For Colored Girls

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For Colored Girls, The actresses who star in the new movie of girls of color have been saying about the press tour that the film is not just for girls of color. It seems crazy that women have to stand up and say that a movie that stars some of our best actresses, African American is not just for a segment of the population based on the title and the fact that the film is populated only by African Americans.

It is like saying the AM The Expendables is exclusively for white men older than 50 years of age, based on the stars of that film.

But we know that the PM is not the case because no one thinks that The Expendables is just for the kids, as well as For Colored Girls is not just for black women.

But, I am cautious about the film from the moment I heard that Tyler Perry was taking the position of director and writer of Nzingha Stewart, who had been the project over grazing. I sure AOM, AOS happy the film was made, but I bet, AOS has been much happier if I had that going.

I bet it would have been much happier, because this film is also not very good. Hollywood’s most difficult to treat cases, sometimes too hard AI, AI with great performances by Loretta Devine and Thandie Newton. But a film about difficult things for many as abuse, abortion, rape, HIV must be able to sustain it. You have to be able to do acceptable things difficult for people to swallow, and this film is quite a long slog that stops short every time women enter the beautiful poetry of Ntozake Shange.

On a final note, I say loudly and clearly that when this movie is not doing well, not the fault of women, the administrative hearing officers or the African-American audience. This film will not do so because there is a good movie. Period.

Shrek Halloween Special

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Shrek Halloween Special, You do not have to dress up as Shrek for the original “Shrek” for free at the Tivoli Theatre Halloween Happening event on October 30. The entrance to the annual costume contest and screening is free for all.

Registration for the costume contest begins at 9 am, judging at 9:45 am “Shrek” will be shown at 11 am

“This summer, the Chicago area saw the two” Shrek Forever After “and” Shrek the Musical ‘downtown theater, so we thought it would be fun to bring back the original, “said Mark Mazrimas, marketing director of the parent company of Tivoli, Classic Cinemas. “Not only is the movie a classic, but children still dress up as characters from the movie.”

This is the year 18 for the Halloween Happening event, which has been racing suits Cubs and Sox scoreboard, with flashing lights, and a triple stroller that a mother had become the Fred Flintstone’s car.

“I think we’ll see a lot of blue aliens this year,” Avatar, “predicted Mazrimas. “Characters in the film are always popular.”

Downtown merchants will donate prizes for the Halloween festivities. Free popcorn will also be available.

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler

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Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler, I AOVE now, like everyone else using the global network, wide ??ol, given the time traveler named Charlie Chaplin video several times. And while it seems to passersby is talking on a cell phone, there are plenty of explanations, the more likely it is a crazy person going to be talking to each other while keeping his ear.

But this is not the first time AOT nation has gone mad by someone who pulled a Marty McFly. A few months ago the 1940’s, the AM image shown here has to talk when they went on display in a museum in Canada. If you look closely, that ?├┤ll see a man dressed in what appears to be modern sunglasses and a shirt. Watch your hands: Is it a camera?

Here’s the short flat. It certainly seems out of place and intelligent people who can say if this has been photoshopped to say that hasn, AOT. However, like sweaters that were around during that time and that sort of glasses / goggles were so good. The camera is compact but is actually a model of folding pocket Kodak and has existed since the dawn of the 20. It is really only the AM fashion reinvents itself over and over again, says

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler andrewcarlssinwwn not the first! Its happened before!

There have been other recent stories, too. Weekly World News, maybe not the most reliable source journalism, ran a story about a man named Andrew Carlssin who said he was from the year 2256, was caught and imprisoned by insider trading on Wall Street, and then disappeared without a trace.

Spooky stuff, but not without further explanations.

Lisa Blount

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Lisa Blount, Lisa Blount, an Oscar-winning producer and actress who played Lynette Pomeroy in 1982 of an officer and a gentleman, has died. He was only 53.

Blount was found in his home on Wednesday. She more than likely died Monday, Pulaski County coroner Garland Camper told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

There were no marks of violence on the premises of its Little Rock, Arkansas, home.

Rest in peace Lisa Blount (1953-2010).

Blount and his widow, Ray McKinnon, who was not in the city, together won the Best Live Action Short Film Academy Award in 2002 for his film, The Accountant.

“As one door closes apparently in my life, another door opened. And I have only one person to thank for that, my husband, Ray McKinnon,” Blount said then.

Besides Officer and a Gentleman, Blount appeared in films such as “Great Balls of Fire! And Chrystal, and series like Moonlight and Picket Fences.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Scared Shrekless

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Scared Shrekless, Watch videos online Shrekless fear and take a look at the final stage of Halloween, when airs October 28 at 8 pm ET on NBC.

Scared Shrekless joins the special line of Halloween this year and is sure to be a favorite for Halloween for the coming years.

Shrek (Mike Myers) is back in an adventure of Halloween – which is favorite holiday of Shrek and the gang meets for an evening in the Enchanted Castle Lord Farquaad for a scary story contest. The latest fear is gained.

Most of the characters back for fear Shrekless Shrek: Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas reprise their roles, but Donkey is the voice of Dean Edwards.

Scared Shrekless airs Oct. 28 and Oct. 30 on NBC.

View online Shrekless Hulu fear.

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