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Animals Save Owners, Think you have a courageous pet? A quick-thinking feline, a persistent bunny or a daring dog? In honor of National Pet Day, check out these amazing animal rescue stories from recent months.

Polish 3-year-old saved by dog
Three-year-old Julia survived a freezing night in February with the help of a dog that kept her warm. Hundreds of people searched the forest overnight before Julia was found. dog saves polish girl in 23 degree temperature, polish girl suffers frostbite, toddler’s cries lead rescuers to missing polish girl, missing polish girl found in marsh,

Bird dies a hero
Cookie the cockatiel served as a smoke alarm for Ben Rees in January. When Ben walked out of his shower, it was Cookie who alerted him to a fire in the house. parrot dive bombs boy to alert fire, incense start fire ben rees, parrot perishes after saving ben rees,

Dog waits for owner to be rescued
When a 60-year-old hunter fell through the ice this past January, his loyal dog stayed by his side until he was rescued. 60-year-old falls through ice colorado river, dog waits 30 minutes beside ice for rescuers, man falls through Colorado River ice after going in after goose, firefighter swam to reach hunter in colorado river, hunter in Colorado River treated for hypothermia,

Chicken saves family from fire
Dennis Murawska and his wife were wakened two days after Christmas by their pet chicken Cluck Cluck’s loud clucking, notifying them of a fire in their house. cluck cluck chicken clucks from two floors below, cluck cluck chicken given to family because wouldn’t lay eggs, Fire Chief Jeff Gaede says smoke detectors failed,

dog leads rescuers to missing Clover boy
Two-year-old Peyton Myrick was at his grandparents’ house last December when he went missing. Luckily, their dog, Ashepoo, was on hand to save the day. peyton mynick found near barn less than a mile from grandparents’ home, Peyton Myrick’s father says dog guardian angel, peyton mynick found sleeping on top of coat,

Dante the dog saves Florida woman
Gudrun Mastriano of Kissimmee, Florida, was walking her daughter’s black Labrador, Dante, late last year when a deadly snake lunged at her. Dante quickly jumped in front of Mastriano and managed to drag the snake away. dante the dog bitten on face and leg by snake, Mastriano said “I would have died.”, Dante treated with antivenin,

dog saves child from runaway vehicle
Ten-year-old Charlie Riley was waiting to cross the street last November with his mom, brothers and dog, Geo, when an out-of-control truck sped toward them. Geo jumped on boy, pushed him out of the way, geo had a broken spine, broken leg, and many internal injuries, geo vet bill 16,000,

dog saves baby from kidnapping
Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez was home last November with her baby when a man and a woman broke in, demanding money. When Nayeli said she didn’t have any, they grabbed the baby and ran for the back door. dog blocks back door to save baby from kidnapping, Garzon-Jimenez treated for cuts and bruises at a local hospital,

Midnight the dog is Sandy hero
Superstorm Sandy left many elderly residents of the Westbeth apartments stranded in the dark without food or water. That’s when local hero Midnight stepped up to save the day. midnight the dog carries food and water to residents, Midnight rescued from Hurricane Katrina,

Puppies warm lost boy
Kyle Camp, a 10-year-old Alabama boy with Down syndrome, went missing in October after following his family’s four puppies into the woods. Over 150 volunteers from his hometown joined the search party. Kyle Camp found huddled in creek, Kyle Camp lost for 18 hours, missing Kyle Camp given Dr. Pepper,

Rescue dog saves baby
Jenna Brousseau and her husband rescued Duke from an animal shelter six years ago, and he returned the favor last fall. The couple was sleeping when the dog jumped on their bed and began shaking, alerting them to a problem with their baby. Duke saves baby after she stopped breathing, “He’s the perfect dog, he was meant, meant to be ours.”,

Ohio cat saves owners from carbon monoxide
Rod and Michelle Ramsey were feeling ill last September and were trying to sleep when their tabby cat Tiger would not stop meowing. They noticed their other cats stumbling and called for help. rod and michelle ramsey carbon monoxide leak, rod and michelle ramsey carbon monoxide leak from furnace,

Artemis the cat saves man
Curtis Smallwood was awakened last September by his friend’s cat, Artemis, pawing at his legs, alerting him to a life-threatening situation. He escaped through the back door, saving the cat as the cat saved him. artemis the cat saves man from fire, four families left homeless after lexington, kentucky apartment fire, I would have been so devastated. This was the first thing I was worried about…was my kitty cat.,

Dog saves Pirate Cove woman from fox
Pat Bond was walking her dog, Ruby Jane, last summer when she was attacked by a fox. Ruby Jane leapt in and pulled the fox away. Bond then flagged down a doctor neighbor who took her to the ER. Patricia Bond bitten by fox , Pat Bond rabies treatment after fox bite, Rabid fox killed after attacking Patricia Bond,

Black and white cat saves owner
Susan March-Armstrong lay unconscious on her bathroom floor as her husband, Kevin, slept one room away in their English home last summer. Luckily for Susan, Kevin was awakened by their cat, Charley, licking his face, pawing his hand and then leading him to the bathroom. Susan March-Armstrong had a potentially fatal hypoglycaemic attack, Kevin gave his wife a life-saving glucose injection, Cat Protection League’s Hero Cat award,

dog Autumn finds missing Scott
Jason Moser’s dog, Autumn, saved the day last summer when she found missing 5-year-old Scott Meyer, Scott, who is autistic, was huddled against a tree after being missing overnight. dog Autumn went up an embankment and turned hard right to find missing boy, Scott Meyer missing 20 hours, dog Autumn to get her own steak or hamburger for dinner for finding missing boy,

dog Peyton saves family
Family dog Peyton is credited with saving the lives of Sharon Berger and her two sons in Plainfield, Illinois, last May. When their house caught fire in the middle of the night, it was his barks that woke the family so they could escape. Plainfield fire started after her sons used the backyard fire pit, dog Peyton saves family named after football player Peyton Manning, Plainfield fire caused between $350,000 and $400,000 in damage,

newly adopted cat saves owners life
Less than 24 hours after Amy Jung adopted Pudding the cat, he saved her life. The quick-thinking cat nipped at her face while she was sleeping and when she didn’t respond, went to wake her son. Amy Jung had diabetic seizure, Pudding is now being registered as a therapy animal,

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