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mcqueen_DeadBreaking News,Alexander McQueen|,British designer Alexander McQueen has been found dead after taking his life.
McQueen with his mother Joyce in the Givenchy fashion show in July 1997

(40 years) committed suicide just days after the death of his beloved mother, Joyce, on Tuesday.
His death also comes just three years after his close friend, Isabella Blow – who plucked him from obscurity and helped him become a star – killed herself.
McQueen, who was christened me but he used his middle name to label him, found at his luxury apartment in Mayfair, central London. It is believed he committed suicide by hanging himself.
One of the lines of contemporary, McQ was scheduled to be displayed in the Fashion Week in New York on Thursday afternoon.
Design, the company said in a statement: ‘On behalf of my family McQueen, Alexander McQueen today announced the tragic news which I McQueen, founder and designer Alexander McQueen brand, was found dead in his home.
‘At this stage it is not appropriate to comment on this tragic news, saying only that we are destructive and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with the Li family.
‘I have asked the family’s privacy in order to come to terms with this terrible news, and we hope the media will respect that’.
Two police officers were outside the entrance to his apartment, which is in a six-storey building of red brick.
Scotland Yard said police were called to the property of ambulance services in London 10:20 he was found dead.
According to a police statement said: ‘Next of kin had been informed, but we are waiting for formal identification. Will be an autopsy is scheduled to be in a timely manner, and will open an investigation and lifted in a timely manner. The dead are dealing with non-suspicious’.
Openly gay, McQueen once described himself as the ‘pink sheep of the family’.
He once said: ‘I was sure of myself and nationality, and I’ve got nothing to hide. I went directly from my mother’s womb on the convoy of a gay ‘.
He married his partner, designer, filmmaker George Forsyth in 2000 on a yacht owned by the Prince of the Gambia in Ibiza. A close friend of Kate Moss was bridesmaid.
Alexander McQueen

Loss: a British fashion icon Alexander McQueen killed himself

Function in his Twitter page reveals that he was struggling with grief after the death of his mother last Tuesday.
February 3rd, he wrote: ‘I know followers to leave my country and my mother passed away on me if it did not and will not tear mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx …
Moments later, he added: ‘but life must go on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
Then on Sunday, said: ‘Sunday evening was **** ing awful week, but my friends were great but now I have to some how pull myself together, and ending with ang hell and ample DEAMONS !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
‘His wonderful imagination knows no boundaries because it brings to mind a group after a group of exceptional designs’.
‘At one level, the master’s degree from a wonderful, creating a stunning fashion show that the hybrid design, technology, performance, and the latest was in the genius of modern times’, editor of Vogue, Alexandra Shulman
‘I was a genius. What is a terrible, tragic waste. ‘Designer Katharine Hamnett
It seemed to have recovered a little this week. A recent letter, published on Tuesday, and said: ‘I’m here with my girl Annie wishing Tinkerbell Kerry ****, Merry Festival in New York, you now have 40 girls time to slow it down we believe’.

However, the functions before the death of his mother, another hint that he was suffering from trouble. February 1st, he wrote: ‘from heaven to hell and back again, and life is something funny. Beauty can come from the strangest most places even in the most disgusting ‘.
Within minutes of the break-mail news of his death this afternoon, and Twitter was teeming with thousands of jobs staggering.
Leading lights in the fashion world has also begun to pay tribute.
Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue, said: ‘Lee McQueen influenced a whole generation of designers. Wonderful imagination knows no borders, because it brings to mind a group after a group of unusual designs.
‘At level one, was a master’s degree from the fantastic, creating a stunning fashion show that the hybrid design, technology, performance, and the latest was in the modern Gothic aesthetic genius and adopted by women all over the world. His death is a loss of one of the largest who knew him and a very large number of those who did not ‘.
Whiteley has prosecuted the former Executive Director in McQueen and said: ‘This is sad news. Do not forget it was part of my life. Talent that he who was behind the others. People who worked with him would give 100 per cent and more because it was quite inspiring. This is unimaginable loss to the world of fashion.
‘He was able to bring creativity to whatever he turns his hand, bottles of perfume on every piece of clothing. A dark, dark day to hear this news. As a symbol of British fashion in the loss that can not be imagined ‘.
Designer Katharine Hamnett said: ‘I was a genius. What is a terrible, tragic waste ‘.
Alexander McQueen with a blow on the Isabella in 2003

Document: Alexander McQueen with a blow on the Isabella in 2003

Born in the East End and the son of a taxi driver, McQueen got training in tailoring in Savile Row, in the end bring cases to the Crown Prince, Prince Charles, and got the distinction of selected British designer of the year four times between 1996 and 2003.
He went on to be awarded the Central Bank, as well as being named International Designer of the Year awards in the fashion designer.
McQueen became the ‘naughty boy’ fashion in the world after that was famously discovered by Isabella blow, who was director of fashion Tatler.
She bought all the clothes made by the program for postgraduate studies in 5,000 pounds and was up to in binliners black.
Miss strike killed herself in May 2007 after taking an overdose of weed killer after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She attempted suicide several times before then.
McQueen was forced to deny rumors of a rift between the two men at the time of her death, saying: ‘it’s very much b ****** s. These people do not know what they are talking about. They do not know me. They do not know my relationship with Isabella. It is complete bull ****.
‘People can talk; you can ask of her sisters … This is part of the industry, and they should stay away from my life, or mine, Isabela alive. What I had with Isabella was completely disassociated from fashion and beyond fashion ‘.
McQueen was so distraught from the death of Isabella, he devoted Spring Summer 2008 fashion show in Paris a week for a late friend.
It calls for the exhibition, there was a poster size of fees by Richard Gray. It portrays the triumphant blow, in the McQueen dress and Philip Tracy hood, in a cart pulled by horses to climb into the sky.
Miss the strike and said: ‘My relationship with McQueen began in 1994, when I went to Saint Martins graduate show. I could not get a seat, so I sat down on the stairs and I was just watching, and when the thought suddenly: I love those clothes, they are amazing. Was his first.
‘This was the tailoring and movement, which initially drew me to them. I tried to find him, and I kept calling his mother, but he was on vacation.
She kept saying: ‘It is not here, he is not here’. And said to him: ‘This person is crazy trying to get a hold of you.’ I eventually got to meet him and decided to buy the group: I bought one thing a month and paid him £ 100 a week. He’d dress in a bin liner, I’d look at it and then he’d come to have to withdraw cash with me ‘.
Designer was the youngest of six children. He left school at the age of 16 and went to work in Saville Row to Anderson and Sheppard, which assures customers of Prince Charles and Mikhail Gorbachev, after watching a television program about the shortage of trainees in the field of traditional sewing.
Went to work for Gieves & Hawkes, the theater’s famous Angels & Bermans costumiers, and then worked in Japan and Italy.
He returned to London in 1994, hoping to work in the field of spare style teacher in London, the prestigious Central Saint Martins school of fashion. Thanks to the power, from his post because he was convinced of enrollment in the same session.
After graduating from McQueen establish his own label based in the East End of London.
With the launch of his ‘bumsters’ pants with a belt too low to be detected buttocks, McQueen made famous mark through the tabloids.
He went on to be appointed head designer at Givenchy in 1996, succeeding John Galliano before he joined forces with Gucci, which bought 51 per cent of his company.

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