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WCPSS, How ironic that the school district lawyers are threatening to withdraw their children from nearby schools and drive 5 to 10 miles private, charter or parochial schools if the school board increased the number of students assigned to their neighborhood school. Could it be that their “neighborhood” has increased … encompass all of Wake County? Was not this the home base when WCPSS has been created? High standards and expectations in each school reflect our community values and helped to balance resources. For 35 years, governors and the cooks, the presidents of banks and ATMs, doctors and nurses, lawyers and clerks, school teachers and university groundskeepers all chose to send their children to schools Wake County public. The inclusion of “neighborhood” and its schools have been so good that families across the United States went to Wake County in droves because of its high school.

Proximity does not equal a good education. So, for proponents of school district, stop hiding behind “not in my neighborhood schools” and give us an actual plan based on research, resources and regional community input.

The Wake County Public School System offers over 125 training programs online career in 2011. The unemployment figures in December 2010 for Wake County show that over 33,600 people actively seeking work by the Security Commission of NC jobs. To help job seekers Triangle, the Department of Community Services ofWCPSS has partnered with ed2go expand accredited courses of six months in a number of high-demand fields like information technology, to design, medicine, crafts, games, etc.

Added a new course in January to train medical coders using ICD-10 coding system will be implemented in the health care industry by October 1, 2013. The federal government mandated the modification of ICD-10 medical coding system. Health professionals will need to use the coding in the insurance processing, reimbursement and data collection statistics.

“I’ve had phone calls. I recently spoke with a nurse who wanted to learn more about the courses we offer, “said Beth Lynch, coordinator of online learning. “It seems that the health care industry will be largely affected by the implementation, so I think we can expect to see students who want to be ready for the transition begins to register with the ICD-10 Coding medical training program online in the coming years months. ”

Vocational training in green energy and sustainable jobs in the field is also expected to increase in 2011. Currently, WCPSS offers eleven different courses that teach skills for job seekers to obtain jobs in the industry more green:

Fort Bragg

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Fort Bragg, 261 acres added to Carvers Creek Nature Conservancy ParkThe State Park continues to build in the counties of Cumberland and Harnett

DURHAM – January 4, 2011 – sculptors Creek state park continues to grow – thanks to The Nature Conservancy. Conservation of 1.261 acres recently moved to Cumberland County to the Division of the North Carolina Parks and Recreation.

Earlier this year, the Conservancy transferred 1,435-acre farm in Harnett County Rockefeller State. The Conservancy has protected 4,181 acres in Cumberland and Harnett counties, which are now part of sculptors Creek state park.

“This magnificent property,” says Ryan Elting, Sandhills Conservation Program Director. “In the past year, we have restored over 620 acres of marsh is the point where they can be maintained with prescribed fire.”

Restored longleaf pine sculptors Creek State Park Photo © Ryan Elting / TNC

Elting said conservation would still need help on the property, assist the state to conduct prescribed burns. Longleaf pine is fire-dependent, fire needing to grow steadily. Fire suppression and development has significantly reduced stands of longleaf pine that once covered nearly a quarter of the state or about 7.2 million acres. Today it is estimated that wetlands cover less than 250,000 acres in North Carolina. Longleaf is especially important for peak endangered by the federal government red cockade, which makes its nest in the life of longleaf pine. Longleaf still holds a special place in the North Carolina official state toast famous “land of the longleaf pine” and the highest state civilian honor of the Order of longleaf pine.

Carvers Creek State Park was established by the General Assembly in North Carolina in 2005. The largest piece of the park is located off of U.S. 401 north of Fort Bragg in Fayetteville adjacent, protection of 2 ½ miles along the eastern border of the base.

“This property has been vital for the love of conservation – it contains vast forests mature longleaf pine and valuable habitats for wildlife, including red-cockaded woodpecker,” said Elting. “And it is also important for the military, the protection of Fort Bragg incompatible development, ensuring that the military can maintain its educational mission.”

Elting credits the Army for its commitment to conservation. “One third of the cost of this parcel of land was covered by the Department of Defense,” he said. “The army is conducting conservation on the front of the stage in the dunes. Two funds of the State Conservation Trust, the Natural Heritage Trust Fund and Parks and Recreation Trust Fund each contributed one third of the total price tag and 11.3.

Carvers Creek State Park is not yet open to the public, but the state has developed a master plan for the park and hired some staff. It is planned to open in 2012.

Harnett County Schools

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Harnett County Schools, Months of planning will end today, December 14 that the Lady Camels will host their first Education Day in the creek. 2,800 fifth graders in Sampson County, Harnett County and Clinton school systems and those of Cape Fear Christian Academy in Erwin will descend on the campus of Campbell for a full day of learning and fun.

The day begins with students arriving and enjoying Campbell Cheerleaders Pep Rally by CU and Gaylord, with the women’s basketball Camel with music, dance and light show. After the rally to encourage the students alternately by three training sessions consisting of a meeting of mathematics and geography, physical education session and a campus visit.

With the mathematics part and geography, students learn about different countries around the world that athletes several CU students tell about their homelands such as Sweden and Finland and is part mathematics is to calculate using various statistical problems Lady Camel season that counts.

In the part of physical education, students will have an explosion of participation in line dancing in the gym McCall and end the practice learning session with a campus tour and all that CU has to offer students.

After the teaching sessions, students will be having lunch before coming to appreciate the action of basketball as the Lady Camels will host the Eagles of North Carolina Central University with tip off set for 11:45. The day is set to be a great experience for all who are able to participate.