jamey Johnson, Kid Rock sang “Ramblin ‘Fever.”

Vince Gill and Brad Paisley sang “Workin Man Blues.”

After the awards were announced in September, Jones’s son, potato pickers, said he could remember dreaming of great things as a 9 year old boy in upstate New York.

He continued to create the Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company in 1982 with his partner Arnie Zane, died of AIDS six years later. Jones has dealt with difficult issues of employment, such as racism and mortality, sometimes sparking outrage.

On Sunday, he was hailed as a rule breaker and revolutionary by playwright Edward Albee, Claire Danes and others.

Jones said he often felt like an outsider, but he is honored to have helped shape the country.

Jones said he could “feel the love” and said he was delighted to receive the award while Obama is president. Yet he said he is disheartened by the direction of the country. “I tremble a bit, actually. The speech is so toxic.”

In recent years, Jones has shared his talents with Broadway, winning Tony Awards for her choreography in “Spring Awakening” and this year for his show “Fela!” Currently playing in New York and London. He said he hopes more artists to fill the gap between the world of traditional dance and theater.

“We do not want to be more marginalized,” he said. “Indifference is worse than dislike.”

Darlene Superville Associated Press writer contributed to this report.

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Kennedy Center Honors

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Kennedy Center Honors, Its tradition that every year, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts honors individuals who have made great contributions to society and culture. This year, the center has surpassed in honoring a legendary host of celebrities, including singer and songwriter Merle Haggard, composer and lyricist Jerry Herman, dancer, choreographer and director Bill T. Jones, Sir Paul McCartney and Oprah Winfrey. It’ll be a star tonight dotted with Brad Paisley, Julia Roberts, Chris Rock and more. CBS 9 p.m

Before we met “Octomom, we met the McCaughey septuplets were born in Iowa in November 1997 to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey. The family became instant celebrities to be first in the world of septuplets to live in childhood. They returned to public attention as children celebrate a milestone anniversary – 13. The family sat down with “Today” newswoman Ann Curry speaks to their hopes for the future. 22 hours TLC
Best Restaurants Ramsay “: In its quest to find the best restaurants in Britain (not including his own, of course) super celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay pits two restaurants serving traditional pub in the UK against each other to find one who will be vying for Ramsay taste buds. An Indian restaurant, Italian restaurant and a Chinese restaurant have done for the next round. 21 hours BBC America

“Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger Matchmaker Professional is a tough guy. She does not sugarcoat the negative. If you’re wondering what all the “dessert” references are about, I will not keep you waiting any longer. The title of this episode is “Cookies Ice and everything nice” as Patti helps a food contractor to find love. Bravo 21 hours

Bill T Jones

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Bill T Jones, An Ex-soloist with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company and Martha Graham in school and Jose Limon technique, Houlihan remembers as everyone living on the making of modern dance in the United States.

Now on the faculty at Florida State University, Houlihan left an indelible mark in South Florida during his stint as a professor at the New World School of the Arts and artistic director of the Miami-based Houlihan and Dancers in 1990s. His legacy will be celebrated with a retrospective at the Florida Dance Association Winterfest on Thursday.

There is no greater evidence of the influence that Houlihan’s imminent rise of his favorite pupil, Robert Battle, now artistic director for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. “Robert is the person who reminds me more of myself early in my career,” Houlihan beams on the phone from Tallahassee. “He was always able to dance movements with the style, phrasing and nuances that I saw in my mind.”

Testimony is also the former Houlihan dancer Jennifer Nugent, now with the Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Dance Company and a choreographer celebrated in his own right. She will return to the stage in Miami for the show as a guest artist with Nugent is frequent collaborator Paul Matteson.

In general, Houlihan remembers more about the dancers, she has worked with the dance she conceived. “I am very grateful for the many incredible dancers were an important part of society, and also responsible for my development as an artist,” she said. “I hope people will feel that deep connection and joy of dance.”

So it is no wonder that it pays homage to his teachers as well. “Anthony Tudor, my teacher at the Juilliard School and an outstanding choreographer, was a huge influence,” she said of the Brit who played a crucial role in the formation of the American Ballet Theater. “His musicality, wit and ability to find connections between classical ballet and contemporary dance make him ahead of his time.”

On his way to see the new Natalie Portman film Black Swan, tried to do for ballet what Psycho did for showers Hitchcock, Houlihan said the time for dance innovator has come. “Dance is everywhere now,” she exclaims. “The old models of training and creative work are constantly being challenged. Personally, I am always happy to see pure dance, simple, committed, intelligent, sincere of all kinds!”

