Woman Master Cooking at 55

November 2, 2012 by · Comments Off on Woman Master Cooking at 55 

Woman Master Cooking at 55, Women master their culinary skills only when they hit the age of 55, a new survey has found. Researchers in the UK found that even master cooks experience their fair share of dinner disasters over the years, ranging from collapsed souffles and leathery joints of beef to soggy vegetables and under-done eggs. Confirming that it takes decades to learn all the tricks of the kitchen, the survey found that the average woman does not become a perfect cook until she reaches 55, the Telegraph reported.

Women gather the confidence by that age and experience to throw together baking ingredients without weighing them, make a tasty supper out of random leftovers, put on a dinner party.

Researchers found that women who have reached their mid-50s have a repertoire of more than 15 meals they can quickly rustle up, have mastered the timings for a roast dinner.

The survey of 1,000 women found that 85% of respondents aged 55 and over could confidently cook a perfect fried or boiled egg, and 80% could make a delicious meal from random ingredients. Half of the respondents said they never used artificial sauces and always made their own, and three-quarters said they regularly baked cakes and biscuits.

Two-thirds in this age group can confidently cook bread from scratch and 55% know which herbs should go with which meats.