Wtc Collapse

October 15, 2010 by USA Post 

Wtc Collapse, The former governor of Minnesota, ex-Navy SEAL and retired wrestler for Jesse Ventura raised some important questions unanswered about the 9 / 11 attacks in a heated exchange on national television yesterday.

Ventura was appearing on Fox Business News show Eric Bolling, “follow the money” to promote the second installment of its popular program of the conspiracy theory that Tru TV begins tonight at 10pm.

“Never the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Well, 58,000 of my generation died for something that was a lie … this is a lie too.” An angry Ventura Bolling said after the interview, referring to the 9 / 11 attacks.

As Bolling attempted to dismiss questions of Ventura, the former governor repeatedly called simply “the number of studies that have made the 9 / 11?”

The interview became heated Ventura was defending the constitutional right to establish a mosque on Ground Zero in New York.

Bolling, clearly agitated by the position of Ventura, said, “3,000 people died there on 9 / 11?

“And that really killed them? Who really killed them?” Intervened Ventura.

“How can you go there?” Bolling responded, demanding Ventura explain their position on the 9 / 11.

Ventura reached into his pocket, took a picture of the crumbling towers of the World Trade Center on 9 / 11 and said, “You tell me, is that the collapse of a building or a building exploding?”

“It is a building explosion. Not collapsed, it exploded.” Ventura said Bolling took great pains to explain that he was in Manhattan on the day of 9 / 11 and does not question the official version of events.

Bolling then seems to suggest that Ventura never consider that the planes crashed into the twin towers on 9 / 11 saying “I saw the plane fly into the tower. You want to say that not happen?”

Ventura dismissed the idea, saying, “I saw it too”, before launching into the overload of information on the historical context of government-sponsored t*rror*sm as a pretext for war and invasion.

The former governor also gave viewers a preview about the next round of the conspiracy theory, with the promise of a confession visual, aural and written with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for the first time on television.

Infowars Prisonplanet regular readers will know that Ventura concerns deathbed revelations of former Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt, who has been largely ignored by the media for over two years.

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