Google Launches Cover Up

July 20, 2010 by USA Post 

Google Launches Cover UpGoogle Launches Cover Up, The saga continues with the Google censorship continued today as it became clear that once again the giant search engine a key term of their pages removed trends.

Alex Jones yesterday asked its readers and listeners to send the concept of “spies from Google to the top of the charts trends in the latest effort to fight against censorship of the company of his films on YouTube.

The term related to a story that details how we prepare Google is closely linked to U.S. intelligence and has a history of censorship and surveillance.

Before long the term had achieved first place with “volcanic” aggregate status (see below – click to enlarge).

As you can see, the effect of the term being pushed to the top of the list of trends is that bloggers and journalists pick up the story and begin to document it. There is a snowball effect and millions of people around the world are most likely to be directed toward history.

However, within half an hour the term had been completely removed by Google and links leading to news story. These actions replicate the activity in the days before Google removed when other terms such as “Obama’s deception ‘,’ Infowars ‘,’ Fall of the Republic Google censorship” and “- that had become some of the most sought issues on the internet.

This is the epicenter of the information war. The events of the past two days have proven that you, our readers, have the power to take the issues we cover and literally make them more widely read articles on the Internet.

Today we ask that you search for “Google Launches Cover Up ‘to make this article one of the most read on the Internet.

America’s Top Secret

In the week the Washington Post is “Top Secret America piece,” a two-year study that reveals how the intelligence community has been explosive growth, there is an increased focus on ghost nets in the U.S. and implications for which is freedom.

Below is a set of links to previous articles we have produced intricate detail how Google is intrinsically linked to the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. government and how there is a great program under a coordinated attack on the open Internet is making the shadow government and their mega corporation bedfellows:

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