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Neshaminy School District, Neshaminy School District serves the municipalities of Middletown Township, Langhorne, Langhorne Manor, Penndel, Hulmeville, and Lower Southampton Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Students Middletown Levittown Division also attends these schools. About 9500 students attend public schools, and more than 1000 students attend private elementary schools, not including child care, and about 1500 students attend private secondary schools in various other areas, but are transported by Neshaminy School District.

Neshaminy School District serves a large and diverse student population. Students understand many different backgrounds racial, ethnic and economic. Municipalities that are served to have lower range of middle class families for very wealthy families. The school district is also a district Blue-Ribbon School award, Maple Point Middle School have been awarded, and Neshaminy High School.

In June 2006, the Neshaminy School District started a massive 82 million renovation of Neshaminy High School, which was originally built as a combination high school and junior high school in the 1950s. Most of the original structure was demolished and completely rebuilt. All that remained were two gyms and the circular library, but all three received major renovations. The construction was nearly complete for the 2009-2010 school year, with some projects still to complete. It was also the first year of ninth grade students participated in high school.

Neshaminy School District as many school districts across the country has experienced the problems of declining enrollment, although the surrounding areas continue to grow. Most facilities were built during the Neshaminy fifties and sixties, after the construction of Levittown and development that followed. The families then usually had five or more children, compared to the average of two children now. The school district has been combining schools and closing others down. The first significant example was the merger of Neshaminy Middle East Maple Point. Maple Point was the establishment, larger and more efficient than Neshaminy. Maple Point was built in 1970 and has been serviced regularly. It has air conditioning, a very modern look, a larger structure, and vast tracts of land, and thus was chosen as the school to keep. Neshaminy, which was built in the 1960s and in dire need of renovation, has been closed; the land can be sold in ever-increasing needs of the St. Mary’s Hospital across the street. The only asset of Neshaminy has a swimming pool, which does not Maple Point. Now that two more schools in the district have a pool, and those Carl Sandburg East, which serves the Levittown sections, and Poquessing Middle School. The same process is planned for elementary schools.

The first meeting of 2011 of the Neshaminy School Board. They presented a preliminary budget showing an estimated 11 million and the budget deficit. In addition, the budget is presented this time in advance to allow time to put a public referendum on the ballot in March, as necessary, to increase farm income. Part of the deficit is due to an injection of stimulus money in 2010, which is no longer available. The board will discuss the budget, where they can reduce the current effects and contract negotiations will have on the CLS budget 2011-2012 for the next six months. (The budget will be mailed by January 19 to

Unfortunately, the school district will be in position to take the difficult decisions he has so far off. This includes delaying the implementation of kindegarten full day closure of the school buildings are not used to full capacity, cut programs and reviewing outsourcing solutions. The main reason the district is facing this is due to contracts scandal that NFT have been awarded over the past 35 years, which constitutes 80% of the school budget! In no other industry labor costs constitute a significant percentage of the operating budget. By law, Act 1, the district cannot even make enough money for through taxes. And in this economic climate, it is unlikely that such a referendum would pass.

School districts in the area – Berks, Upper Dublin, and Somerset – are to submit budgets with equally grim prospects. The problem is not resolved at local level if the unions do not cooperate, back to reality and teachers make their union representation to negotiate in good faith for the benefit of all stakeholders in the community. In Neshaminy, this will not happen. Their union leaders are blocking the talks and selfish sighing things in the media with lies and misinformation. Lousie Boyd, president NFT, offers no facts to support any claim she makes, including his request that the Neshaminy School Board is located in the public dissemination of inaccurate information and even distorting the budget figures. However, you cannot say the numbers. Since unions do not negotiate in the areas of reality are the politicians to change laws and loosen compression fittings to have in the Statehouse and Washington. It is also clear password of waiting for the unions to be cooperative.

So the solution lies with taxpayers and parents to lobby their state and federal officials to stop the influence of unions in government. There must be a high turnout in school board meetings to support councils who take a stand against the outrageous contract demands. Taxpayers must stay engaged in conversation, do their research, candidates matter, keep elected officals accountable and ensure that children’s interest is at the forefront and not in the pockets of teachers’ unions eager.


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