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Tucker Carlson, Radley Balko writes that Tucker Carlson is absolutely out of his mind, “says Michael Vick” should be executed “for killing dogs in a cruel manner hatefully. What really surprises me is that Radley
Not only did he not come back the comments but the appellant is to promote the newspaper clip on its front page. This means that the appellant daily trumpeting the idea that its founder believes the government should kill a man because he was cruel to his animals.

Now, if Tucker is actually proposing a law for the death penalty for killer dogs, then yes, it’s crazy. But I suspect his comment was more in the spirit of the infamous remark Bill Bennett would be “morally plausible, although difficult, as a matter of law, to execute drug traffickers. I have a very low opinion of the position that Bennett staked there, because I think it was based on a misunderstanding of what drugs do to the average user. (It was a myth in the 80s – which, to a large extent, persists despite the efforts of reformers libertarian -. That sudden crack would instantly transform an otherwise upright citizen in a desperate addict, without free will) But applying this kind of feeling that Vick does not seem to me as completely mad dog tortured to death really shock the conscience in a way that causes a deep instinct draconian in many of us. Jonah Goldberg does a good job of explaining the philosophical underpinnings of this instinct in this column 2007 on Vick.

But I suspect that the reason that the music video reviews Tucker is also a prominent place on a roll call is not to make a point of law or moral as to attract traffic and draw attention to a charitable cause who cares about Tucker. Note that the clip below, the appellant has an ad for the Washington Animal Rescue League with Tucker and Ana Marie Cox, the couple bipartisan strange animals for adoption. Warli I visited for the first time a few weeks ago when Tucker and Ana held a small reception there. A shelter that provides beautifully furnished animals – many of them abused – and gives them new life by training them in appropriate animals is an institution that is very worthy of the support animal lovers. If Tucker is a little crazy positioning mainly to focus attention on Warli, it is in progress (in speaking of canines) crazy like a fox.

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