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Top Misspelled Words, Commonly misspelled English words Within a particular field of study, such as computer graphics, other words might be more common for misspelling, such as “pixel” misspelled as “pixle” (or variants “cesium” and “caesium”). Sometimes words are purposely misspelled, as a form in slang, abbreviations, or in song lyrics, etc.

In general writing, some words are frequently misspelled, such as the incorrect spelling “concensus” for “consensus” found in numerous webpages on the Internet. Other common misspellings include “equiptment” (for “equipment”), “independant” (for “independent”), “readible” (for readable), or “usible” (for usable/useable).

Because many words can be extended with prefixes (such as “un-” or “anti-” or “re-“) or suffixes (such as “-ly” or “-ing” or “-ness”), a comprehensive list of words prone to misspelling would contain thousands of variations from combining prefixes or suffixes (or both) added to the root words. To limit the scope to common words, the top 350 words are considered (according to various sources).

A misspelling in English might be made by someone used to a different spelling in another language; for example, “address” is translated “adresse” in French and German. Many Spanish words are similar or identical to English words, but with an “n” inserted, or replacing an “m”, leading to errors: “inmigrant” from “inmigrante”, “cementery” from “cementerio”, “confortable”. The English word ‘loose’ reasonably looks like it should be pronounced as ‘lose’ to Germans, as in German the lone ‘s’ often has the sound of an English ‘z’, and a lone ‘o’ in English very seldom has the ‘oo’ sound.

There can be confusion over a plural possessive form. If the singular is “book’s title” and the plural “books’ titles”, the latter can appear as “book’s”, or even “books’s”. The plural can be written with an erroneous apostrophe (“grocer’s apostrophe” in Britain): “apple’s and pear’s”. Elision can lead to misspelling: “doesn’t”, where the apostrophe represents the elided “o”, can be misspelled “does’nt”.

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