Wrong House Demolished

July 18, 2013 by · Comments Off on Wrong House Demolished 

Wrong House Demolished, A demolition crew near Fort Worth, Texas did a tremendous job tearing down a home last Friday. There was one little problem, though.

They tore down the wrong house.

City crews were supposed to tear down a home at 9708 Watercress Drive in Fort Worth, but they instead dismantled the house next door.

No one with the city would talk to reporters from KTVT until an investigation was complete, but they did call the mixup a “mistake.” The station was not able to contact the owner of the demolished property.

They did say, though, that the house was vacant and that public utilities had been disconnected before demolition work began.

Stephen Neumann, a resident of the neighborhood where the wrong house got taken down, says that he couldn’t figure out what the crew was doing at a relatively well-built home.

“I (saw) an excavator tearing that house down, and I was wondering why,” Neumann said. “It wasn’t all that bad, when this one next door has been needing tearing down for years.”