Kinder Morgan

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Kinder Morgan, Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) shares together more than 6% Friday morning after their entry into the New York Stock Exchange in an IPO and 2.87 billion – the largest announced private equity-backed U.S. history – the evidence that investor appetite is back to markets. The shares rallied, even if they were quoted at 30.00, and above the estimated range of between and 26 – and 29. The value of transactions has also been boosted to 95.5 million shares of 80 million.

This objective is the initial upward evidence that investors are back in the game, and it is nothing if not an encouraging sign for the industry’s capital after a period of three dark years. Last year, several IPOs Private Equity has been delayed indefinitely sustained in the face of prospects sour.

Oil and gas Pipeline Company the arm of Goldman Sachs Private Equity, Riverstone Holdings, The Carlyle Group, Highstar Capital, and President and CEO Richard D. Kinder owns Kinder Morgan. Goldman PE unit is said to sell more shares to 39 million, while CEO Kinder will not sell any.

Power Corporation Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) gave new impetus to IPOs of venture capital backed, rising more than 5% on its first day as a public company Friday.

The increase was even after increasing the size of the transaction and a higher price than expected.

The stock opened at 31.70 and a share on the New York Stock Exchange, up 5.7% from its initial offering price of $ 30, and was recently changed hands at 31.74 and, up 5.8%. A total of 95.5 million shares, 15.5 million more than expected, were sold at a price above its expected and 26 to 29 and wide.

“It’s a very optimistic sign for private equity to debt, and it will give them a swagger they consider IPOs,” said Scott Rostan, director and founder of the band The Street financial services company learning. “It will probably have a domino effect, where we will refile HCA, and Toys R Us, Dunkin Donuts, Hilton, and perhaps even try to Harrah’s.”

Kinder Morgan gains follow the success of private equity-owned consumer behavior tracker Nielsen Holdings NV (NLSN) and 1.89 billion months last raise, which increased by almost 9% on its first day of trading and was up 9.5% Friday, and 23 of its IPO price.

Kinder Morgan is offering even greater. A $ 2.87 billion, is the largest IPO of private equity-backed never seen the United States, according to data tracker Dealogic. President and CEO Richard D. Kinder, the private, own the company equity arm of Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS), Highstar Capital LP, Carlyle Group and Riverstone Holdings LLC.

Kinder Morgan Inc. owns interests in a trio of energy companies devoted to pipelines, but its main source of income is Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (KMP), a pipeline operator traded generates 95% of the money runs in his parent through partnership distributions. Kinder Morgan Inc. plans to pay a significant portion of its cash through a dividend yield estimates of 4% per year.

(AP) – Shares of Kinder Morgan pipelines are increasing in their market debut after the company raised 2.86 billion and an expanded range offering, the largest ever for an American company backed by companies private equity.

Strong demand for shares of the company sends an encouraging signal to investment companies wishing to sell their holdings.

The pipeline operator shareholders of Houston – Goldman Sachs, Highstar Capital LP, The Carlyle Group and Riverstone Holdings, which took the company private in 2007 – has sold 95.5 million shares and 30 for each. Kinder Morgan said it expects to sell 80 million shares and 26 and 29 each.

Shares earn $ 2, or 6.7 percent, and 32 to the New York Stock Exchange Friday under the symbol “KMI.”

News 12

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News 12, (AP) – Natalie Portman drama ballet “Black Swan” leads contenders Monday for the Price of Critics’ Choice cinema with a record 12 nominations, including best film and actor.

Other nominated best film was the story of survival “127 hours”, the saga of boxing “The Fighter”, the smash sci-fi “Inception,” the tale British monarchy “The King’s Speech,” the chronicle Facebook “The Social Network, “the thriller heist” The City “, the animated blockbuster” Toy Story 3, “western” True Grit “and Crime Ozarks son” Bone winter. ”

Presented by the 250 members of the Association of Film Critics broadcast, prices 16th edition will be presented Jan. 14 during a ceremony at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. VH1 will broadcast the show live.

Along the appointment of Natalie Portman lead actress honors for “Black Swan” includes a slot for supporting actress Mila Kunis and a nomination for directing Darren Aronofsky.

“The King’s Speech” and “True Grit” were second with 11 nominations each.

Among “The King’s Speech” honors were nominated for best actor Colin Firth and support slots for Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush. “True Grit” star Jeff Bridges has also received a best actor nomination, while his newcomer co-star, 14 Hailee Steinfeld, had two nominations, as supporting actress and best young actor or actress.

Also won two acting appointments were “Winter’s Bone” star Jennifer Lawrence, supporting both leading actress and best young actor or actress, and Chloe Moretz, who won two seats in the young actor or class actress for the action comedy “Kick-Ass” and the story vampire “Let Me In.” Her competition includes “Let Me In” co-star Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Elle Fanning completed the category of history father-daughter “somewhere “.

Furthermore Portman and Lawrence, candidates best actress were Annette Bening for the history of lesbians in the family “The Kids Are All Right”, Nicole Kidman for drama mourning kin “Rabbit Hole”, Naomi Raptor for the thriller “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, “and Michelle Williams for the tale marriage” Blue Valentine “.

