Yankees Alex Rodriguez

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Yankees Alex Rodriguez, In case you hadn’t noticed, New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez has fallen out of favor a bit in New York. He has been wretched in the playoffs and even been benched as of late. That’s right, $30 million on the bench. Ouch.

Well, relief could be in site for both the Yankees and A-Rod. A source tell that what began as a casual joke between Yankees president Randy Levine and Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, has now developed into relatively serious trade discussions.

The source said that Loria said that “Alex is Mr. Miami; it would be great if he played here for us.”

Miami is A-Rod’s hometown. He has a no-trade clause, but he would probably waive that for the chance to get the hell out of dodge – where he’s public enemy #1 – and go back home.

However, Yankees GM Brian Cashman threw water on the story.

“I have had no discussions whatsoever with the (Miami) Marlins,” Cashman said. “Certainly would never have any trade discussions under the circumstances. I certainly have not had any discussions with any GMs other than the pregame meetings with Dan Duquette with the Orioles, with the umpires and then with Dave Dombrowski (of the Tigers). But I’ve had no trade discussions, so false. One hundred percent false.”

No GM would lie, would they? Of course not.

Rodriguez is saying that he doesn’t want out.

“I love the Yankees. I love this organization,” Rodriguez said. “My focus right now is to help this team come together and win a game. Do not allow all this negativity and questions and gossip stuff or this crap or that crap, let’s just focus on winning a game and go from there What I will tell you is I hope nothing is going on like that at this point because our only focus, from top to bottom, is to win a baseball game right now.”