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Abc 33 40, IBML announced recently that its employees will help build a new Habitat for Humanity home in Birmingham, AL, on December 9. This is the second consecutive year that the teams of volunteers to help IBML paint, trim work and other tasks to bring the joy of ownership to a family in need during the holidays. Last year, more than 100 employees IBML helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

IBML is working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham, 33/40 ABC and other company’s central Alabama to provide a new home for a particular family this holiday season.

Led by a construction supervisor for Habitat, employees IBML help with the tasks of building a house for Keithon Terry and Catherine and their four children. Keithon is a tutor at the school of Birmingham City, a local preacher, and is seeking a Master of Divinity in Hood seminar. Catherine works at JCCEO and hopes to pursue a master’s degree in secondary education. The family is active in McComb Chapel AME Zion Church where Keithon Catherine and serve in leadership roles.

“Having a home is the best gift a family can have. IBML is therefore pleased to work with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham, 33/40 ABC and other area businesses to help build a house for a needy family. We hope to have a positive impact the lives of Terry’s family – just in time for the holidays, “said President and CEO IBML Derrick Murphy.”This project allows us to continue our commitment to support the Birmingham community and help those in need.”

An international company based in Birmingham, IBML has about 165 employees in the city. The company is a leading provider of document scanning to entities worldwide.

“It’s something we can be proud,” said Catherine Keithon and Terry. “The more we put into our house, the more it will serve our family in the long term. Our sense of family values are reinforced, which will bring us all together to share the joys of not only a house but a home that can be invaluable for future generations. ”

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Whnt 19 Weather, Snow in the Tennessee Valley makes for pretty scenery, but you can not have snow without the cold and extreme cold with just extreme risk. Huntsville emergency room doctor William Fialkowska says frostbite is a real concern in this kind of weather. “The skin becomes pale at first, and then becomes red and swollen. Then, when he becomes pale you lose sensation in your ears, your nose or your fingers. You do not want to rub keep warm because you can do tissue damage. ”
Once your body temperature drops below 92 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia can set in “The symptoms are the mouth and changes in gas, carried by chills, loss of the ability of organizations to maintain the heat of body. They become weak and dizzy and may actually lose consciousness. ”

Dr. Fialkowska said how you dress for the weather is your first line of defense. “Our clothes are dry and layered that all parts of the body that are exposed to cold or wind are covered.”

He says the worst thing you can do in cold weather is drinking alcohol, drinks containing caffeine and cigarette smoke. “Alcohol allows your body to lose heat and not maintain body heat, cigarettes, beta-blockers; people who are older or younger are at greater risk of injury hypothermia. Ultimately, if you do go out, you should have a buddy system, so if you encounter problems with your friend can help you and get you out of this cold environment. “