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WGAL WEATS-EX-R, Weather reports earlier this week predicted much of the falling snow or rain now would be a “winter blend,” an update on the conditions of lists can now six to nine inches of snow in our area.
Students all over Susquehanna Valley a pleasant surprise when they peaked out the window Tuesday morning to find roads lined with snow already at seven o’clock in the morning. Expects a jump, but when WGAL Penn Manor has not shown with a delay or closing, those hopes turned into fear.

The drivers were tested as they went on snowy roads of Lancaster for students who come to school.

“The roads were really dangerous,” said senior Katie Maisel. “We certainly should have been off.”

After several students came in just before the normal 7:40 am, teachers have received an email informing students and teachers than elementary schools in the district have been closed and an early dismissal for school students was in the works. The school has followed the licensing program at the beginning.

With snow expected in the forecast, Penn Manor could get a postponement of the school on Friday. According to meteorologist Eric Horst Millersville, snow should start during the night and end in the early morning hours, accumulating 2-5 inches on the ground.

During the day Friday, it will be active with teenagers raised in the twenties, and wind gusts of 15 to 25 mph, “more or less,” said Horst.

According WGAL, there will be a winter weather advisory from 19 pm tonight, continuing through Friday 9 am, it can cause travel difficulties and limited visibility.

“This will be the coldest air of winter,” expressed Horst. Saturday will be a high around 20 degrees and wind chill will be felt as zero.


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Wgal, With each passing day, the nation faces over the winter storms and snow. With snow falling and rising expectations of cold weather in the coming days, people are looking for ways to get updates on road conditions, weather and news on the closure of schools and roads. WGAL news channels and that focus on local news only, are the most watched television channels, as they provide updates on weather conditions and roads.

Lancaster WGAL Channel is a licensed local news for the South Central Pennsylvania. It is affiliated with NBC. WGAL has a long history of excellent broadcasting services for local residents. It was founded in March 1949 and was the fourth television channel of Pennsylvania at the time of its founding. The channel broadcasts its program color for the first time in 1954 and the first color TV program was the coverage of the Rose Parade. Although WGAL has always been affiliated with NBC, which broadcasts some programs

channels such as CBS, ABC, and Dumon until 1963. WGAL was owned by the Steinman family owns some news channels and newspapers as well. The family sold the channel Steinman Pulitzer in 1978 and the new owner brought many changes in the structure of the channel program. Under the ownership of Pulitzer, WGAL became the first state channel, which broadcasts in stereo. In its 50th year, the channel was sold to Hearst-Argyle Television.

WGAL is the state television in which he gives 21 hours of local news each week. WGAL has been ranked in the top lists of television channels in the United States. WGAL has its own weather radar.