Chita Rivera

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Chita Rivera, Among the celebrities who could not escape the lens of “camera ready” for first time this year, were the star of Hollywood, Johnny Depp and Oscar winner, Penelope Cruz, who made a lightning trip to Puerto Rico in early September for filming the final scenes of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” on the island of Palominito in Fajardo.

When he left Puerto Rico, Camera ready captured to Penelope Cruz, who looked exhausted by then-incipient pregnancy and intense schedule of filming “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” in Palominito.

Also cling to the very Johnny Depp, (this time more elusive than his previous visit to Puerto Rico), when he arrived at the hotel villas Conquistador in Fajardo, where cooling during breaks from filming the last scenes shot in Puerto Rico the saga of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Ready camera also captured this year (in his first picture in Puerto Rico with the kids) the proud parents of Max and Emme, the very Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at the La Concha, in the County.

Another famous obviously enjoys the stability of marriage and family life is the “eternal rebel” Robi “Draco” Rosa, who surprised upon arrival at the Luis Munoz Marin Airport in Isla Verde, with his wife Angela Alvarado and Redam children and Revel.

Although in early 2010 went beyond the breakup of his relationship with his partner, attorney for Wanda Hernandez and summer, Mother’s Day, we surprised Héctor Marcano lucky to output Gallery Plaza next to it and their children, where enjoyed a friendly lunch.

This year also surprised with Ileana Cabra (sister of René Pérez and Eduardo Cabra) to a trusted Rubén Blades on arrival at the Calle 13 concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Camouflage cap and dark glasses, even wearing a revealing bikini to you Catch me Yolandita Monge, who under the intense sun of Borinquen, accentuated her tan before the Sept. 11 concert at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

The camera lens also ready surprised in 2010 Spanish singer Miguel Bosé to leaving the hotel in the company Shell in the Puerto Rican filmmaker Paloma Suau.

In Ashford Avenue in the County also surprised at the marriage of Tommy and Karla Monroig to exit Via Appia, where we were told, they stopped on their calendars to celebrate a birthday pizza party with friends.

Camera ready this year also captures the famous kiss, which they say was planted actor Elvis Crespo Hector Mendez during the Victor Manuelle Music at Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré.

And seems to remember the “Bollet” which was formed by Mariana Vicente loop in the Miss Universe 2010, surprised the designer Luis Antonio and at the same Mariana Vicente, Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010.

In summer this year then we capture the “happy” marriage of the Alomar-Rivera (Maripily and Roberto Alomar), who flew to Puerto Rico by private jet in a quick trip to the launch of the first ball in a game at the stadium Hiram Bithorn in San Juan.

And on arrival at Luis Munoz Marin Airport in Isla Verde, grasp one of the true divas of Broadway Chita Rivera, who with his brilliant performance at the Centro de Bellas Artes in Santurce showed that his age is very talented.

Merle Haggard

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Merle Haggard, What’s On Tonight by Elissa Bass |? Email the author | December 28, 2010 Arts Rodolphe Shiny New Year, Kennedy Center Honors, Millionaire’s MatchmakerTonight, Rudolph Shiny New Year, 20 hours, ABC “Rudolph the Reindeer comes to the rescue when a bird kidnaps the baby New Year’s Voices of Red Skelton, Frank Gorshin, Morey Amsterdam.”

Singer-songwriter Merle Haggard, composer Jerry Herman, the choreographer Bill T. Jones, musician Paul McCartney and television host Oprah Winfrey receive recognition at the annual ceremony. Of course, Oprah comes to wear the large this year. Because she has nothing else happens.
“Patti is wary of a man who is after the young guys moldable; a woman believes she intimidates men.” I have no idea what that means but I feel compelled to watch.
Country music legend Merle Haggard, who met U.S. President Barack Obama earlier this month, found it “very different” from how it is portrayed in the media.

“Not pretentious. He is very humble to be the President of the United States, especially compared with some presidents we’ve had to run as they did not need help from anyone,” the Politico quoted as saying in an interview in Rolling Stone.
Haggard met with Obama at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, where he was feted alongside Sir Paul McCartney and Oprah Winfrey, among others, to improve the country’s cultural life.

“I think he knows he’s in over his head. Anyone with a sense that it takes work and think they can handle it must be an idiot,” he said. Haggard said he was “really almost criminal” the way Obama was portrayed in the media. “There seems to be no shame or anything. They call all the names all day, saying he did some things he is not,” he said. The singer said he was “very surprised” to find Obama “very humble”.

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