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Everyone is mindful of the UC Application Deadline and everyone is cramming up to the last minute to have their applications ready for submission.  Daily World Buzz reminds you that today (November 30) at 11:59p.m. PST is the deadline for the UC Applications!

The UC application system will still run and be open after midnight.  Although, applications submitted over midnight would miss the priority filing deadline and will only be considered on a space-available basis.

Tips on your UC Applications:

* The key is to be prepared.  Are you late for the deadline submission?  You are lucky you read this because DWB tells you that you still have time!  You just need to submit your application today before midnight!  This means, prioritize this before anything else.  Click here to go to the UC Application online.
* After you have submitted your UC applications, you will have the time to prepare and focus on the next step.
* Take your SAT Reasoning and/or ACT Assessment plus Writing exams.
* Have a copy of your high school transcript ready.  It is okay to submit an unofficial copy.
* Be familiar with personal statement prompts.
* Draft your personal statement and have it ready before you log-in online so that you can just copy and paste when it prompts
* Be mindful that you need to pay $60 for application fee.
* Make sure that all the information you entered is correct.
* Review majors and minors list you are interested in.
* Apply for financial aid if you need it.

Good luck to all applicants!

Source: Tips on UC Application (deadline today) It’s not too late: File your UC Application Online | Daily World Buzz
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