No more Indian soldiers in our custody, the whole of the Gulwan Valley is ours: China

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China says there are no Indians in its custody at the moment. At the same time, China has said that the entire Gulan Valley is under its jurisdiction.

Responding to a question at the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s daily press briefing, spokesman Lijian Xiao said: “As far as I know, there are no Indian troops in Chinese custody at the moment.”

However, he did not confirm the detention of any Indian soldiers.

According to Indian media reports, China captured four Indian officers and six soldiers after a violent clash on the night of June 15 and 16, who were released on Thursday evening.

Twenty Indian soldiers, including a colonel, were killed in the violent clash.

When asked about the anti-China protests in India and the call for a boycott of Chinese goods following the developments in the Gluan Valley, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that India was responsible for what happened in Gluan. There is an army.

He said the two countries were holding talks through military and diplomatic channels and were pushing for a reduction in tensions.

The spokesperson said: “China values ??its relations with India and hopes that India will work with China to improve bilateral relations for long-term development.

The two sides will work with justice to deal with the serious situation arising out of the conflict in the Gulwan Valley, abide by the agreement reached at the commander-level meeting and return to normalcy as soon as possible. And under the agreement reached so far, we will establish peace in the border region.
What has India said?

In the wake of the recent incidents on the Indo-China border, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an all-party meeting on Friday that no one has entered our territory and no post has been seized.

PM Modi said that India wants peace and friendship but it will not compromise on its sovereignty.

Prime Minister Modi said: “Until now, those who were not questioned, who were not stopped, now our troops are stopping them in many sectors.”

IAF An-32 Aircraft Missing

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IAF An-32 Aircraft Missing, A transport plane AN-32 Air Force India has disappeared over the Bay of Bengal at 9:00 a.m. Friday. They are making efforts to locate him.

The plane took off from the base of the Tambaram Air Force at 8:30 am with 29 people aboard, including crew, it was due to land in Port Blair at 11.30 hours at the INS Utkrosh naval AirStation in Port Blair, Air Force sources said.

“An IAF AN-32 plane traveling from Chennai to Port Blair on a flight messaging service personnel were scheduled to arrive at Port Blair at 1130 hours,” defense officials said.

The distance between Chennai and Port Blair is about 750 nautical miles or 1,200 km.

The 29 people on board include six crew (three officers, two pilots and a technician), 11 personnel of the Air Force, two other ranks of the Army, nine members of the Navy, of which eight are civilians Navy and Personal a continuation Official Ranking (POBR) and one of the Coast Guard.

A-32 IAF aircraft disappeared

Planting challenge: Uttar Pradesh Tree Planting, 50 Million Trees in a Day

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Planting challenge: Uttar Pradesh Tree Planting, 50 Million Trees in a Day, A recent tree planting event in Uttar Pradesh, India, aimed Tuesday to break a Guinness World Record by planting the most trees in one day, 50 million.

The Times of India reported that 4.93 crore saplings were planted by the 10 a.m. local deadline on Tuesday. A crore is a unit in the Indian numerical system equivalent to 10 million.

Before Tuesday, the record for the most trees planted in one day was 847,275, set in Pakistan in 2013, according to The Associated Press.

Officials in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, passed out millions of saplings for planting across the state in an effort to increase the country’s forest coverage.

“It is a massive exercise for which the preparations began six months ago,” Mukesh Kumar, chief conservator of forest for Uttar Pradesh’s western zone, told the Times of India. “The government had at that time communicated to the Guinness Book of World Records about its initiative.”

“The Guinness office acknowledged the effort in ‘official attempt’ category. The government had roped in TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute) for carrying out carbon sequestration connected with the exercise. The institute also played active role in selection of sites and digging up pits for plantation,” Kumar added.

According to the Indian Express, various saplings were planted Monday and Tuesday, including peepal, sheesham, sagaun, neem, arjun, imli, gular, mahua, and jamun. The Energy Research Institute for Carbon Sequestration evaluated the planting.

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh’s top elected official, said that he hopes the effort brings attention to environmental conservation.

Planting challenge: Uttar Pradesh Tree Planting, 50 Million Trees in a Day

India Train Derailment, August 2015

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India Train Derailment, August 2015, Two passenger trains in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh have derailed minutes apart on a flooded bridge, killing at least 24 people, officials say.

The trains were passing each other near the town of Harda when a flash flood triggered by heavy rain struck the bridge, reports said.

The tracks collapsed and some of the carriages were submerged.

Officials say at least 25 people have been injured and another 300 rescued.

The Kamayani Express travelling to Varanasi from Mumbai derailed first, while the Janata Express travelling in the opposite direction derailed shortly after. It was not clear how many people were on both trains.

Tablet Pc Price In India

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Tablet Pc Price In IndiaTablet Pc Price In India, The cheapest tablet launched in India. Be sold to Indian students in the subsidized price of 35 and (R 1750) and later in stores for the general public and 60 (Rs 3000). Most people living in India is poor and not able to buy products like Apple’s iPhone, here, etc.

This device was previously announced as Sakshat, but then renamed to Aakash. Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal Aakash presented in the capital recently. 500 cards were distributed free to students who were invited to attend the event.
“The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and the ordinary have been excluded. Aakash end the digital divide,” said Education Minister Kapil Sibal and Telecommunications.

Aakash is developed by DataWind, a Canadian company founded by two Indian named Raja and Suneet Tulli. However, these devices will be manufactured and sold in India by the Quad, a company based in Andhra Pradesh.

Aakash is the Indian word meaning “sky.” Indian government is buying their first units of a British company, which is the assembly of these devices in India. 100,000 units will be free to students.

This device will have Wi-Fi and GPRS to allow Internet users. In India, only 8 percent of the population has Internet access. This device is aimed at university students learning online.

This device has built-in 2 GB of memory and comes with 2 GB of external card which is expandable to 32 GB.

We have to use an external dongle for 3G. It has 2 USB ports for connecting external devices. You can also connect the keyboard to it.

This device can be either students who have never used a pill in his life. But it is very slow compared to other commercially available devices. This device has only 256 MB of RAM to run Android, which is fine to run most applications. Resistive touch is used instead of full touchscreen.

Therefore, if you just see the price offer by the Government, this device looks good. However, more powerful devices have been used for these pills that make us feel sluggish.

Incidentally, this tablet can be cheaper India, but available much cheaper tablet made in China.

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