Women’s Equality Day

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Women’s Equality Day, The 26 of August is marked as Women’s Equality Day in the US, when the public eye can sincerely realize how far females from every walk of life have come. In spite of the fact that there are 157 million documented women living in the US as of the 2010, as reported by the Census, not one woman has ever become president in America.

We’ve leaped over hundreds of hurdles yet the finish line seems to be getting farther away. Elections are all about voting, and while about 46 percent of women voted in the 2010 election, almost 67 percent were actually registered to vote.

Currently, the political climate may be enough for that other percentage of women who didn’t vote before, to do so this time around. This is all thanks to a certain outrageous remark from republican senator Todd Akin who made the jaw-dropping “legitimate rape” statement. He made it clear that women’s bodies are almost always able to prevent a pregnancy if the cause was rape.

Infinite amounts of voters do not agree with Akin, as 32 thousand pregnancies are a result of a women having been raped in America. Although Akin did say he misspoke about his past comments, he still believes the unborn victims of sexual assault should not be punished for the crime that had taken place along with the victims themselves.

Since his comment, public outburst through videos, tweets, and blogs have been flooding the internet from both sexes. Twitter alone seems to be flaring up with comments on the topic with #legitimaterape. One Twitter user, Jennifer Gunter tweeted No one says #legitimaterape accidentally. Ever.

“We have a long way to go,” said Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild who is a research associate at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University and author of Equality and Revolution: Women’s Rights in the Russian Empire, 1905-1917.

Women of past centuries have suffered for the ones that live today and knowing that some of them choose to not exercise their right is quite surprising. On the other side of the fence, there is the League of Women Voters, an organization that contributed to helping women gain the right to vote.

“In a world where boy babies are more desirable than girl babies, that attitude remains in the society, and is found in job discrimination, abuse of women, and is carried on into the next generation,” explained Shirley Taylor, founder of bWe Baptist Women for Equality which promotes reclaiming women’s equality in churches and homes as well as a blogger advocating for Christian women’s equality.

Ultra feminist or not, yet another on-going debate sparks up anger in the community made up of the female gender. The wage war, the theory suggests that women almost always make less than men. Unfortunately, the results are quite sickening as the numbers stated on are loud and clear. Doctors who are men are said to make 12 thousand dollars more than their womanly counterparts. All around average yearly earnings for full-time women workers earned 77.4 percent of what men had earned in 2010.

The Bureau of Labor Statics explained why there was such a wage gap between the sexes. One reason being that some women will take off time because family concerns that come up, such as raising children or taking care of elder family members. A different possibility is stated that women tend to take helping positions which pay out lower salaries.

Though, other research that has been done shows that is not the case, measuring the profession of some women over the years compared to men with no interruptions, still making less money. “It’s an ongoing struggle but there’s been progress,” said Ruthchild about women’s rights as a whole.

Glancing past the numbers, there are pristine chances for improvement, women in the US are sticking together and getting through the fragments of discrimination that haunt them. has petitions which can be signed in order to make a difference, including women’s rights. Petitions like not making Lego’s girly and leave the color like it is while another petition is up about having hospitals not refuse rape survivors.

Ruthchild recommends women to be engaged in the political process and be aware of what is going on in that sector. She is taking part in producing Left on Pearl, a documentary scheduled to come out in early 2013 about the women’s liberation movement. While Taylor is busy encouraging women to be stronger better, more self-confident souls with Commit to 5, a simple plan of action that helps women empower themselves on

Women’s equality is an issue that runs through the roots of society and is something engrained deeply into what the people believe. The country of origin should not matter who is allowed to celebrate the holiday as each and every women should have the sensation of being equal to their opposite. If this holiday is foreign, take the opportunity to adopt it and know that equality should not depend on gender.

“Most importantly, on this day, recognize that for centuries women have had to fight for equality. If your attitude needs to be changed, be open to changing your own attitude, said Taylor. The right for women should be given, not granted.

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