Yorkshire Pudding

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Yorkshire Pudding, Whether the main course is turkey, beef or ham, Christmas dinners past tend to linger on. Nobody makes the sauce like my mother or grandmother. Mashed potatoes are a must. Or lasagna. Or sweet potato pie. We remember and request favorite dishes, year after year.
And while the roast turkey or beef or ham cooked in front of the stage with many American meals, you still find goose on many menus British and German, although the carp is another roast German favorite. In Australia, where it is now summer, barbecue is often on the menu.
Wikipedia (no relation to Wikileaks) has an interesting tour of the Christmas dinner around the world.
We have an English heritage on both sides of our family and used to go to London a lot so it is perhaps what made me try once a goose for Christmas dinner. Render the fat almost defeated me. These birds are very bold. And once was enough. It was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding since.
Yorkshire is, as my granddaughter would say, easy peasy. (Why that old proverb has become popular among 6-year escapes me). It’s a lot less work than mashed potatoes.
But the days of matchmaking Yorkshire with a standing rib roast and still less a net is long gone. Prices are rising and income is not. Last week, a standing rib at Whole Foods was to 15.99 a pound, and mesh, and 26.99, down $ 27.99.
At Stop & Shop, the rib roast was going for and 11.49, but it was not certified to hormones and antibiotics such as meat at Whole Foods. Bottom round roast and 5.49 and was a graduate was on sale for $ 4.49.
King had a prime rib for only 9.99 and a pound and a round nut for $ 4.99, but again these are not certified antibiotic and hormone free.
Turkey is an economical alternative. You can buy a frozen Butterball to Stop & Shop for 1.69 and a pound or frozen organic bird and 3.99 pound. You can also get a bird farm fresh poultry Goffle road for a reasonable price. And if you want to try a goose, this is the place to get it.
Fresh ham, much more expensive than Turkey, which can produce a large roast. When I was a kid, it was the traditional New Year meal is a roast ham with pineapple rings and cherries on top. My husband does not like ham so now I’m doing a pork roast, but I miss the ham and pineapple.
I have not found much in the way of fresh ham in cases in local markets if I’m sure you can be asked. What I found was a lot of par-cooked ham, cut into spiral with varying prices.
Stop & Shop had Cook spiral sliced to 3.29 and the pound and boar’s head and 5.99. There was a brand called Luxury at $ 2.99. Hatfield King had a spiral sliced ham for ham and 3.99 and small mention “Jim Beam Bourbon” to 6.99 and the pound.
After considering all options, and talk to a butcher at Whole Foods, I decided on my usual beef for Christmas dinner, but with a twist. I’ll buy a “spoon” roast to 9.99 and the pound.
Spoon is not an effective reduction of meat, but the name given to a sirloin roast is supposed to be so tender you can eat with a spoon. Food bloggers and Web have all sorts of tips on cooking. One of my favorites includes Yorkshire pudding as a side.

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