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Ut Campus, The Austin Statesman is reporting an “active shooting situation” on the campus of the University of Texas. A spokeswoman said that an “armed suspect” in the Perry-Casta?eda Library (pictured) has skyrocketed. No information on other victims yet. Updates below.

An employee who works down the street said that the warning sirens went around 8:40 am this morning. “The building has been blocked and can not believe you’re letting anyone inside or outside,” he says. The officials allegedly sent a text message around the campus this morning to tell people to stay inside and lock doors. ”

Update 2: Police spokeswoman Rhonda Wheldon AP says “no one [adem?s the gunman] was reported injured.”

Also: Local news in Texas says that a second suspect. And now the university police say they are seeking a second suspect.

Update 3: One of the suspects shot and killed himself with an AK-47 on the sixth floor of the library, according to a spokesman for the UT. “We have no reports of anyone shooting at this point,” he says. Police are still seeking the second suspect. Witnesses report hearing about ten shots.

Noted: a coalition of conservatives and liberals on the UT campus tonight “will be hosted by John Lott, the famous defender of gun rights and author of” More Guns, Less Crime “book.”

Until noon, the campus has been closed and police are still looking for a possible second suspect, the police chief said that “we have a report of a second suspect wearing a hat with a long rifle, dressed in jeans and a top black you’re looking for that may or may not be a white man. ”

Here’s a video of a small army of SWAT team members walking around the UT campus. Creepy.

Texas Shooting

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Texas Shooting, There has been a shooting today at the University of Texas at Austin that involved a gunman wearing a ski mask and carrying a rifle, which fired several shots before shooting himself, leading to his death, according to officials college.

It seems however that there may be another suspect in arms and so the campus is on lock. A campus email was sent by UT President Bill Powers, who said: “The armed suspect is dead. There were no other injuries were reported, according to Russell Goldman on ABC News. In all my time on campus was starting at 8:00 am, a text alert and email was sent to students warning them that an armed suspect was on campus last seen in the Perry Castaneda Library, and ask students to remain where they were.

A high school, Miriam Smith said the area around the library was put into immediate lock, while other classes are dismissed and further said: “I had a 8:00 a.m. this morning class and a student check Twitter and said there a shooter on campus. “SWAT vehicles and agents are armed with automatic weapons on the premises in search of a second gunman and near the library is closed with police tape.

An email alert was sent later said, “If you’re out of school, stay away. If you are on campus, the doors, not leaving the building.” For more information on this, go to Are you a student at the University of Texas and has witnessed any of this incident? Would be interested to hear from you so please send your comments and hope the situation ends with no more damage.

Ut Gunman

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Ut Gunman, A man wearing a ski mask opened fire with an AK-47 in a University of Texas, the library last week, then fatally shot, police said.

Police ended their search for a possible second suspect in the early afternoon, saying authorities believed that the gunman was a student in college and had acted alone. No other injuries were reported.

The campus of nearly 50,000 students – of which the clock tower was the site of one of the disturbances of the nation’s deadliest shooting four decades ago – has been the blockade, while officers with bomb-sniffing dogs conducted a manhunt building by building.

Campus police spokeswoman Rhonda Weldon said a man fired an automatic weapon on the sixth floor of the Perry-Casta?eda Library, then committed suicide. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said the weapon was an AK-47.

Acevedo said police were investigating what he described as a crime scene seconds out of the library, which also fired shots.

Campus Police Chief Robert Dahlstrom said officials later ruled out a second shooter, which explains the initial confusion arose because the gunman was shot in several locations. He said the suspect was wearing dark clothing and a ski mask.

Randall Wilhite, associate professor of law at the university, said he was heading to class when he saw that “students begin fighting behind bins, trees and monuments”, then a young man carrying an assault rifle, running down the street.

“He was running right in front of me … and shot what I thought were three more shots … not me at. In my address, but not me, clearly not me,” Wilhite said.

The professor said the attacker was able to shoot several students and Wilhite, but did not.

The university canceled classes for the day as police officers patrolling the campus with the dogs in search of suspects and explosives. Police officers and the university locked the campus for several hours and later issued an all clear.

The university sent a notice on its website for emergency information stressing that the school remained closed and the area around the Perry-Casta?eda Library was still an active crime scene.

Jennifer Scalora works on revenue of about 100 yards from the library. She said the campus – one of the largest in the country – was quiet and empty except for police, SWAT teams and helicopters.

“The students did their part, cleaned the streets, cleared the ground in a very fast,” said Acevedo.