Join Firth and bridges in the category Best Actor: Robert Duvall for backcountry romp “Get Low”, Jesse Eisenberg for “social network”, James Franco for “127 hours”, “. Blue Valentine “and Ryan Gosling for

While “The Fighter” star Mark Wahlberg missed a nomination for Best Actor, co-Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo all have got a place to support action.

For best director, Aronofsky is cons Danny Boyle for “127 hours”, Joel and Ethan Coen for “True Grit,” David Fincher “The Social Network, Tom Hooper for” The King’s Speech, “and Christopher Nolan for” Inception “.

Appointments to the critical part of a wave of honors film that will help you determine the running for the award Feb. 27 Academy, whose appointments will be announced Jan. 25. The biggest announcements this week are the nominations for Golden Globe Tuesday and the Screen Actors Guild nominations Awards Thursday.

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Yahoo Layoffs

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Yahoo Layoffs, Yahoo has founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang. It has since evolved into a major internet brand with search, vertical content, and other Web services.

Yahoo called this number “misleading”. But layoffs do not seem to be brewing, judging by the increasing number of tips we received.

On 23 November, an informant wrote that the dismissals were “officially happens after Thanksgiving but before Christmas 2010.” Then yesterday, we began to tip the layoffs would begin today. Some group’s products that seem to be the target of cuts include Flickr and Yahoo Groups.

Another anonymous tipster wrote:

Go to work earlier and it seems that all conference rooms reserved and can not find my manager. Layoffs at Yahoo today? If a meeting with flickr early and head of listings in New York and mysterious no people appear Flickr. . . . Weird for the whole team for not showing at the regular meeting important.

And employee self-proclaimed reports of Yahoo Groups:

My team has just been reduced by 22% of Yahoo management are idiots. How do they expect us to meet our targets for 2011 now?

Keep in mind that these tips are anonymous and are nothing more than anecdotal at best. But they suggest that these layoffs may be starting. Yahoo will not confirm or deny anything. A spokesman sent me the following boilerplate declaration:

Yahoo is still evaluating the costs to match the financial goals of the company. Beyond that, we do not comment on rumors or speculation.

Fresno Bee

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Fresno BeeFresno Bee, The ferocious blows that hosts high-profile conservative talk show John and Ken Meg Whitman delivered over the airwaves LA this week clearly shows that its gross untruthiness not playing any better right than it is to the left.

“If she will be with us during the process of participation then the hell with it,” said John Kobylt, half the dynamic duo is featured in the “John and Ken Show.”

Schwarzenegger did after being elected twice, and then we tax the thread … She is lying about immigration now.”

Broadcast with his partner Ken Chiampou, the popular daily show 2-7 pm at the KFI-AM 640 is a megaphone loud during hardcore conservative views, and a touchstone of Southern California for the true believers on the right . Aware of offending the party’s base, the Republican candidates of all types, including EMEG, covet political blessing of the frequency of entertainment, if ideologically reflexive couple apostates who routinely savage the Republican Party to ask for his “head on a pike .

This week, blew his own head on his recent show Megness gussying of herself as a sort of moderate on immigration issues, mounting a campaign of luxury, several Spanish media to attract Latino voters with kissing sounds poo after portraying herself in the GOP primary as the fiercest scourge of illegals from Sheriff Joe Arpaio

John and outrage of Ken Whitman transparency, procurement of 180 degrees was the focus of verbal attacks from them and their partners in radio this week, and also decorated its homepage with a huge “Stop pandering” headed by up a call to action for listeners to contact the Whitman campaign and “tell him not to take their vote for granted and stop pandering to the multitude of open borders!”

Worse for Whitman, the couple shelled splenetic outrage in the evening news of the main KTLA-TV, where they also have a regular performance. The episode, Brown’s campaign posted on its page You Tube of insulting parrots EMEG to proclaim their opposition to Proposition 187, to claim the Spanish language in an opinion that she and Krusty are virtually identical on immigration – “Jerry Brown is amnesty!” – and to escape the awkward postures struck in the competition for the support of the right against Steve Poizner defeated in the GOP primary. John said

She is saying one thing in Spanish and English on the contrary … She will lose white, black and Asian votes he will lose a lot of votes from conservatives and independents, if she is acting like she is two faces and acting like two-faced … I can not believe that anger out of the phone lines.

Whitman spokeshuman Sarah Pompei said: “Meg is the best candidate for Californians who want to see the laws enforced and our borders secure.”

Until next time: EMEG unveils new ad buys 2 million charge John and Ken, Calitics and CNA are plotting to stop it – He refuses to be stopped! – The California lease no.

Three points show: Interesting to note that sudden flip flop Carly Fiorina in unemployment insurance legislation in the Senate comes the same day new Field Poll shows that 53 percent of their followers – not to mention 71 percent of independent – in accordance with Roe v. Wade, the hurricane has pledged to undo. Must be getting a bit “out there alone on the far right, despite the horse’s ass sez George Will on how to incorporate it is …

You know you’re in trouble when the New York Times recalled Gov. Gray Davis ready to give advice on saving his presidency sinks … News to us that you can still see the great spectacle of Watergate-era newspaper “Lou Grant” in reruns. Where the hell are Rossi and Billy when you need them? … Congratulations to Coco Timesman Steve Harmon for flying the flag MSM EMEG called to account for their transgressions Pinocchio.