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Whnt 19 Weather, Snow in the Tennessee Valley makes for pretty scenery, but you can not have snow without the cold and extreme cold with just extreme risk. Huntsville emergency room doctor William Fialkowska says frostbite is a real concern in this kind of weather. “The skin becomes pale at first, and then becomes red and swollen. Then, when he becomes pale you lose sensation in your ears, your nose or your fingers. You do not want to rub keep warm because you can do tissue damage. ”
Once your body temperature drops below 92 degrees Fahrenheit, hypothermia can set in “The symptoms are the mouth and changes in gas, carried by chills, loss of the ability of organizations to maintain the heat of body. They become weak and dizzy and may actually lose consciousness. ”

Dr. Fialkowska said how you dress for the weather is your first line of defense. “Our clothes are dry and layered that all parts of the body that are exposed to cold or wind are covered.”

He says the worst thing you can do in cold weather is drinking alcohol, drinks containing caffeine and cigarette smoke. “Alcohol allows your body to lose heat and not maintain body heat, cigarettes, beta-blockers; people who are older or younger are at greater risk of injury hypothermia. Ultimately, if you do go out, you should have a buddy system, so if you encounter problems with your friend can help you and get you out of this cold environment. “

Waff Weather

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Waff Weather, (AP) – Charlie Sheen was hospitalized Tuesday for a psychiatric evaluation of a woman told police he threw furniture and screaming in his hotel room, a police officer said. His publicist blamed an allergic reaction to a drug.

Police were called to the Plaza hotel security about 2 hours and Sheen appeared intoxicated, the official said. The actor was not arrested and went voluntarily. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about the meeting and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Sheen publicist Stan Rosenfield said the 45-year-old was to be published Wednesday.

“Charlie has an adverse allergic to certain drugs and was taken to hospital,” he said.

It is not known who the woman in the hotel room was. Sheen was in New York on a family holiday. His ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, and their two children, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, were also staying at the hotel in another room, the official said.

Police have not received any complaints from the hotel on any damage. A message left at the historic hotel at the foot of Central Park was not returned.

Sheen, star of CBS ‘Two and a half men, “has had past problems with alcohol and drugs that have earned him legal trouble.

In August, he pleaded guilty in Aspen, Colorado, for the crime of third degree assault after an altercation on Christmas Day with his wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen. Prosecutors dropped charges more serious and he has avoided jail, instead sentenced to 30 days in a rehabilitation center, 30 days probation and 36 hours of anger management.

Mueller Sheen, who is the mother of twins with Sheen, told the police that the actor threatened to kill her and brandished a knife after she told him she wanted a divorce. Charlie Sheen said they argued, but he denied having threatened, and he told police he was upset by the threat of divorce.

Previously, he experienced a bitter divorce and custody battle with Richards. His publicist said Tuesday she had no comment on Tuesday’s meeting hotel.

In December 1996, Sheen was charged with assaulting a girlfriend in his Southern California. Later, he did not contest and was placed on two years probation.

In 1998 his father, actor Martin Sheen, was denounced for violating parole after a cocaine overdose was sent to hospital. He was ordered to undergo a rehabilitation program.

Sheen also starred in such films as “Platoon,”Wall Street” and “Hot Shots! “