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September 19, 2010 by Post Team 

Night Of Champions 2010 Results, WWE presents Night of Champions Pay-Per-View this Sunday, September 2010 19. The theme of this particular event is that all of the WWE titles will be contested, plus a few non-title match. Since this announcement, no single party is not the holder but there is always room for more when the PPV is actually transmitted. Also as of this post, the WWE Championship team are not on the line, but will be following the event. We have some compelling games, including a game of No Holds Barred and a six pack challenge match for the WWE title. With that, let’s get a quick look at the characters of the WWE Night of Champions 2010 predictions blog!

First of all, a forecast for the tag titles, or what to do with them. The Hart Dynasty to defend in a Triple Threat for the party that went wrong in Raw. So this game would feature R-Truth/John Hart Dynasty defense against Morrison and Cody Rhodes / Drew McIntyre. If that happens, even if only Drew / Cody, I think it will be the new tag champions.

There are also possibilities that Smackdown GM Theodore Long comes out and says Alberto Del Rio in a one-on-one with Christian, just based on what we saw on Smackdown on Friday. If that happens, Del Rio is the clear favorite as he has yet to lose and a loss would hurt from the start.

As for Big Show vs. CM Punk, the rule seems to have dissolved, with Gallows Lucas now on their own, and punk left as the only member of the final to face Big Show. Show On Smackdown we deliver a right hand punch KO Punk, leaving it on the canvas. The match would be the final moment of Show in the dismantling of SES Punk, or could lead to a new momentum to Punk. He really has not been part of the title picture because of the SES, with the exception of Fatal Fourway. Say Punk wins it, either by some kind of trap or a new person comes Punk friendship.

Now for the securities. First up, Dolph Ziggler defend the title against Kofi Kingston Intercontinental. The provisions or countout or DQ for Ziggler or lose that title. Vickie is likely to be involved again, and we have seen some problems “in paradise” for her and Dolph from NXT. Dolph did not see on Smackdown, so that makes you wonder what will happen next. They could go several ways with the all-Vickie Dolph and Kaitlyn love triangle to make a unique story. Let’s say you win this somehow Dolph, since it has both a presentation and the Zig Zag bed, you can use to finish Annan.

In the women’s division, the Divas and Women’s Championship will be historically unified in the NOC. This will be a Lumberjill match with a team member LayCool the Women’s Championship against Melina Divas Champ. On Smackdown, we saw Michelle with it the “pull from a hat so that she would be the team member against Melina. Layla was not anything for and they did not seem to be joining Michelle at ringside. With this in mind, let to assume that the team is about to LayCool splitsville, Layla is going to cost the victory of Michelle and Melina became the first unified champion in the women’s division.

The title of the United States will be on the line and The Miz will face his former NXT rookie Daniel Bryan. These two individuals have never liked one another and now its time to put up or shutup. A victory by Bryan is a great cornerstone for both he and The Miz. Mrs. clears the title for what soon may be charged in the MITB contract for a grand prize, the WWE title. Bryan If you win this one and the title, I’m hoping Wade Barrett wins, so you can claim two NXT WWE stars were large and ex.

The World Championship is now based around the waist evil of the Big Red Monster, Kane. He put it on the line against Big Brother, The Undertaker in a No-holds Barred competition. It could be the match of the night, or have a lot of slow action. The best option here is Kane finds a way of surviving with the title to continue at a PPV match. Apparently, this is the kind of fight that must end with a buried alive match.

Finally, there is the Six Pack Challenge. You can see a breakdown of the Six Pack Challenge match WWE Matt Clark of Your selection, like mine is that Wade Barrett to win the game because he is using his prize NXT here, basically taking advantage of the opportunity for the title. It has a team of five men who will help out what might come into play. Darren Young could also come into play and cost him the title. Let’s say it comes down to Wade Barrett and Jericho, with the education of his mentor NXT Barrett earlier and taking the WWE title for his first reign.

free to leave your own WWE Night of Champions Feel predictions below. As always, the results will be updated here on the blog from 20:00 EST to 23:00 EST Sunday when the PPV ends. Enjoy!

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