Tuesday’s shooting was not the first in school.

On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed to the observation deck of the 28th floor in the UT clock tower in the center of campus and started shooting at people below. Killed 16 people and injured dozens nearly three before police killed him about 90 minutes after the siege began.

Perry-Casta?eda Library is one of several in the university and is one of the most popular undergraduate libraries.

Student Joshua Barajas, 23, said he usually is in the library in the morning, but was delayed on Tuesday when he made a rare pit stop for coffee.

“These decisions mundane little could save your life If I had not stopped for coffee -. And never stop because it’s coffee and 4 – that could have been in that building,” said Barajas. “It’s creepy. I can not even think about it.”

Associated Press writers April Castro and Jim Vertuno Austin, Ramit Plushnick-Masti in Houston and Diana Heidgerd in Dallas contributed to this report.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Austin News

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Austin News, A man armed with automatic weapons, only to death after being shot several rounds in the morning in the library of the University of Texas at Austin campus, in a scene of the fire closest to the most famous school of history United States, according to reports from local media and universities.Although no injuries, is seeking a second shooter by the authorities on their website, the university said at 9: 43 PM CDT “The man armed suspect in the library of PCL is dead “in reference to the Perry Castaneda Library, Central Library of campus expansion.

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When there is no such thing happen to have a campus system, which comes into force. sirens and made the announcement through the speakers on the campus of the population to stay and remain in the buildings that is the situation in which we are now, “Hill said.I want you to know that the school is closed. All students, faculty, staff and visitors should stay home and follow the instructions (speaker, message, text messages and the uniformed police). You will be notified when the situation stabilizes. “

Ut Austin

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Ut Austin, A gunman wearing a ski mask and brandishing a rifle into a library of the University of Texas at Austin today and shot several times before taking his own life, causing a blockage around the campus and fears that a second shooter may be released.

Shortly before noon, central time, a block of campus into force from 8 am rose, ending a search for a possible second suspect.

“The armed suspect is dead. There were no other injuries were reported,” UT President Bill Powers wrote in an email from the campus.

The shooter was found dead on the sixth floor of the library of wounds apparently, yes, police said.

An alert email and the text was sent to students and teachers around 8 am, like the first day classes began, warning that a “gunman was reported recently in Perry Castaneda Library” telling students to stay in place.

“I was walking to class, a little late,” said senior Robby Reeb “I was walking from the business school, and a man running past me screaming, ‘There’s a guy with a gun.” I looked up and saw a man with a ski mask, a suit and carrying an assault rifle. And I called 911. ”

Reeb said he was outside between two buildings and had to choose which one to enter to prevent the shooter.

Students said they heard bursts of gunfire. Police said the attacker was carrying an AK-47, a military combat rifle grade. Officials said there are actually two crime scenes: the library where the gunman was found dead, and an outer zone where fired shots into the air.

In a press conference police said they had not yet identified the shooter killed or determined a motive. Police later said the gunman was likely a student, but not yet identified.

The buildings near the library were immediately locked positions, while some classes at the opposite side of campus were dismissed, said Miriam Smith, 22, a senior at the school.

“I had a 8:00 a.m. this morning class and a student check Twitter and said there was a shooter on campus,” said Smith.

The area surrounding the library was cordoned off with yellow police tape. vehicles and heavily armed SWAT officers with automatic weapons patrolled the campus and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in to determine if the explosives were left behind, police said.

Police said they received reports of Gumen placement of two different descriptions. They said they would work all drivers and clear all the buildings to determine that there was no second attack.

Police Chief Art Acevedo told a local radio station that “we have reports of a second suspect wearing a hat with a long rifle, dressed in jeans and a black top that we are looking for may or may not be a white male. ”

“We are conducting searches of construction. We need to clarify all the buildings in the immediate area. You can imagine that will take some time,” said Acevdo Mix 94.7. “Still looking for a second suspect, hopefully we’ll be able to get, if it exists.”

Once the police confirmed that the shooter had killed himself, students were warned to remain in place and not return to school: “If you’re out of school, stay away if you are on campus, the doors key, do not leave the building .. ”

The university was the scene of one of the shootings in the United States most infamous campus when Charles Joseph Whitman, a student and former Marine, killed 14 people and wounded 32 others in 1966. Whitman climbed 29 floors to the observation deck of the tower’s flagship school and began to pick up people with a rifle. He was shot by police over time. This was the second deadliest school shooting in U.S. after the slaughter at Virginia Tech in 2007.

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