Woman’s Bra eBay

October 29, 2012 by · Comments Off on Woman’s Bra eBay 

Woman’s Bra eBay, In aid of Breast Cancer Campaign, the world’s largest bra (and a Guinness World Record) is up for sale on eBay. The bra, made of lightweight spinnaker sail nylon would fit a woman with a size 1360 B bust, the under-bust measurement is 26.72 metres!

Guinness World Records rules state that to be certified the World’s Largest Bra, the record-attempt bra has to be an exact scaled-up replica of a bra on sale at the moment – It is, the original bra came from Debenhams and you can still buy it should you wish a more modest sized garment.

If you want to support Breast Cancer Campaign (or if you just fancy owning a bra weighing in at some 90kg) bidding is open and the auction ends on the 28th October and more information is available on the World Record Bra website.